How to Choose the Safest Trampoline for your Family

When it comes to trampolines, safety is a top priority. The best way to ensure that your trampoline is safe is by investing in a reputable brand. Quality trampolines are not only safer but come with several important benefits, including increased performance and durability. This is because they’re made from high quality materials that can stand the test of time.  

With this in mind, what considerations should you take into account when selecting the safest trampoline?

Trampoline Safety

Age Range: Choose Appropriately

When it comes to trampolines, the age of your child is an important factor to consider when selecting the right trampoline for your family. Children of different ages have varied needs and abilities, so it’s essential that parents choose a model that will offer an appropriate level of safety.

To make sure you pick the right trampoline for your child’s age, check the manufacturer’s recommendations. Different trampoline companies provide models designed for specific age ranges, often specifying size and weight limits related to safety. 

Trampolines with bigger weight limits are designed for older kids and even adults. These trampolines are super sturdy and will generally last longer. 

Safety features

Once you have identified a model that meets your required safety standards, it’s important to look at specific safety features. 

Trampoline nets

A trampoline net offers an added level of safety and protection for kids who use the trampoline. The netting is designed to contain kids safely within the confines of the trampoline. It also serves as a barrier between people on the ground and those on the trampoline, preventing all sorts of accidents. 

There are several types of trampoline nets available on the market today. The main thing to look for is the durability of the net, how fine the mesh is, and how flexible it is. 

Generally the finer the mesh the better, as this prevents children from getting their fingers caught when playing. A net that’s too flexible will also allow heavier kids to reach the ground if they fall, which is obviously not ideal. It’s important to choose a net that has some give but not too much! 

Trampoline net poles:

Trampoline net poles come in a variety of shapes and types. It’s important to consider these as they are one of the most likely parts of the trampoline to make contact with a jumper. Net poles are either rigid or flexible. Impacts with rigid net poles do more damage, but flexible net poles may not provide enough resistance for heavier jumpers, resulting in ground impact injuries. 

The best net poles are rigid, but curve away from the trampoline. They hold the net up with sufficient resistance while staying out of the way of all the chaos! 


Trampoline padding is an important element to consider when choosing the safest trampoline for your family. It ensures that jumpers are safe from potential injuries, such as abrasions and cuts. Padding provides a soft surface to land on, but can also cover net poles and other trampoline features that can make contact with jumpers. 

Round trampolines are safer

The shape of the trampoline is also important. Round trampolines tend to have more even bounce because the springs pull evenly on every part of the trampoline, unlike rectangular trampolines. Jumpers experience less torsion through their knees and ankles when jumping on round trampolines.


To ensure companies don’t just talk the talk, but actually walk the walk, it’s important to look at warranty policies. These not only predict durability but also the likelihood that the trampoline will break and injure your child. Companies with long warranties expect their trampolines to last a long time and the parts to be able to withstand a beatdown! Usually warranties that last between 5-10 years should be sufficient. 

Consider a springless trampoline

With no coiled springs, springless trampolines offer increased safety compared to traditional versions. One of the major safety hazards with traditional trampolines is the use of coiled springs. Kids often pinch hands and feet between these springs, which can be super painful!  

Springless trampolines replace traditional coiled springs with other technologies such as bungee ropes, fibreglass rods and leaf springs. All of these technologies are considered safer. Leaf springs are often considered the better type of coiled spring substitute because they maintain the best quality jump and don’t splinter like fibreglass rods. 

The safest trampoline

Springless or spring free trampolines are widely considered to be the safest. There are many different types of springless trampolines. However, we’ve found that one of the safest trampolines on the market, whether you’re in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane, has to be Vuly’s Thunder Pro trampoline. The Vuly trampoline uses patented leaf spring technology to propel jumpers into the air. 

Not only does this trampoline not use coiled springs, but the leaf springs are located outside of the jumping area, meaning that it’s impossible for jumpers to make contact with them at all. 

This trampoline also has the highest net on the market (1.9m tall) with very fine mesh, has a trampoline skirt which prevents accidents happening from kids from going underneath the trampoline and comes with a self-closing net seal which keeps kids from falling out of the netted area.  

The Thunder Pro is also one of the most tested trampolines on the market. It’s been tested with 40,000 frame bounces using a 185 kg weight at 100 km/h, as well as 2,500,000 spring recoils – simulating over 10 years of play for a 100 kg user. Vuly ensures that its trampolines are not only safe, but that they are made from the highest quality materials that are able for years to come. 

Vuly also sells the Thunder trampoline, which is a more budget friendly version of the Thunder Pro. It’s also a spring free trampoline, but doesn’t contain a trampoline skirt and has a slightly shorter net. This is backed up by Vuly’s impressive warranty of 10 years on the tubes and joiners and 5 years on the trampoline mat. In case that wasn’t enough, Vuly also provides half price parts for life!

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