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HOT: Make Me Iconic Magnets

make me iconic magnets

Ever since I discovered Australian homewares design brand Make Me Iconic I have been in love with their products. Our home has everything from toys to tea towels to tea pots.  Plus the founder Natasha Skunca is an inspiration to me as she’s an entrepreneur while bein mum of three little kids!

Make Me Iconic’s newest products include some fantastic stocking stuffers, including my personal favourite, the iconic magnet sets which cover Melbourne’s laneways, Melbourne street signs and Iconic Faves ($15).

We are given each of the magnets sets to try out and our fridge is now well and truly a Melbourne icon!

make me iconic magnets

The magnet sets come in a neat pack and each individual magnet is a push out shape. We stick the outer template on the fridge too so it becomes a magnetic puzzle for the kids.

make me iconic magnets

The laneway magnet set features signs such as ACDC Lane, Degraves Street, Flinders Lane, Union Lane and Hosier Lane.

make me iconic magnets

The iconic street signs magnet set covers more geography and includes Lygon Street, Chapel Street, Brunswick Street and even Ramsay Street!

The kids’ favourite set is definitely Iconic Faves as they can’t really read yet. The eleven shapes all include items they can recognise and they have fun naming all the objects ‘lamington!’ ‘vegemite!’ ‘Car!’ (technically a ute I guess).

make me iconic magnets

The magnet sets make fun and practical stocking stuffers. They are perfect for posting to overseas friends and family missing home. Each set also includes interesting factoids about each sign or picture, making them great souvenirs too.

make me iconic magnets

cropped Kristyna Hess Lockdown Portraits x

Joyce Watts is a former intellectual property, IT and media lawyer turned serial entrepreneur.

As well as being the founder of TOT: HOT OR NOT she helps businesses with their SEO, email marketing & social media as BrightSmart.com.au; she owns an online bike store CycleStyle.com.au and develops and produces creative experiences for families via WheelieGoodFun.com. She used to publish another popular lifestyle and food blog called MEL: HOT OR NOT The decisive guide to Melbourne.

She lives in inner-city Melbourne with her husband, two children and seven bikes.

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  1. These look great! I Love make me iconic – my kids have been given gen wooden tram and ferry as presents and they are so well loved! Their wooden letterbox looks fabulous too!

  2. Love Make Me Iconic stuff! We have a few of their treasures already as proud Melbournians :) These magnets would feel very at home on our fridge I think. Probably used to hold up photos of the alley ways they name!

  3. What a clever idea! I’d love to come up with a business idea allowing me to run my own business and spend more time with my children. Her products are so unique!

  4. The Queen Victoria Market. The hustle and bustle in the fruit/vege/delicatessen and finding a bargain in the market. And having one of the delicious Boreks on the way home is simply a must.

  5. What an awesome way for my little one to learn the iconic spots of her hometown.
    Everytime I’m in the kitchen she would be playing with them on the fridge.

  6. Make Me Iconic toys are so proudly Australian and well made. Years of fun! We love going on walking adventures around Carlton and Fitzroy. Our favorite street is probably Rathdowne, and our favorite icons are found in Carlton Gardens. Thanks Joyce!

  7. Great article. Love this stuff! And you helped me sort out my sons first Christmas present. I think he’ll be getting the iconic tram!!!!

  8. I’m a fan of Chapel Street, although I haven’t been there for years. These would make a great present for my in-laws now located in Japan. Many thanks for sharing!

  9. I love all the lane ways in Melbourne…so many hidden gems!
    For a bit of shopping & a yummy bite along the way you can’t go past Smith St or Brunswick St!

  10. I love these, and am going to buy them as part of a good bye gift for friends leaving Melbourne but l would not mind some for me. Thanks

  11. My fav Melbourne icon is definitely The Block Arcade. Who can go past Haigh’s chocolates and The Houpton Tea Rooms

  12. I know it’s not original, but Flinders Street Station which I see almost everyday to/from work and at work.

  13. Clemmie is obsessed with magnets so I am throwing my hat in the ring for these. Most Melbourne for me is the Nylex clock.

  14. Love all these sets but especially keen on Lygon street, the site of my first date with husband 12years ago when we were uni students, and later the street where we lived when we married and had our first child.

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