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First Look: Gandel Gondwana Garden, Melbourne Museum

Melbourne kids can look forward to Melbourne Museum’s new nature play space adjoining their already popular Children’s Gallery!

The $5 million Gandel Gondwana Garden is due to open in late 2022. It will expand Melbourne Museum’s spaces for children with a 900 square metre outdoor play-based learning gallery for six-to-12-year-olds. 

The new outdoor learning space will also connect to the Triceratops: Fate of the Dinosaurs exhibition.  

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Melbourne Museum Garden

The Gandel Gondwana Garden is named after the supercontinent Gondwana that connected most of the southern hemisphere, including Australia.

What can you expect to experience there?

  • First People’s stories of Creation, with hands-on exhibits that chronicle Australian Indigenous cosmogony and the inextricable link between land, language and culture;  
  • Take an expedition across the five different ecosystems and reconstruct the habitats that have shaped Victoria’s environment over time; 
  • Explore the natural ecosystems that make life on Earth possible; and 
  • Encounter Victoria’s prehistoric megafauna, plants, habitats and ecosystems in a sensory and interactive journey. 
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The garden is aiming to be an immersive wonderland, letting kids roam through natural history to appreciate the extraordinary creatures that once roamed Victoria and Australia. 

The space will be the perfect complement to the Pauline Gandel Children’s Gallery as it is aimed at slightly older children than the under 8s audience of the Children’s Gallery

We can’t wait to visit the Gandel Gondwana Garden soon!

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