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HOT: Resource Rescue, Bayswater North

resource rescue

Resource Rescue is a big warehouse in Bayswater North filled with all sort of recycled arts and craft supplies so you can create your own masterpieces. It’s a particularly useful resource for teachers, kindergartens and child care centres but crafty individuals are also welcome to visit.

resource rescue

Resource Rescue reclaim rejects, seconds and factory offcuts in order to sell recycled and reclaimed materials at a very cheap price.

resource rescue

The premise is simple – grab a standard 54L garbage bag (20c contribution), take a trolley and fill the bag up with whatever you like for $30 a bag (fabrics costs $5 a metre).

resource rescue

resource rescue

If you pay for a membership the price per bag is reduced. Depending on the number of bags you want to fill in 12 months it can be as cheap as $8.75 a bag.

resource rescue

I visit Resource Rescue to stock up on materials for Wheelie Good Fun’s next few art-making events. My bag is filled with cardboard, reflective strips, tape, foam squares, plastic circular discs, cotton reels and anything else that might make a good building, car, boat or wearable art.

resource rescue

Other items you can find include wood offcuts, rolls of drawing paper, cork, fabric scraps, cardboard material tubes, buckets, plastic, styrofoam. Popular items like trim and coloured feathers go quickly. Have a look at a selection of the range here.

resource rescue

I love Resource Rescue because the shelves of odds and ends inspire children (and adults!) to make new things by reusing old materials. By using recycled materials, creative experiences affordable and accessible to everyone – plus of course it’s good for the planet.

resource rescue

If you are in need of a regular supply of craft materials it’s worth getting a membership and taking a special trip out to Bayswater North. The stock changes all the time so check out the Resource Rescue Craft Supplies Facebook page to see what’s available now. If you can’t make it into the store they offer mail order memberships but it’s a lucky dip as to what materials you receive.

HOT Tips:

  • new or lapsed memberships incur a $10.00 joining fee;
  • anybody  can be a member of Resource Rescue Inc;
  • You can purchase casually for $30 a bag. The general rule of thumb is that once you use more than 3 bags per year it is cheaper to be a member;
  • Membership runs for 12 months from the time you join.

Resource Rescue, 1/42 Burgess Rd, Bayswater North

Tuesday- Friday 9.00AM – 5.00PM

Saturday 9.00AM – 1.00PM

Closed during Christmas holidays for approximately 6 weeks, resuming on the first Tuesday in February.




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