HOT: Dino Park, Melbourne Zoo, Parkville

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Calling little (and big) dinosaur fans! Dinosaurs have taken over Melbourne Zoo‘s Carousel Park for a limited time. Even better, the dinosaur experiences are included in Melbourne Zoo‘s general entry fee.

Dino Park Melbourne Zoo

The creators and puppeteers of Erth Visual & Physical Inc have created Dino Park, a unique walk-through experience where you can experience prehistoric creatures coming to life.

Dino Park Melbourne Zoo

As you enter Dino Park you go through a ‘Quarantine Zone’. This is a small space with plastic curtains which is dark and features smoke haze and strobe effects. If your kids don’t like any of those special effects then just close your eyes and rush through.

Dino Park Melbourne Zoo 2 5

Once you’re inside Dino Park you’ll have the opportunity to meet and pat various dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes.

Dino Park Melbourne Zoo

Dino Park Melbourne Zoo 4 14

At first I think the roving puppets are it and I am a little disappointed….but fortunately, under the pavilion, there are three large dinosaur puppets which are regularly activated.

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Dino Park Melbourne Zoo

Dino Park Melbourne Zoo

In a rolling sequence, for twenty or so minutes each dinosaur is brought to life with a puppeteer inside the puppet. In one of the puppets the human is completely enclosed, with the other two puppets you can see the puppeteer’s feet, but you honestly don’t notice them after a while!

Dino Park Melbourne Zoo

Each dinosaur is taken into the training enclosure for enrichment activities with a Dino keeper (and sometimes a child helper) as if they are a real zoo animal.

Dino Park Melbourne Zoo

Dino Park Melbourne Zoo

The kids are absolutely fascinated by the moving, roving dinosaurs and are thrilled by the opportunity to touch these creatures up close. I see many jaws drop and gawping expressions!

Dino Park Melbourne Zoo

Dino Park Melbourne Zoo

Note there are recorded roaring noises played on loop throughout the Dino Park, so if your child doesn’t like these sounds then consider bringing headphones/ear muffs.

Dino Park Melbourne Zoo

Dino Park is one of Zoos Victoria’s three dinosaur experiences: you’ll find other ones at Werribee Open Range Zoo and Healesville Sanctuary.

Dino Park Melbourne Zoo

The dinosaur experiences are linked to an education program about the endangered Helmeted Honeyedeater – because as you probably know, birds are descended from dinosaurs!

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This post contains affiliate links. If you book using the links there is no extra cost to you and I earn a small commission that helps me to provide valuable and useful information free for you! Thanks in advance – Joyce[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text el_class=”thon-hot-tips-panel”]HOT Tips:

  • Dino Park is included with general entry;
  • kids under 16 visit FREE on weekends and school holidays. Members visit free every day;
  • In the small quarantine zone there are smoke haze and strobe effects;
  • There is a recording of loud roaring noises. If your child doesn’t like these noises bring headphones;
  • Different dinosaur puppets roam around Dino Park plus each of the three main puppets is activated for approximately 20 minutes at a time;
  • There are picnic tables in the space so you can eat your lunch/snack there and watch the dinosaur action; and
  • The carousel is still operating and the playground still open for play.


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