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Footscray Park Playground

27 Best Playgrounds in Melbourne Western Suburbs

So you’re out and about in Melbourne’s west with your family and wondering ‘where are the best playgrounds near me?’ 

Look no further, because here’s a list of the best parks in Melbourne west!

Best Playgrounds in Melbourne West – City of Maribyrnong

The City of Maribyrnong has over 100 parks, gardens, recreation areas and playgrounds. Here are the best playgrounds within Maribyrnong!

1. Footscray Park, Footscray

Is this one of the best playgrounds in inner west Melbourne? I say probably!

The Footscray Park playground includes flying foxes, swings, climbing equipment, water play, a sandpit and some lovely musical instruments. Better still, it’s fenced, there are public toilets, water taps, sand and water play, picnic shelters and barbecues and shade from trees. 

Footscray Park is a nice place in an attractive location on the banks of the Maribyrnong River and the addition of the all-abilities play space has really cemented it as a destination for families.

Footscray Park, Ballarat Rd, Footscray

Main treehouse structure with slide Footscray Park Playground.

2. Quarry Park, Maribyrnong

Quarry Park features a BMX and mountain bike trail situated on the river valley escarpment, with panoramic views of the city skyline and Maribyrnong River Valley.

Quarry Park, 1 Hillsdale Ave, Maribyrnong

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Boy riding bike at top of hill at Quarry Park Footscray

3. Yarraville Gardens, Yarraville

The outstanding feature of the Yarraville Gardens playground is a large netted cone that spins. There is also a large play structure with multiple slides and monkey bars, plus a bank of swings. 

While at Yarraville Gardens, there is ample grass to set up a picnic, fire up the barbecue, play with a frisbee or catch up with friends. There are public toilets (a short walk from the playground equipment) and dogs can be off lead on Greelish Oval except when games in progress.

Yarraville Gardens, Somerville Road, Yarraville

Playground at Yarraville Gardens

4. Dinosaur Park, Yarraville

Watch out for the big Muttabuttasaurus resident in the dinosaur playground in Yarraville, properly known as McNish Reserve! You can climb into its mouth, slide down the tail and hide in dino eggs for imaginative play. It’s also by Stony Creek which is great for scooting, walking and biking. 

Dinosaur Park, McNish Reserve, Yarraville

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dinosaur park yarraville

5. Aeroplane Park, Braybrook

The original equipment at Lance Reichstein Playground at Braybrook Park was a large timber aeroplane structure that was sadly destroyed by vandals in 2015.

The Aeroplane Park has since been rebuilt with a new aeroplane structure that has lots of elements to climb, as well as swings, flying foxes and smaller elements like seesaws. There is a second larger structure that leads up to a long slide.

Lance Reichstein Playground, Churchill Ave, Braybrook

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aeroplane park braybrook

6. Pipemakers Park, Maribyrnong

Pipemakers Park is a large open space managed by Parks Victoria. The 8-hectare site incorporates a marvellous adventure playground with equipment for all ages – including water play – and the play equipment interweaves the indigenous and industrial history of Melbourne's west. There is lots to explore in the surrounding area and you can access it via bike along the beautiful Maribyrnong River Trail.

Pipemakers Park, 2 Van Ness Avenue, Maribyrnong

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Pipemakers Park Playground Wide Angle

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Best Playgrounds in Melbourne West – Hobsons Bay

Visiting Hobsons Bay? Here are our favourite parks and playgrounds in the area.

7. Cherry Lake, Altona

A 3.5 kilometre walking and cycling trail encircles Cherry Lake and around the perimeter, there are two playgrounds to choose from. The larger playground also includes a small skate bowl, perfect for toddlers practising their wheels. 

Cherry Lake, Millers Rd, Altona

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cherry lake altona

8. Brooklyn Reserve, Brooklyn

This recently upgraded space features a basketball court, exercise facilities, a tall climbing tower and fast slide.  There is also a sandpit, small rock climbing mound and single water pump for younger kids.

A highlight is the Expressions double swing where a small child and adult, or two children can face each other and swing in tandem.

Brooklyn Reserve, Cypress Ave, Brooklyn

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brooklyn reserve

9. Logan Reserve, Altona

The playground at Logan Reserve is relatively small, and perfect for toddlers.  There are multiple swings, equipment for climbing and pretend play. There is also ample grassed space for lounging on or having a picnic in the reserve.

But the best bit is Logan Reserve’s location.  It is right between Altona Beach and the shops and cafes so you can play, get something to eat and stock up on necessities.

Logan Reserve, Queen Street Cnr Pier Street, Altona

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Altona Beach, Logan Reserve and Norfolk cafe, 139 The Esplanade, Altona

10. Curlew Community Park, Laverton

Opened in December 2019, Curlew Community Park has play equipment, a sand pit and water pump, basket swing, half basketball court and a track for scooters, roller skates and more.

The landscaping will be lovely as it matures with trees planted for shade.

Curlew Community Park, Epsom Street, Laverton

Curlew Park Laverton Sandpit

11. Edwards Reserve, South Kingsville

Edwards Reserve is known fondly as the ‘frog park' by locals, and it's the most recently upgraded playground in the Hobsons Bay area.

The old timber boardwalk has been restored with a new timber structure with extended play opportunities and a sprinkler style water feature to tie in with the trickle stream.

Facilities and features surrounding the play space include a barbecue, public toilet, picnic shelter with seating and pathways. 

Edwards Reserve, Brunel St, South Kingsville

Edwards Reserve South Kingsville Landscape

Best Playgrounds in Melbourne West – Moonee Valley

In Moonee Valley discover these park and playgrounds to relax, unwind and burn off some energy!

12. Victory Park, Ascot Vale

This wooden fortress style park was originally built by the community. It is fenced on three sides and there is an adjacent grassed area with picnic facilities and some shade.

There is plenty of climbing to do, bridges to clamber over, tyres to traverse and slides to test out here, as well as a couple of banks of swings.  Victory Park is one of the best playgrounds in Melbourne West to take toddlers and older children to play at.

Victory Park, Langs Road, Ascot Vale

victory park ascot vale

13. Pirate Ship Playground, Aberfeldie

Play on the Black Sapphire pirate ship, one of the best playgrounds in Melbourne for toddlers as the ship is designed for approximately 2 – 5 year olds (even though it looks lovely and big).

There is also a tower slide and rope climbing structure, a scooter track and nature play elements.

Pirate Ship Playground, The Boulevard, Aberfeldie

pirate ship playground

14. Woodlands Park, Essendon

This heritage park is a popular open space perfect for kicking the footy, barbeque facilities and includes a wonderful natural playground for children. The Bunyip Sculptural Garden is a unique sculptural garden for imagination play with soft fall mulch, logs, rockwork and planting to make it even more magical.

Woodlands Park, Woodlands St, Essendon

Best Playgrounds in Melbourne West – Brimbank

Looking for a park in Brimbank? Here are some awesome playgrounds for you!

15. Brimbank Park, Keilor East

Head to Brimbank Park for a few hours or even a full day. There are the Brimbank Park Walking Tracks, expansive grassed areas, barbecue and picnic areas.

There is also the Brimbank Park Playscape adventure playground with play equipment and nature play opportunities that embrace the Indigenous history of the land. As one of the best parks for kids in Melbourne, there is something for every member of the family at Brimbank Park.

Brimbank Park Play Space, Brimbank Road, Keilor East

Brimbank Park Children Playing Inside Pea Sculpture

16. Buckingham Reserve, Sunshine West

Known as the Rocket Ship park, for the large rocket ship shaped tower that is visible right through the reserve. The rocket ship is home to a tall twisty slide, and there is also flying foxes and climbing equipment for older kids.

And a water play area and nature play opportunities are perfect for younger kids. Buckingham Reserve is also home to barbecues, picnic areas and creek-side trails.

Buckingham Reserve Playground, Buckingham Crescent, Sunshine West

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buckingham reserve sunshine

17. Sunvale Park, Sunshine

A skate park, water play, fun equipment and right near Sunshine CBD! Sunvale Community Park really is a hub for the local community. 

Sunvale Community Park, Sunshine

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Sunvale Community Park Sunshine

18. Green Gully Reserve, Keilor Downs

Green Gully Reserve was upgrade in 2019 and you can't miss the playspace thanks to the huge tall tower with two green twisting slides marking the playground!

In addition, you'll find:

  • swing set, balancing and climbing posts,
  • nature play areas, picnic setting and seats,
  • native bird sculptures,
  • toilet; and
  • two fitness stations. 

Green Gully Reserve, 151C Green Gully Road, Keilor Downs

Green Gully Reserve Keilor Downs

Best Playgrounds in Melbourne West – Wyndham

For the best playgrounds in Melbourne western suburbs you couldn’t do much better than the selection in Wyndham! This council arguably has some of the best parks in western suburbs Melbourne with spectacular, sprawling playgrounds for all ages.

19. Ashcroft Park, Williams Landing

This playground is inspired by the nearby RAAF base, with a large aircraft control tower themed structure in the centre.

There is also a smaller play structure for younger children, and a sand pit with diggers, scoops and chutes.

Ashcroft Park, Mandrel Drive, Williams Landing

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Ashcroft Park Control Tower playground, Mandrel Drive, Williams Landing

20. Crocodile Park, Point Cook

Part of the Saltwater Coast residential development, Crocodile Park is open to everyone with a playground, boardwalk and barbecue area.

The playground includes a play structure, and a water play area with a large crocodile at the centre, and a stream running into a wading pool and water jets.

Crocodile Park, Saltwater Promenade, Point Cook

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crocodile park point cook

21. Riverwalk Village Park, Werribee

Riverwalk Village Park, part of the Riverwalk Estate, has both a large water play area and a playground.  There really is something for everything and a large age range will find it buckets of fun.

The water park opens over summer (October to March) from 9am-8pm and over winter (April to September) 10am-5pm.

Riverwalk Village Park, Bloom Street, Werribee

riverwalk water park

22. Harpley Estate, Werribee

The playground in the heart of Harpley housing estate is fantastic in terms of size, equipment and artistic construction. The park’s centrepiece is a brolga with stained glass wings which looks out onto a soft-fall nature inspired landscape with rocks, hills, grass and a winding river.

There's a huge climbing fort, water play and a double-flying fox.

Harpley Estate playground, Black Forest Rd, Werribee

harpley estate playground

23. Presidents Park, Wyndham Vale

This community built adventure playground is a favourite with Werribee locals. It has multiple play zones including a semi fenced area with play equipment and a skate park.

Toilets, drink taps and picnic shelters are all stationed at the park, however there isn’t a lot of shade other than at the picnic area.

Presidents Park, McGrath Road, Wyndham Vale

presidents park

24. Wyndham Park, Werribee 

Wyndham Park has recently undergone a major redevelopment, and is vying for the title of Best Playground in Melbourne's west! This has included playgrounds, exercise equipment, picnic facilities, walking tracks and improved cycling paths.

The playgrounds include an area for younger kids, a tall slide tower and a nature play zone with extensive water play. Planting has also been carried out to emphasise the beauty of the local area and the Werribee River. 

Wyndham Park, Kookaburra Ave, Werribee

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Wyndham Park Werribee large slide tower

25. Aeroplane Park, Tarneit

The main feature of this Tarneit park is the large aeroplane play structure, named Grove Wings 3029. It has a climbing structure, swings and cockpit built for some imaginative play.

There is also some additional play equipment around the main structure, including a very bouncy curved seesaw, most suited to older kids. There are water taps and picnic tables as well as grassed area to set up a snack zone.

Aeroplane Park, Stanhope Road, Tarneit

aeroplane park tarneit

Best Playgrounds in Melbourne West – Melton

Looking for playgrounds in the City of Melton? Here are some of the most spectacular ones, with a day full of playground hopping just within the Woodlea Estate!

26. Frontier Park, Rockbank

Part of Woodlea, Frontier Park has quality equipment, with three big tree house structures to climb between, a sandpit, water play and some nature play space.

There is also a small skate park perfect for scooting on and a basketball court.

Frontier Park, Woodlea, Frontier Ave, Rockbank

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Frontier Park

27. Navan Park, Melton

Out of all the park in Melton, Navan Park caters for babies right through to older kids, and is an all-abilities play space.

The playground is easy to spot within the park as it has a rocket ship shaped tower in the centre. There is also other play equipment, sand play, paths to scoot on and lots of grassed areas.

Navan Park, Centenary Avenue, Melton

navan park

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