Wonderbly Review: How To Guide & 10 best Wonderbly Books

Wonderbly make an amazing range of personalised books that started with a dream: to create the very best customised books for kids the world has ever seen. So The Little Girl or Boy Who Lost Their Name was born.

Since then, their team has grown, and so has their range of personalised books for kids. Wonderbly send personalised childrens books Australia wide and to many other countries internationally. They even print customised children’s books in multiple languages so you can buy the perfect gift.

Studies have shown that personalised books boost children’s literacy as they provide a tool to immerse themselves in the story, making them more receptive to the lessons and messages being offered.

It also boosts children’s confidence as they imagine being each of the characters – an astronaut? The elf who saved Christmas? A guest in the Wonka Chocolate factory?

I have bought Wonderbly books for my kids as well as gifting them to other children. Even years later my children love to revisit these gorgeous storybooks featuring themselves as the stars!

Read on for my Wonderbly how-to and reviews of their best personalised baby books, personalised children’s books with their name and personalised books for adults too!

Wonderbly Cover

How do I create a wonderbly book?

Creating a Wonderbly personalised kids book is easy.

Browse the Wonderbly range – you can view all their titles at once, or by age range.

And then, when you’ve selected a title, you can customise it and preview the book.

In this post I’m looking at how to personalise The Little Girl or Boy Who Lost Their Name.

Firstly, enter the recipient’s name, the language you’d like the book to be written in, and choose boy or girl. When you click on the recipient’s gender, you’re prompted to choose an adventurer (or avatar) to travel through the book.

Then click the button that reads Preview Full Book.

Wonderbly Screen Shot 1 Min

Each letter of the child’s name is represented by an animal starting with the same letter. You can preview each page by clicking on the animal, and choose the animal from one of three options. If you select a different animal, you’ll notice that the text is updated too.

Wonderbly Screen Shot 2 Min

When you’re happy with the story and animal choices, you can change the book format – hardcover or softcover – and write a personalised dedication.

Wonderbly Screen Shot 3 Min

You can also write a dedication of up to 400 characters to customise the message for the recipient.

Wonderbly Screen Shot 4 Min
Wonderbly Screen Shot 4 Min

When that’s all done, click on the green Buy Now button to complete your purchase. You can proceed through checkout and pay with your preferred card, or PayPal. The book will be shipped to you, or the recipient, via your chosen shipping method.

Wonderbly Screen Shot 5 Min

Best wonderbly Products

1. The Little Girl or Boy Who Lost Their Name

The Little Girl or Boy Who Lost Their Name is the debut, and most popular, Wonderbly book. The story takes the reader on a personal journey to find their name, with fantastic illustrations. It will be a treasured story to snuggle up and read, and it also makes a unique gift for a new baby, birthday or milestone.

You customise the child’s name, gender, appearance and each of the characters and morals they encounter through the story to create a truly personal book.

The Little Boy Or Girl Who Lost Their Name

2. Where are you …?

Move over Where’s Wally?, there’s a new search-and-find book!

In Where are You …? kids can search for themselves in a number of different universes, where they get to be someone totally different – fancy being a celebrity ghost hunter? Or an intergalactic vet?

Where Are You

3. Bedtime For You

As much as kids enjoy a bedtime book, I think parents like them even more! For babies and toddlers, books about bedtime and going to sleep can be an excellent tool for settling.

A personalised Bedtime For You book counts down the steps as the child prepares for bed, with the help of a band of cuddly animals.

Bedtime For You

4. A New Sibling For You

Aimed at children between 2 and 5 years old, A New Sibling For You has been created to encourage older siblings to feel included in the anticipation and excitement of a new arrival.

It’s customised with the older sibling’s name and avatar, and the gender of the baby – a boy, a girl or a surprise, and a baby avatar too! You can include the baby’s name if desired, and your personalised dedication can be printed on the first page.

A New Sibling For You

5. The Wondrous Road Ahead

Create a personalised story to celebrate your child’s strengths as they journey through life. Choose three qualities – Kindness, Bravery, Curiosity, Determination, Respect or Honesty – that are most important for a child to take on the big wide world.

The recipient will be the adventurer in The Wondrous Road Ahead, and you can personalise a dedication to suit. This book is recommended for 0 – 8 years.

The Wondrous Road Ahead

6. Happy Birthday To You

Give a very special birthday wish with Wonderbly‘s birthday book; Happy Birthday To You. Customisable with the birthday child’s name, whether they’re a boy or girl, including choosing an avatar, and you can select their age, or leave it out if you’d prefer.

Birthdays are such a special event for kids, and one they like to relive, so what better way than by reading their very own book?!

Happy Birthday To You

7. ABC For You

If you’re looking for a gift for a new arrival, Wonderbly‘s personalised baby books make a thoughtful (and useful) present.

ABC For You is an alphabet book with a difference! Personalise your child’s learning by choosing the child’s name, whether they’re a boy or girl, and select their avatar.

Perfect if you want a personalised baby book, ABC For You will take the child on a journey through the alphabet, as they appear on each page for a new step in the adventure.

Abc For You

8. The Little Girl or Boy Who Dared to Dream

In the personalised sequel to Wonderbly‘s popular name book; The Little Girl or Boy Who Lost Their Name, The Little Girl or Boy Who Dared to Dream, kids will learn that nothing is impossible if you dare to dream.

You can personalise the child’s name, gender and choose an avatar for them to travel through the world, meeting various animal friends along the way. Their name will be spelt out in praise, and again in the stars. Children will be asking you to read the lost name book over and over!

The Little Girl Or Boy Who Dared To Dream

9. I Love Grandma This Much

What do you buy for someone who has everything? There are multiple custom story books available for grandparents, parents and adults such as I Love Mummy This Much, My Daddy The Superhero (makes a delightful personal Father’s Day book), Ten Reasons I Love You, You Are The Best Wife Ever.

In I Love Grandma This Much, up to 4 grandchildren can be named, grandma can be given her preferred title (Granny, Nanna, Nan etc) and there is a choice of 4 colours for the book’s cover. You can also write a personalised dedication for the front of the book.

I Love Grandma This Much

10. Elf Who Saved Christmas

Introducing a new Christmas book each year is a great tradition, and what better way to make sure you get a different story than personalised Christmas books?

The recipient becomes The Elf Who Saved Christmas, with a story all about their miraculous actions to save the day! You can choose the recipient’s name, their gender and an avatar.

With several Christmas books in the range, you can books for babies, a title for each child, or each year, they include The Christmas Snowflake and Christmas Wishes for You.

The Elf Who Saved Christmas

Can I purchase a Wonderbly book in store?

You can only purchase books via the Wonderbly website.

The products are not stocked in physical stores, nor can you find Wonderbly books on Book Depository, Amazon or similar sites.

This is so you can customise the book, which Wonderbly will then print and ship out to you (or the recipient) as soon as possible. Books are sent via a number of carriers, dependent on their destination, and express shipping options are available.

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