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joyce watts melbourne mum blog
Hi there! My name is Joyce Watts and I have the best job EVER. My passion (and mission in life) is to help families have more fun together! Welcome to TOT: HOT OR NOT a family travel blog with reviews to help you explore the best of Melbourne, Regional Victoria and beyond. There are over 1000+ of my personal reviews and tips about things to do and places to go with kids and family travel-related products and services. The blog operates on a simple binary rating system – is it HOT or NOT?

What you’ll find on TOT: HOT OR NOT

If you’re new to the site then I suggest you START HERE. Every weekday I publish new content (subject to the chaos/demands of family life of course!):
  • Monday – Giveaways or review
  • Tuesday – A useful list or roundup with ideas on places to go or things to do
  • Wednesday – Event/activity review
  • Thursday – What’s On, a list of events in Melbourne for families and children for the upcoming week.
  • Friday – #FoodieFriday, reviews of child-friendly places to dine out
In general, all reviews are conducted anonymously and at my own cost – if that’s not the case I’ll let you know in the post.

About me

joyce watts melbourne mum blog
Our family of four includes my husband T, Lady AB (a 7 year girl) and Baby 2.0 (a 5 year old boy). T’s a seventh generation Anglo Australian, I’m a first generation Chinese immigrant and the kids are Eurasian and bilingual. We live in inner-city Melbourne.

joyce watts melbourne mum blogImage by Studio Vesali

I’m a former intellectual property, IT and media lawyer turned entrepreneur. I own an online bike store CycleStyle; develop and produce bike-related creative experiences for children via; and write another popular lifestyle and food blog called MEL: HOT OR NOT The decisive guide to Melbourne with (non-kid related) reviews about things to do and places to go in Melbourne. You may have seen my face in places as varied as billboards at Highpoint Shopping Centrein a Bank of Melbourne TV advertisement, as a Melbourne Writers Festival Digital Storyteller and as the face of City of Melbourne’s Bicycle Plan. I’ve been named one of Australia’s most awesome parenting influencers of 2018 and one of the Top Australian and New Zealand Travel Blogs of 2018. If you want a media kit or just want to say hello, please contact me at I love to hear comments, feedback and suggestions! Joyce Watts CEO (Chief Experience Officer) & Lunch Box Packing Extraordinaire
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