Naturipe Bacchus Marsh: Go Strawberry Picking For a Fruitful Day Out

Searching for a fun, tasty, and stress-free day outdoors with the kids? 

Sometimes it’s the little adventures, like strawberry picking at Bacchus Marsh’s Naturipe Fruits, that can turn an ordinary day into a treasure trove of giggles and fruit-stained smiles.

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Bacchus Marsh Fruit Picking

Here is our basketful of tips and tricks to ensure your family day at Naturipe Fruits is nothing short of a berry blast!

1. Choose the Best Time to Visit

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to strawberry picking. The early bird might catch the worm, but the smart bird knows exactly when the berries are ripest! 

Natureripe Bacchus Marsh opens at 9 am each day. Imagine the cool morning air, the soft sunlight filtering through the leaves, no crowds and rows upon rows of juicy red strawberries. 

We got there first thing when it was nice and quiet, and there was plenty of fruit for the picking.

While strawberry season is generally best between October – May, picking times and fruit availability can vary daily. So, always check the picking update online before heading out.

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2. What to Bring: The Essentials

A little preparation can make all the difference! A comfortable pair of shoes can turn a good day into a great one, and don’t forget the sunscreen and hats to keep those little cheeks rosy, not roasted. 

Water and snacks can be a lifesaver, keeping the troops happy and hydrated. 

And of course, bring your camera or smartphone – these memories are worth capturing!

The Bacchus Marsh strawberry farm isn’t massive, so it’s only a short walk back to your car if you need to top up on supplies. With our small kids, we didn’t need to get the stroller out and even managed without bringing the nappy bag out of the car.

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3. Engage Your Kids in the Experience

There’s plenty of space for kids to run and jump about, but best of all, an endless amount of strawberries to snack on!

But chances are, the kids might be bored after picking two berries. So, have some fun with them. Make it a game: who can find the reddest berry, or the biggest one? 

Who says a day out can’t be both fun and educational? Did you know strawberries are the only fruit with seeds on the outside? Or that they’re a member of the rose family? These fun facts can spark your children’s curiosity and turn them into little berry experts by the end of the day.

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4. The Art of Picking: Techniques and Tips

You might not think there’s much to picking strawberries, but there’s certainly a knack to it. Twisting the berry gently while pulling can save you from squishing your precious find. 

And here’s a counterintuitive tip: don’t just look for the biggest berries. Often, it’s the smaller ones that pack the most flavour. 

5. Understand the Farm’s Rules and Layout

Every place has its rules, and Naturipe Fruits is no exception.

Take a moment to familiarise yourself with the farm’s layout. Knowing where the best picking spots are, the location of portaloo toilets, and where you can take a break and enjoy your snacks can save you time and prevent any meltdowns.

The facilities and layout are very straightforward and everything is within an easy walk.

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6. Fruit Varieties and Their Seasons

Not all berries are created equal, and certainly not all are available at the same time. 

Did you know that different varieties of strawberries have slightly different seasons? It’s worth a quick check before you go to know what’s on offer. Perhaps you’ll discover a new family favourite!

Naturipe Fruits has three fruit-picking farms, two in Bacchus Marsh and one in Ballarat. As well as strawberries, you can pick-your-own cherries, nectarines, and peaches at the Main Farm. Note:

  • The cherry-picking season is generally from mid-November to January
  • Peach and nectarine picking is generally throughout December and January
  • Strawberry picking season is generally from October to May

Of course, if you’re not up for picking, or just stopping by on your way through, you can purchase freshly picked fruit. There are also other seasonal products such as homemade jams and locally produced honey. At the Bacchus Marsh strawberry farm, we were able to try the honey, which the kids were delighted about.

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7. Make The Most Of Your Day Out

Getting there is about an hour’s drive out of Melbourne, along the Western Freeway. There is plenty of parking available onsite, and a couple of porta-loos.

Once you’ve experienced the joy of Naturipe Fruits, why not make a day of it and explore some of the surrounding areas before heading home?

Maddingley Park is a charming urban oasis in Bacchus Marsh, offering picturesque lakeside views and recreational facilities, while Lerderderg Gorge, located nearby, boasts stunning natural landscapes with challenging hiking trails and cascading waterfalls.

Melton town centre is only a 15-minute drive away and has some great family activities and playgrounds, including Melton Botanic Garden and Nature Playspace, Mick’s Jump ‘N’ Play and Melton Library.

We spend about an hour all up at the Naturipe strawberry farm, so it’d be a good stop on your way to visiting a regional town, such as Ballarat.

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HOT Tips for Visiting Natureipe Strawberry Farm

  • Strawberry picking entry fee is $10 per adult (includes 500g of Strawberries) and $5 per child aged 5 – 15 years (includes 250g of Strawberries);
  • Only pick the amount of fruit you are going to eat or buy – Any extra strawberries picked to take home will cost $14/kg;
  • All entrants to the farm must have a pre-paid punnet;
  • Upon departure all lids must be able to close;
  • Highly recommend you check the picking update online before heading out;
  • Plan to spend about an hour or so there all up;
  • Check out other seasonal products for sale including jam and honey;
  • Naturipe Fruits has three fruit-picking farms, two in Bacchus Marsh and one in Ballarat;
  • Strawberry picking season: October to May;
  • Cherry-picking season: mid-November to January;
  • Peach and nectarine picking: December and January;
  • Car parking onsite, and a couple of porta-loos.

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