HOT: Terracotta Warriors & Cai Guo-Qiang, NGV International, Melbourne

You can always be guaranteed of a blockbuster art event every year as part of the Melbourne Winter Masterpieces. In 2019 the exhibition is Terracotta Warriors x Cai Guo-Qiang, a parallel presentation of historical Chinese artefacts and contemporary Chinese art.

Terracotta Warriors NGV 18 16

It’s an inspired combination, as the delicate nature of the Terracotta Warriors means that only eight of them have taken the journey from Xian, China to Melbourne. Combining these ancient masterpieces with new works by renowned Chinese contemporary artist Cai Guo-Qiang means that the exhibition has more content than would otherwise be the case.

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The 6000 terracotta warriors from 2200 years ago were discovered in 1974 by farmers digging a well in China’s Shaanxi province. They were there to protect and accompany China’s first emperor Qin as he proceeded to eternal life.

Terracotta Warriors NGV 20 23

As you can imagine, the terracotta warriors were one of the most exciting archaeological discoveries of the 20th century. They are often named as one of the eighth wonders of the world.

Terracotta Warriors NGV 1 10

The warriors gaze out, strong and silent, and invite you to contemplate the lives of the people in that era. It’s interesting to see that the statues’ facial structure are all instantly recognisable as Chinese.

Certainly, they inspire the imagination and pride of many Chinese people, am I’m glad that I bring along half-Chinese Lady AB to the exhibition. I myself have never seen these warriors before (though I seriously think a trip to Xian a must-do soon!).

Terracotta Warriors NGV 8 14

Along with the terracotta warriors, there are several galleries of smaller artefacts, tomb carvings and sculptures borrowed from museums and galleries all over China.

Terracotta Warriors NGV 7 13

If you are taking children to the exhibition then I recommend buying the children’s book ‘Discover the Terracotta Warriors’ from the NGV Design Store, ideally before you enter and with some time to read through it.

Terracotta Warriors NGV 25 18

That way you can learn a bit about the history and context for the terracotta warriors, you can play ‘eye-spy’ as you spot items from the book on display, plus there are drawing and writing activities to complete. Lady AB is able to tell me the roles of each of the terracotta warriors thanks to her pre-reading.

Terracotta Warriors NGV 16 6

There are also explanatory plaques for kids within the exhibition with questions to help prompt further thought and discussion.

Terracotta Warriors NGV 17 5

Presented in parallel, Cai Guo-Qiang: The Transient Landscape, takes inspiration from Chinese inventions – porcelain, silk, paper and gunpowder – and turns them into 10,000 soaring birds forming a silent murmuration….

Terracotta Warriors NGV 22 20

Terracotta Warriors NGV 5 12

….huge abstract gunpowder murals…

Terracotta Warriors NGV 19 19

Terracotta Warriors NGV 9 15

…and sculpture.

Terracotta Warriors NGV 4 11

Make sure you watch all the panels of the video at the end of the exhibition which shows how the gunpowder paintings were made. It’s very exciting to see!

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To extend your Terracotta Warriors x Cai Guo-Qiang experience why not book into the special Terracotta Warriors high tea by Sofitel Melbourne?

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