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Merry People: Womens Gumboots Review

Wet and wintery weather means it's time to pull out the gumboots! I recently invested in not just one, but TWO pairs of Merry People boots because I love them so much.

I wear them even when it's not raining!

Merry People is a Melbourne rainwear label designed by ex-corporate girl Danielle Holloway.  Holloway wanted more fashion-forward ladies gumboots to keep her feet dry (and stop her shoes getting damaged) on her way to work in winter – and when she couldn't find them she decided to design her own Aussie gumboots! And they aren’t just for winter either. Sometimes you need rain boots in summer and ankle rain boots are the perfect solution.

Merry People gumboots yellow closeup in water

I've bought many different womens gumboots over the years, from cheap Kmart gumboots to expensive Hunter wellies. For gumboots for women, Merry People boots are not cheap from $139.95 including shipping (and a Merry People discounts code or gumboots sale almost never happen).

But they are my hands-down favourite gumboots for ladies and kids!

I justify the price because they're ankle gumboots that I can wear year in and year out and in all seasons. I've bought designer gumboots that are double or triple the price before, so the cost-per-wear of Merry People boots makes it a no-brainer investment. 

Merry People – Bobbi Gumboot AUSTRALIA review

Here are the main reasons why I love my Merry People Bobbi boots, which are short ankle gumboots. The older style of Rosey Gumboot is being phased out I believe, and they do not offer the same features. 

  • The Bobbi gumboots boots are 100% waterproof;
  • They are natural rubber gumboots, meaning that the exterior provides insulation as well as protection;
  • They are warm and cosy inside, with a cushy 4mm neoprene (wetsuit material) lining;
  • The boots are 100% vegan – made of vegan natural rubber and with vegan glue;
  • They come with a removable neoprene insole so that you can (slightly) adjust your sizing;
  • The gum boots offer more arch support than your standard variety. I have worn them all day out and about and hiking, and I've even heard of people wearing them to work in hospital wards while standing on their feet all day!
  • The short gumboots are easy to pull on and pull off, with a cotton ring pull at the back of each boot. No more wrestling with getting boots off your feet!
  • On the other hand, they fit well so that they don't slip off your feet in the mud. Perfect as festival gumboots!
  • They are light, so your feet aren’t weighed down by chunky clunky boots.  
  • They are colourful gumboots as they come in a range of colours to cheer up your day and to match any outfit; and
  • shipping is free anywhere in Australia!

I have been told that you can wear the Merry People Bobbi boots to the snow as they are 100% waterproof and warm. I've not tried it myself as I more often wear waterproof hiking boots or snow boots in the snow. Just note the grip is not made for snow though. 

Merry People has also started extending their rainwear to Kids Gumboots, raincoats and umbrellas in collaboration with Australian brand Blunt Umbrellas.  

What do other people think of Merry People?

I obviously rate Merry People Bobbi boots highly, but I also asked the #TOTSquad (on Facebook) for their Bobbi gumboot review, and here are the responses:

I have the yellow gumboots too! They’re amazing! I’ve worn them every day – Tennille

I was tossing between Hunters and Merry People till I saw a pair of supposedly gumboots by Country Road on sale. Bought and regret the purchase. Not comfortable and the water puddles get into my shoes should have stick to Merry People – Dorothy

Yes, I have the black and these ones and love them both! – Stefanie

I have green short gumboot and love them. I can’t get over how warm they are either! – Narelle

I love them, just can't justify the price tag – Brianna

Cost per wear is how I justify it! Every time it rains, when I’m gardening… They're just the best gumboots – TOT: Hot or Not

I am waiting for them to come out in blue. – Georgina

Want a pair, just can’t decide on the colour! – Nicole

Love my mustards!! – Carly


Still have questions? Here are my answers to some commonly asked FAQs:

What size should I order? Bobbi Gumboots size guide

It can be difficult to know what size gumboots to buy when you can only purchase online and can't try them on in person. Sizing for the Bobbi Boots ranges from an EU 36 to 43, which is an AU ladies 5-5.5 to 12.

Merry People recommends going for a size that's true to your standard shoe size, rather than sizing up or down. In general, I agree that the Bobbi Boots are true to size, with some conditions based on my own experience. 

In most shoes, I'm usually a EU 38, narrow to standard fit. Merry People's size chart shows measurements so you can compare their boots to an existing pair of shoes you already own.

Because I *still* wasn't sure whether I should go with EU 38 or EU 39 I bought one of each size, and ended up deciding to keep them both. 

In the EU 38 pair, I had to remove the insole to make it fit more comfortably on my slightly larger left foot. My right foot was perfect in length. I wear these boots with opaque or woollen tights or normal thickness of socks. The boots are snug without being too tight and they are wider than other shoes I own such as ballet flats or fashion boots. 

In the EU 39 pair, I feel roomier in length and in width. They're not so big that they will fall off but I wouldn't be walking long distances in them. However, they're great for slipping on quickly when I'm in the garden or heading down the street or to school pickup quickly. If I wear them with very thick merino wool socks or ski socks then they are a snug and warm fit. 

I guess ideally I'd be going for a EU 38.5 but given the Bobbi gumboots are not for everyday wear or generally on my feet for long periods of time I don't feel the need to have an absolutely perfect fit. 

Note that natural rubber does stretch slightly and the neoprene lining will mould to the shape and size of your foot, so the gumboots will adjust slightly to your feet over time. 


Are there any stores where I can try on Merry People?

If you're looking for Merry People gumboots in Australia, they don't have many physical retail stockists (find your closest retailer here) so you're most likely going to have to buy gumboots online. Luckily, shipping is free anywhere in Australia!

They ship overseas as well plus customs duty and taxes. 

Can I get an exchange or refund?

Don't worry if you get the sizing wrong. Merry People offer returns and exchanges within 30 days.

You can exchange or return your order so long as the items are unworn, undamaged, in resellable condition (ie no creases or wear on soles) and in their original packaging.

So try them on at home, on carpet, before you commit. 


What colours do the Bobbi Gumboots come in?

Merry People makes womens gumboots in a variety of colours – some are made to blend in and others to stand out. 

Currently, the Bobbi Boots come in black, golden olive, beetroot, koala grey, mustard yellow, alpine green, orange, dusty pink and oxford blue.

I have the Bobbi yellow gumboots and red gumboots because I want colourful gumboots to cheer up my grey days!

Where can you wear your Merry People boots?

I wear my Bobbi gumboots in all sorts of places! 

Obviously, they are ideal for anywhere you need to go on a rainy day (especially great for school dropoff and pickup) but also for family bushwalks, farm visits, the zoo, camping, kids sport, the dog park and playgrounds.

They're also the perfect festival gumboots – I spotted loads of women sporting them at The Lost Lands Festival at Werribee Park.

Because they're so easy to get on and off and so comfortable, I often wear them as winter boots even when it's *not* raining! Their sunny colours make me feel happy.

At home I use them for gardening, or simply just to hang the washing!

Are Merry People boots sustainable?

Merry People says that they use ethical practices to produce their gumboots. The vegan gumboots using high-quality natural rubber. The company monitors the manufacturing process to ensure that overseas workers are treated well and compensated fairly.

Merry People gumboots are manufactured in limited production runs to ensure that excess stock is limited, plus an aim to continually improve the brand’s sustainability.

Do Merry People make kids gumboots?

Merry People kids gumboots are super-cute matchy-matchy gumboots in yellow and green. They are made with the same technology and functionality as the adult gumboots, with additional grip and tread on the sole.

So just like the adult gumboots, the kids gumboots are also a supportive and versatile product that can be worn as every-day funky gumboots and can be worn in sub-zero temperatures. They are 100% vegan & ethically manufactured. 

The kids gumboots sizes start from AU 5 babies (generally 1.5 years old) and go up to AU 4 kids (age 12-13 years).

Merry People kids gumboots are an online exclusive only – so you won't find them in retail and gumboots stores. 

Do Merry People make other rain gear?

Merry People are rainwear specialists, so they've partnered with New Zealand brand BLUNT Umbrellas to create the Merry People umbrella.

The Merry People x BLUNT Metro 2.0 umbrella is compact, collapsible, won't break or flip inside out.

It's a limited edition design that features a two-tone colourway in forest green with black piping and the Merry People logo. Match it with your Merry People Alpine Green Bobbi Gumboots and you're all set to love the rain!

Merry People Blunt Umbrella 1000 X 667px

They also sell a waterproof raincoat in a stylish trenchcoat style in beige or navy.

Merry People Raincoat Beige 1000 X 667px

Basically, Merry People gumboots for ladies are designed to look good and keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable. They are practicable and fashionable, which is why I'm happy to own two pairs!

Check out Merry People Kids Gumboots

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Merry People gumboots
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Joyce Watts is a former intellectual property, IT and media lawyer turned serial entrepreneur.

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She lives in inner-city Melbourne with her husband, two children and seven bikes.

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