HOT: The Grange Reserve UFO Park, Clayton South


Look out for aliens when you visit the UFO Park at The Grange Reserve Clayton!

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The Grange Reserve is a large grassy reserve in the residential area of Clayton South with a very strange history….it is the site of the 1966 Westall UFO Incident, a purported UFO sighting.

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Hence the cool playground in the centre of The Grange Reserve has a space theme and is known colloquially as the ‘UFO Park’.

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The spaceship at its centre can be accessed via a central ladder and then exited via a fireman’s pole or two slides – one short and one long slide.

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Inside the spaceship kids can pretend to ‘drive’ the spaceship at the control panel.

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Make sure you read the information panels about the Westall incident – they are very interesting and the sightings have never been explained. Also check out the documentary “Westall ’66: A Suburban UFO Mystery“.

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Outside of the spaceship you can bounce on two alien balance boards…

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…go spotting for sculptures of Australian wildlife…

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…dig in the sandpit with the toy digger…

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…..and test your balance and strength on the wooden tree house structure with its climbing walls and flying fox.

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There is also a basket swing and two normal swings and a spinning cup.

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The playground has two public toilets, a water fountain, a shelter with two barbecues and other sheltered picnic tables.

The Grange Reserve is surrounded by dense heathland on the one side and tall pine trees on the other, making a pine cone hunt a mandatory part of the day!

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[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text el_class=”thon-hot-tips-panel”]Tips The Grange Reserve:

  • Suitable for toddlers;
  • Suitable for older kids;
  • Tables, water tap, barbecue;
  • Public toilet;
  • No shade except in shelters and natural shade in the trees;
  • Free off street parking;
  • Look out for UFOs!


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