Best Fenced Off-Leash Dog Parks Melbourne

There are countless benefits of an off lead dog park. They give our furry friends the opportunity to stretch their legs, get fresh air, socialise with other dogs, offer mental stimulation to prevent behavioural problems and burn off some of that relentless energy! It’s not just the dogs that benefit either. Us humans can have fun, meet other dog owners and stretch our own legs. 

Some of the best dog parks Melbourne has, even include swimming areas, doggie bowls, dog bag dispensers, agility courses and sensory zones. 

When visiting an off-leash dog park or fenced dog park, it is important to always bring a leash and supervise your dog continually.

So if you are looking for a fenced dog park near you, look no further, as we’ve put together this comprehensive list of the best dog parks Melbourne has to offer.

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Fenced Off Leash Dog Parks Melbourne – North

1. Clayton Reserve, North Melbourne

On the fringe of Melbourne CBD, you’ll find Clayton Reserve’s large triangle shaped fenced off lead dog park that is about 130m long each side, giving plenty of room for your pups to run around.

The park’s grass is as green as can be and has a central gravel triangle with three available seats. On top of that the reserve also has bench seats scattered about on the edges of the park.

Other facilities include a water tap with dog dish, seat, bin for used doggy bags and a box with sand and buckets for replacement of divots caused by digging dogs.

Clayton Reserve, 201 Macaulay Road, North Melbourne

Clayton Reserve Fenced Dog Park North Melbourne

2. Curtain Square, Carlton North

Curtain Square has a fully enclosed L-shaped off-leash dog area at the corner of Curtain Street and Canning Street. 

The location has a gravel base, bins, three unshaded seats, four huge shady seats and a water tap with a bowl. 

There is also a playground, shelter, toilets, basketball court, netball court and water tap in the areas outside of the fenced dog park. Note that dogs must be on leash whenever they are within 10m of the playground.

Curtain Square, Cnr Curtain Street and Canning Street, Carlton North

Curtain Square Fenced Dog Park Carlton North

3. Alf Pearce Reserve, Strathmore

Check out Alf Pearce Reserve’s large fenced dog park that includes areas for dogs to run about, have a time out and practise their agility. A water tap, seating and rocky mound are also available.

Alf Pearce Reserve, 5 First Avenue, Strathmore

Alf Pearce Reserve Fenced Dog Park Strathmore

4. Gilpin Park, Brunswick

Gilpin Park has a decent sized area with double gates, bins, a few seats, a water tap with bowl, central dirt mounds, trees and tree stumps. 

Sometimes, after it rains, there is also a pond in one area of the park.

There is also another separate fenced off area for elderly dogs, timid dogs and puppies.

Dogs are also allowed to stay off leash outside the fenced area.

Gilpin Park, 3 Pearson Street, Brunswick

Gilpin Park Fenced Dog Park Brunswick

5. Richards Reserve, Coburg North

In the north west area of Richards Reserve is a large fenced area for dogs with a separate quiet zone at the east end. Inside are lots of shady trees, seats and a water tap without a bowl. Bins are also available but are on the outside of the fenced area.

Richards Reserve, 30 Charles Street, Coburg North

Richards Reserve Fenced Dog Park Coburg North

6. Ford Park, Bellfield

Ford Park has a fenced area of about 130m x 35m and can be found in the southwest corner of Ford Park. The location is a pleasant dog park with a landscape that features thick rows of trees, an area with a gravel base and a path running down the middle. Its facilities also include seats, bins and water taps with bowls.

Ford Park, 244 Banksia Street, Bellfield, 9457 9934

Ford Park Bellfield

7.Bundoora Park, Bundoora

On the southern side of Bundoora Park is a grassy 45m x 30m fenced off lead dog park that features an agility course with eight obstacles, a seat, bin and a water tap.

Bundoora Park, 17 Curtain Street, Bundoora

Bundoora Park Bundoora

8. Craigieburn Fenced Dog Park, Craigieburn

Located at the rear of the Leisure Centre at 127-147 Craigieburn Road you’ll find Craigieburn’s dog park – a fully fenced off-leash area with open ball play areas, dog education equipment and dog owner amenities. 

Your doggos will surely love this park as it has a lot of great and fun doggy zones including a Dog Education Training Zone (with agility course), Little Dog Timeout Zone, Rock Scramble Sensory Zone and Dog Play Runabout Zone.

The location also features secure entrance gates, a tap for people and dogs, a bin, doggy bags and a shelter with seats.

Please ensure you are following Council dog park rules and dogs must be obedient enough to be controlled while off-leash.

Craigieburn Fenced Dog Park, 127-147 Craigieburn Road, Craigieburn

Craigieburn Fenced Dog Park Craigieburn

9. Dwyer Street Fenced Dog Park, Kalkallo

Dwyer Street Park has a large fenced dog park with three areas separated from each other by fences and gates. 

At the northern end of the park is an obstacle zone with an excellent agility area that features two rows of obstacles.

Smaller or older dogs have a special area in the middle that is about 25m x 10m in size. Larger boisterous, energetic and active dogs on the other hand can enjoy the large active zone.

Each area has some seats and at the entrance, you can find the water tap with a bowl and bins. 

Note that if you’re visiting with children under the age of 15, they must always be accompanied by an adult and supervised at all times. Children under 5 are not permitted.

Dwyer Street Fenced Dog Park, Dwyer Street, Kalkallo

10. Sunbury Park, Sunbury

The fenced dog park at Sunbury Park is a good-sized triangular-shaped area that slopes down to Jackson Street. The park has two double entrance gates, a bin, an agility course and a water tap with a bowl.

Sunbury Park, 69 Harker Street, Sunbury

Sunbury Park Sunbury

11. Broadmeadows Fenced Dog Park, Westmeadows

Located to the west of the main car park for the John Ilhan Memorial reserve is Broadmeadows Fenced Dog Park – a fenced off-leash park that has an area specifically for small dogs and another much larger area for all other dogs. 

To enter the small dog area, your dog must weigh less than 11kg or be less than 43cm high. You can check this by using the provided measuring board. 

The small dog area has a seat, bin and a water tap with a bowl. For larger dogs, their portion of the park includes an agility area with six obstacles including a dog bridge, wave poles, a tunnel, sit/stay platform and hurdles. The area’s facilities include a shelter with some seats, a water tap with a bowl and bins.

Broadmeadows, Cnr Malmsbury Drive and Barry Road, Westmeadows

Broadmeadows Fenced Dog Park Westmeadows

12. Norris Bank Reserve, Bundoora

The well cared for and recently improved fenced dog park in Norris Bank Reserve is 100m long x 30m wide with a water tap with bowl, bins and a dog shower right at the entrance. Inside the fenced area, there are also two tables and a seat.

Norris Bank Reserve, 63 McLeans Road, Bundoora

Norris Bank Reserve Fenced Dog Park Bundoora

13. Lyndarum Wetland, Epping

Lyndarum Wetland’s circular fenced dog park is about 100 metres in diameter and features an agility course with weave poles, platform with ramps on each side, six low hurdles and two boards with a circle cut-out to jump through.

Inside the fenced area is a single unshaded seat while on the outside there is a single seat, water tap with bowl and a bin.

Outside the grassy area, dogs are required to be on a leash.

Lyndarum Wetland, 27W Manor House Drive, Epping

14. Whittlesea Public Gardens, Lalor

The huge 260m x 35m fenced off-leash area at Whittlesea Public Gardens can be found at the southern end of the park. The location is surrounded with trees and grassy areas. The amenities include a water tap with bowl, an agility course with pipes, weave poles, hurdles and ramps and a seat.

Toilets are also available near the playground.

Whittlesea Public Gardens, 160 Barry Road, Lalor

Whittlesea Public Gardens Fenced Dog Park Lalor

Fenced Off Leash Dog Parks Melbourne – North West

15. Wahgunyah Reserve, St Albans

Beside Paringa Drive is Wahgunyah Reserve which has a 130m long fenced grassy area for dogs to run around freely. The location has a number of entrance points, bins for used doggy bags, a dog-friendly water tap and a nice playground on the west side of the reserve. 

Wahgunyah Reserve Fenced Dog Park, 12 Paringa Drive, St Albans

Wahgunyah Reserve St Albans

16. Green Gully Reserve, Keilor Downs

Green Gully Reserve has a fully fenced park with an agility course that includes ramps, weaving poles, tunnels (open and closed) and platforms. The area is also perfect for dogs to run around as it’s got an 80m square open space.

The location has a water tap for people and dogs, a bin for used doggy bags, bench seats, and a playground.

Green Gully Reserve, 149 Green Gully Road, Keilor Downs

Green Gully Reserve Keilor Downs

17. Diggers Rest Recreation Reserve, Diggers Rest

In the north west corner of Diggers Rest Recreation Reserve you’ll find a fenced area just for your beloved dogs to run around freely. 

Diggers Rest Recreation Reserve, 48 Plumpton Road,  Diggers Rest

18. Boronia Drive Reserve, Hillside

Boronia Drive Reserve has a good sized fenced dog park area but is a bit muddy due to the lack of grass on the field. However, there are some gravel areas such as a path which leads to a shelter with a table and a central circle which stays drier. There are some unshaded seats and bins outside the entrances. 

Note that there is no water tap available so it would be best to bring a jug of water and a bowl for your pups.

Boronia Drive, 10 Boronia Drive, Hillside

Boronia Drive Fenced Dog Park Hillside

Fenced Off Leash Dog Parks Melbourne – North East

19. Victoria Park, Abbotsford

Formerly the home of the Collingwood Football Club, Victoria Park was beautifully transformed into a community recreation space that shows off plenty of historical information boards that Collingwood fans and football buffs will surely appreciate. 

Inside the reimagined park is a fenced football oval, community centre, some public art and sculptures but most importantly it is also the spot where Collingwood Football Club’s VFL matches take place. 

The oval is fenced by a few gates that are normally kept closed by dog owners. Dogs are allowed to be off-leash on the oval but only if it’s not being used for sporting events and training. 

The park also has picnic tables, bins, water taps with bowls and toilets.

Victoria Park, 22 Lulie Street, Abbotsford

20. Price Park, Viewbank

At the top of a hill in Viewbank, you’ll find Price Park’s Fenced Dog Park – a lovely area where your dog can run around freely.

The location is dotted with pine trees and has a fenced area of about 100m by 60m. It also includes facilities such as two water taps (one each for dogs and their owners), an unshaded table, 4 unshaded seats and a doggy bag dispenser. Do note however that there is no bin available for disposal of doggy bags.

There are a lot of dog owners that visit with their pets so do know that there’s a good chance your dog will get to interact with other dogs.

Price Park, 52 Lyon Road, Viewbank

Price Park Viewbank

21. Malahang Reserve, Heidelberg West

The Malahang Reserve is a long, thin area that is approximately 150m long and 25m wide with facilities such as two double gate entrances, a few seats, two water taps with bowls and a bin with a pooper scooper. The location is typically grassy with shady trees. However, do note that there are some areas in the park that can become quite muddy after rain. 

For dog owners bringing their kids along, you’ll be happy to know that there is also a playground, BMX Jumps track, outdoor gym, toilets, picnic facilities and a skate park.

Malahang Reserve, Cnr Oriel Road and Southern Road, Heidelberg West

Malahang Reserve Heidelberg West

22. Malcolm Blair Reserve, Eltham North

If you’re at Eltham North, check out the Malcolm Blair Reserve Fenced Dog Park. Though it only has limited seating, your dogs will have the time of their lives as they enjoy digging and playing on the sandpit with gravelly sand, crawling inside the pipes, dashing through agility poles and more.

The facilities include a water tap with a bowl near the entrance but do note that this is a takeaway rubbish zone meaning that there are no bins.

Malcolm Blair Reserve, 10 Weidlich Road, Eltham North

Malcolm Blair Reserve Eltham North

23. Diamond Creek Dog Park, Diamond Creek

Located 150 metres from Marngrook Oval you’ll find the Diamond Creek off-leash dog park, a half hectare of open space designed to be a safe and accessible space for residents to play with their dogs or take them out to enjoy some fun exercise. 

The park has a free run area, time-out areas and an agility course for an enhanced play experience.

The three different activity zones are as follows:

  • Zone 1 – Play/runabout zone – this zone provides a space where dogs can run free and where there are stimulating environments to explore. It includes mounding and climbable features, open run about areas and rock features for climbing.
  • Zone 2 – Education/training zone – this zone is to support the early stages of dog obedience training and includes built-in agility training equipment.
  • Zone 3 – Small dog/timeout zone – this zone creates an area where small or timid dogs can play leash-free away from larger dogs. The space can also act as a time-out area for owners who want to temporarily remove their dogs from the energy of the park to settle them down.

Note that the following dogs are not allowed to be off lead in the park:

  • Dogs declared menacing / dangerous / restricted breed must not be allowed off lead, but may be walked on lead while muzzled
  • Dogs that are aggressive to people or other dogs, or are unsocialised and extremely excitable are advised not to be off lead
  • Female dogs on heat are not to be in off lead areas

Diamond Creek, 28 Main Hurstbridge Road, Diamond Creek

24. Eltham Lower Park Dog Fenced Oval and Off Leash Area, Eltham

At Eltham Park, there are two ovals, the southern oval which is fully fenced and the northern oval which isn’t. In both areas dogs are allowed to be off leash as long as there  aren’t any sports training or games in progress. 

In the park’s northwest corner, you’ll also be able to find an old playground, some bins and two water taps but no bowls. 

The park’s bushland area on the eastern side and the pony club area require dogs to be on-leash. However the bushland area at the southern end of the park allows dogs to be off-leash.

Eltham Lower Park Dog Fenced Oval and Off Leash Area, Cnr Main Road and Hohnes Road, Eltham

Eltham Lower Park Dog Fenced Oval and Off Leash Area Eltham

25. Fergusons Paddock, Hurstbridge

The fenced area for dogs in Fergusons Paddock has an oval shaped gravel path around the inside of the fence, with a small grassy area, some trees and a few muddy sections. At the park there is a bowl next to a water tank and a basket of old tennis balls. There is also a rubbish bin at the car park.

Fergusons Paddock, 14 Arthurs Creek Road, Hurstbridge

Fergusons Paddock Fenced Dog Park Hurstbridge

26. Doreen Fenced Dog Park,  Doreen

Doreen Fenced Dog Park is a grassy off-lead dog park that is about 30m square in size, and features an agility course with seven obstacles, a bin and one seat. 

Though there aren’t any water taps available, dog owners have left bowls around to be filled up by visitors.

Doreen Fenced Dog Park, Cnr Fitzwilliam Drive and Hamlin Street, Doreen

Doreen Fenced Dog Park Doreen

27. Creek Park, Mernda

The large fenced dog park area at Creek Park has five big gum trees which provide plenty of shade on a hot sunny day and an open waterway that runs through the park.  

Inside the fenced area, there are two seats in the middle of the park and a couple of bins close to the access gates. While on the outside, there is a shelter with a table, some BBQs and a water tap with a bowl.

Creek Park, Cnr Plenty Road and Mernda Village Drive, Mernda

Creek Park Fenced Dog Park Mernda

28. Delacombe Reserve, Mill Park

The fenced area is underneath the power lines with access via Delacombe Drive, Allan Avenue, Ronald Avenue or Wilton Court (South Morang). The off-leash area is in the middle of the park.

The fenced dog park at Delacombe Reserve has a very large grassy area with two double entrance gates on opposite sides. You can find a water tap with a bowl in and out of the fenced area along with a bin close to the entrance at Ronald Avenue.

The park also has an agility course right in the middle. The course features weave poles, two vertical boards with a hole to jump through, a platform with ramps on the sides and six low hurdles.

Delacombe Reserve, 10W Wilton Court, South Morang

Delacombe Reserve Fenced Dog Park Mill Park

29. Laurel Street Fenced Dog Park, Whittlesea

Laurel Street Fenced Dog Park has an off-leash dog area which you can find in between the AF Walker Reserve and Plenty River.

Laurel Street Fenced Dog Park, 79 Laurel Street, Whittlesea

Laurel Street Fenced Dog Park Whittlesea

Fenced Off Leash Dog Parks Melbourne – West  

30. Brooklyn Reserve, Brooklyn

Brooklyn Reserve has a great fenced dog park that is well looked after by the dog owners. 

The outer main area of the park has some seats, a water tap with a bowl and a box for storing dog toys.

The fenced zone on the other hand is around 40m x 20m in size, better suited for older and younger dogs and features a nice agility course with weave poles, logs, hurdle, ramps, tables and another box for dog toys.

Bins are also provided.

Brooklyn Reserve, 6 Heather Avenue, Brooklyn

31. Martin Reserve, West Footscray

Martin Reserve is a 130m long and 100m wide fenced dog park with two secure entrance gates and a gravel path that circles the whole park.  A water tap with a bowl and a bin for used doggy bags is available for use at each entrance gate of the reserve.

Martin Reserve, 91 Essex Street, Footscray West

Martin Reserve Fenced Dog Park West Footscray

32. McIvor Reserve, Yarraville

In the northwest corner of McIvor Reserve is an L-shaped fenced dog park with a rock mound and some agility equipment which are three hurdles of different heights and some weave poles. A seat, water tap with a bowl and a bin can be found near the mound.

There is a pavilion on the eastern side of the reserve where you can find a playground, a shelter with tables, a BBQ, a bin and a water tap with a bowl. Note that dogs must be on a leash within 30m of the playground.

McIvor Reserve, 85 Hawkhurst Street, Yarraville

McIvor Reserve Fenced Dog Park Yarraville

33. Duke Street Reserve, Sunshine North

In the western part of Duke Street Reserve is a 100m long and 25m wide fenced area for dogs to play and run around. 

You can find water taps for people and dogs, a rubbish bin for used doggy bags, some seats, BBQs, some shelter with tables and a nice playground at the north end of the reserve.

Duke Street Reserve,  213 Duke Street, Sunshine North

Duke Street Reserve Sunshine North

34. Davitt Drive Reserve, Deer Park

Davitt Drive Reserve has a fenced grassy area for dogs that is about 150m long and around 40m wide. Once there, you’ll be able to find a dog friendly water tap, a shady area at the southern end of the park, a few seats and a playground for the kids who are tagging along.

Davitt Drive Reserve, 30 Davitt Drive, Deer Park

Davitt Drive Reserve Deer Park

35. Roussac Reserve, Sunshine North

In the southern part of Roussac Reserve, there is a huge grassy fenced area for dogs which is around 150m long and 80m wide.

The location has some bins, a seat, a dog-friendly water tap, a playground, a basketball court and a shelter with tables.

Roussac Reserve, 14 Somerset Drive, Sunshine North

Roussac Reserve Sunshine North

36. Collenso Street Electricity Easement, Sunshine West

Measuring 200m x 80m, the huge fenced area for dogs at the Collenso Street Electricity Easement is the perfect place for your dog to stretch its legs. The grassy area has some small trees and an electricity pylon right in the middle.

They also have a bin for used doggy bags, a seat, a dog-friendly water tap and a playground.

Collenso Street Electricity Easement Fenced Dog Park, 59 Collenso Street, Sunshine West

37. Navan Park, Melton West

To the east of Navan Park Reserve is a large fenced dog park off leash area with the usual amenities such as bins, water bowls and a shelter with tables. There is also a separate fenced time-out area for dogs who need some time alone. 

Close by there is a lovely lake to walk around with your fur babies but do note that your dogs will have to be on leash in this area.

Navan Park, 245 Centenary Avenue, Melton West

Navan Park Fenced Dog Park Melton West

38. Fraser Street Reserve, Melton South

At Fraser Street Reserve you’ll find a grassy fenced dog park with features such as an unshaded seat, water tap, a nearby playground and a bin.

Fraser Street Reserve, 34 Fraser Street, Melton South

39. Saltwater Reserve, Point Cook

Located near the corner of Saltwater Promenade and Middleton Drive is the Saltwater Reserve’s fenced dog park which is a half oval shaped fenced area that is around 50m wide and up to 75m long. The park has multiple entrances with single gates. 

A water tap with a bowl is available, however it’s placed outside the fenced area in the north east entrance. Other facilities and amenities in the park include a shelter and a bin near the western entrance and some activities for your dogs such as weave poles, tables and a V-shaped bridge.

A basic kids playground is also available but is about 100m away.

Saltwater Reserve, 26 Middleton Drive, Point Cook

Saltwater Reserve Fenced Dog Park Point Cook

40. Cindia Crescent, Tarneit

Cindia Crescent’s Fenced Dog Park has a fenced area that is about 30m x 30m in size. It features a water tap and unshaded seats. The park has some nice grassy areas and gum trees that provide enough shade. Do note however that there is no bin available.

Cindia Crescent, 12 Cindia Crescent, Tarneit

Cindia Crescent Fenced Dog Park Tarneit

41. Forsyth Park, Truganina

Forsyth Park’s circular fenced dog park is around 50m in diameter and though it is grassy there are some worn down areas that become muddy when it gets wet after some rain. 

Amenities and facilities in this park include two zig-zag wooden seats that can also be used for dog agility training, traditional bench seats and bins.

A playground with tables and toilets is also close by.

Forsyth Park, Cnr Silverbrush Way and Perennial Drive, Truganina

Forsyth Park Fenced Dog Park Truganina

42. Vibrandia Way, Truganina

Vibrandia Way has a well grassed, pleasantly landscaped dog park with an agility area. The agility area includes fun things for dogs to run around and play on such as jump through circles, a platform with ramps, swerve poles and a balance beam.

The park has one set of double gates, bins and a water tap with a bowl.

Vibrandia Way, 5 Vibrandia Way, Truganina

Vibrandia Way Fenced Dog Park Truganina

43. Presidents Park, Wyndham Vale

The main area of Presidents Park’s Fenced Dog Park is approximately 100m long and 50m wide with a water tap and a bowl and a bin at the entrance and another water tap and bowl inside the fenced area with some seats in the middle of the fenced region. 

The L-shaped fenced area can be found at the very eastern end of the Presidents Park close to the Werribee River.

Presidents Park, 289 Greaves Street North, Werribee

Presidents Park Fenced Dog Park Wyndham Vale

Fenced Off Leash Dog Parks Melbourne – East

44. Banksia Park, Bulleen

Let your dogs run off-leash at Banksia Park’s large fully fenced dog park area. A water tap and unshaded seating are provided within the fully fenced area but there sadly aren’t any bins close by. 

Banksia Park is open every day from 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM with hours extended to 8:00 PM during daylight saving. 

Banksia Park, 3 Templestowe Road, Bulleen

Banksia Park Fenced Dog Park Bulleen

45. Aranga Reserve, Donvale

The large main fenced dog park area at Aranga Reserve is about 200m x 100m with a doggy obstacle course available on the western and northern sides.

The doggy obstacle course includes an elevated platform, ramps leading to a level platform, a triangle ramp, a tunnel, a circular disk sitting on top of a tyre and much more.

The north side of the park holds the area’s simpler obstacle course that features ten wooden poles to weave through, a wooden double hurdle and three single hurdles. A seat is also available next to these obstacles.

On top of these, Aranga Reserve also has another fenced training area which has the following rules:

  • A maximum time of 10 minutes if someone is waiting
  • Used for dogs who prefer their own company
  • If in use, please ask before you enter
  • The area cannot be booked or reserved

The location also has a water tap and bins for the disposal of doggy bags.

Outside the fenced area on Eastway Avenue is also a playground that’s perfect for entertaining kids.

Aranga Reserve, 1 Eastway Avenue, Donvale

Aranga Reserve Fenced Dog Park Donvale

46. Mahoneys Reserve, Forest Hill

At Mahoneys Reserve, dogs are allowed to be off leash in the fully fenced Bob Saker oval. The oval has lockable gates and a water tap for people and dogs. The oval is usually used for football and cricket matches on weekends meaning that it’s not usually accessible on Saturday and Sundays during the time it’s being used for practice.

Note that all dogs within 2.5m of any children’s playground, permanent barbeque or picnic area or organised public meeting must always be on leash. Additionally, dogs are not allowed to enter any sports ground, field, court or similar or to be within 2.5m of the perimeter whenever there is an ongoing organised sporting event.

Mahoneys Reserve, 2 Kira Court, Forest Hill

47. Knox Park, Knoxfield

Knox Park’s Fenced Dog Park is about 150m long and 35m wide giving a big enough grassy area for your dog to run around, fetch balls and release some of their stored energy.

In the middle of the park is a doggy obstacle course. Some of the obstacle courses are two sets of six poles to weave through, car tyres to jump through, an elevated plank to run along and much more.

The other facilities also include logs and three bench seats for seating, water taps and bins.

Note that the park can become very muddy after rain.

Knox Park, 1672 Ferntree Gully Road, Knoxfield

Knox Park Knoxfield

48. Eastfield Park, Croydon

Eastfield Park has a large fenced dog park that is 180m long by 40m wide, with a good range of facilities and covers.

Inside the park you’ll be able to find a large sandpit surrounded by rocks, a rock mound, and shaded seats inside this fenced area. There is also a timeout area to the western end of the park for younger dogs, big or small, and those that need time away from others. Do note however, dogs in the timeout area can not be left unattended.

The park also offers agility equipment with hurdles, inverted V ramp, tunnel and weave poles which you can find close to the timeout area.

The park’s facilities inside the fenced area include two sets of double entry gates; one centrally located on the south side with a bin and another at the east end where there is also a water tap with bowl and bin. On the outside of the fenced area there is also a basic playground available for kids.

Eastfield Park, 119-139 Eastfield Road, Croydon

Eastfield Fenced Dog Park Croydon

Fenced Off Leash Dog Parks Melbourne – South

49. Eastern North Reserve, South Melbourne

Eastern North Reserve has a small fenced off leash dog park with nice high fences and a water tap with a bowl. The area doesn’t seem to be big enough for big dogs who love to run around but for smaller dogs, this spot seems to be just right.

Note that there is ticketed parking in the area between 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday, and dogs are only allowed to be off leash from 7am – 7:30pm. All times other than this require dogs to be on leash.

Eastern North Reserve, 148 Park Street, South Melbourne

Eastern North Reserve Fenced Dog Park South Melbourne

50. Farm Road Reserve, Cheltenham

Farm Road Reserve is a popular Fenced Dog Park with three entrance points, which are on the north, south and west sides of the reserve. 

A bin and water tap with a bowl are available in the northern part of the area.

Farm Road Reserve, 52 Brampton Street, Cheltenham

Farm Road Reserve Cheltenham

51. Reg Marlow Reserve, Mentone

Reg Marlow Reserve is a fenced grassy area with three single security gates, some garden beds and a few shady trees. 

On the reserve’s perimeter, you can find a couple of seats (some are shaded) and a water tap for people and dogs. Close by there is also a nice garden area with shaded seating.

If you follow the concrete path you’ll also be led to the reserve’s outdoor gym and playground.

Reg Marlow Reserve, Mentone, 133 Warrigal Road, Mentone

Reg Marlow Reserve Mentone

52. Snowdon Reserve Fenced Dog Park, Cheltenham

Snowdon Reserve has a 100m long and 20m wide fenced grassy dog park area with a single lockable gate. In the park there is a bin and water tap, plus a shaded seat amongst the trees.

Snowdon Reserve, 5A Snowdon Drive, Cheltenham

53. Kevin Hayes Reserve, Mordialloc

Lined with gum trees is Kevin Hayes Reserve, a huge fenced dog park that features a shelter with two tables, an agility course with six sets of equipment, a water tap for people and dogs and a few shady trees. 

Kevin Hayes Reserve, 27 Crown Avenue, Mordialloc

Kevin Hayes Reserve Mordialloc

Fenced Off Leash Dog Parks Melbourne – South East

54. Pawfield Park, Caulfield East

Located at The Wedge on the western side of Caulfield Racecourse, is Pawfield Park – a fenced play space that features turfed areas for exercise, socialisation and obedience training.

The large park has a separate grassy fenced small dog area which has a couple of trees and a seat.

The park’s main area features an agility course with seven obstacles, a water tap and bins.

Pawfield Park, 2 Booran Road, Caulfield East

Pawfield Park Caulfield East

55. Onyx Reserve, Officer

Onyx Crescent Reserve has a 35m oval-shaped fenced area mostly covered by grass with a bare area close to the park’s gate. There are a couple of seats within the fenced area, while on the outside is a water tap with a bowl and bin.

Onyx Reserve, 6 Onyx Crescent, Officer

56. Greenfield Lane, Pakenham

Greenfield Lane has a fenced area that is around 45m x 20m in size. The location is mostly covered in grass, but there is also a small portion filled with gravel. It also features a double gate and bins close to the entrance.

Note that there is no water tap available so it would be best to bring a dog bowl and a jug of water for your dog to use when they’re feeling thirsty and tired after a fun-filled day.

Greenfield Lane, 23 Greenfield Lane, Pakenham

Greenfield Lane Pakenham

57. Southern Reserve, Mulgrave

The highlight of Southern Reserve is an oval fully fenced dog park with a lockable gate made especially for your beloved pets.

The reserve’s amenities and facilities include tennis courts, a playground, a pavilion with shaded seating, toilets, bins and a water tap with a bowl. 

There is also a concrete walking track running around the outside of the oval.

Southern Reserve, 25 Rupert Drive, Mulgrave 

Southern Reserve Fenced Dog Off Leash Area Mulgrave

58. Pasadena Pet Safe Dog Park, Clyde

Pasadena Pet Safe Dog Park is a fenced off leash dog park about 60m x 35m in size with double secure gates in two corners. The grassy location features three agility items – a set of three hurdles, a ring to jump through and a platform with ramps. 

There is also a water tap with a bowl, three seats and a bin for waste disposal inside the fenced area, plus a playground on the outer side.

Pasadena Pet Safe Dog Park, 415 Bimberry Circuit, Clyde

Pasadena Fenced Dog Park

59. Selandra Boulevard Reserve, Clyde North

On top of having a 40m x 20m fenced dog park, Selandra Boulevard reserve also features a lovely playground, BBQ, a half-court basketball area, a water tap, picnic tables, a bin and a table tennis table.

Selandra Boulevard Reserve, 130 Selandra Boulevard, Clyde North

60. Trueman Reserve Fenced Dog Park, Cranbourne West

For dog owners living in or close to Cranbourne West, take your beloved fur baby to the Trueman Reserve for an afternoon to enjoy the good-sized fenced area and doggy obstacles such as bars to jump over, a tunnel and an inverted V shaped ramp.

The location has a table and three seats, a bin and a water tap with a bowl. Toilets are also available in the neighbouring playground.

Trueman Reserve, 45 Bradman Drive, Cranbourne West

Trueman Reserve Fenced Dog Park Cranbourne West

61. Kalora Park Oval, Narre Warren North

The oval fenced dog park at Kalora Park has two areas surrounded by wire mesh fences. The area measures around 45m x 30m, each with a gate, bin and some containers filled with water. 

There are two areas for dogs to roam around. The first area at the southern portion is designated for younger and smaller dogs while the second fenced area located in the northern portion is designated for larger dogs. 

Close to the northern area, you’ll be able to find a water tap with bowl, unshaded tables and seats and a pavilion for the Berwick Obedience Dog Club.

Around the enclosures are also some grassy areas where dogs can run around, Troups Creek on the southern side, and paddocks with alpacas and horses on the southeast boundary.

Kalora Park, 11 McKenzie Lane, Narre Warren North

62. Tirhatuan Park, Dandenong North

On the north side of Kriegel Way, is Tirhatuan Park’s large fenced dog area which is around 160m and 60m wide. The grassy fenced area is dotted with trees and has a shelter with a table in one corner, a water tap with a bowl, bins and a seat. Outside the fenced area, dogs are required to be on-leash area. 

For those visiting with kids, you’ll be happy to hear that there is a nice playground, outdoor gym equipment, picnic tables, BBQs and toilets close by.

Tirhatuan Park, Kriegel Way, Dandenong North

Tirhatuan Park Dandenong North

63. Tatterson Park East, Keysborough

Tatterson Park’s area is around 150m x 70m and can be best accessed through Villiers Road off Chapel Road. 

The well-grassed dog park has a hurdling area with thirteen logs lying on the ground in a row, a couple of unshaded seats, a bin and a water tap with a bowl. 

Tatterson Park, 5 Villiers Road, Keysborough

64. Springvale Reserve Fenced Dog Park, Springvale

Springvale Reserve features a triangular-shaped fenced dog park with an access gate with a bin in the northwest corner and a single access gate with a water tap with a bowl in the southwest corner.

Outside of that is a dog on-leash area which has an oval, cricket nets and pavilion. On the western side, close to the pavilion is where you can find the reserve’s toilets

Springvale Reserve, 1 Harris Street, Springvale

Springvale Reserve Fenced Dog Park Springvale

A Final Note for Off Leash Dog Park Visitors

Some common council rules (and general dog park etiquette) apply to many of these dog parks and cover things like the following:

  • Take a maximum of two dogs per person into the dog park to ensure dog owners can manage the dogs they are responsible for
  • Only take dogs that are 6 months or older into the dog park to protect them from the risk of infection until they are fully vaccinated. Also young dogs jumping from heights can damage their joints
  • Ensure dogs are fully vaccinated
  • Aggressive dogs are not welcome
  • Children under 5 are not permitted
  • Children under 14 are not to supervise dogs
  • No chokers or spiked collars
  • No toys or rough handling
  • No food in dog park, training treats excepted
  • Dog equipment is for the use of dogs only
  • Clean up after your dog

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