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HOT: Fat Albert, Albert Park

HOT: Fat Albert, Albert Park

Fat Albert is a Japanese-fusion cafe in Albert Park that offers delicious food, gorgeous interiors, and fun details that will keep the kids entertained for just long enough to enjoy it all.

fat albert cafe

The adult menu has lots there to tempt the hungry, the vegetarian, and the health conscious.

We go for a Savoury Rice Pudding and, based on a recommendation, the Chirashi Bowl. Layla has a vanilla milkshake and a kids Apple Crumble Porridge.

fat albert cafe

The milkshake is delicious. It’s hard to make a milkshake that isn’t delicious, but this one is particularly good. I appreciate the eco-cup and the perfect size serve, too.

Layla enjoys her journey to a place only 100% ice cream can take you. She’s so content with her milkshake, that she even shares some with me.

fat albert cafe

When our food arrives the adult plates are beautifully presented, and have a great mix of ingredients. My brown rice Chirashi Bowl has poached salmon, crab and greens. Layla tries it and agrees that it’s “very good”.

fat albert cafe

The Savoury Rice Porridge is a spicier choice, with coriander, ginger, and pickled mustard leaf, joining tofu and a slow poached egg. Unsurprisingly, this doesn’t tempt Layla.

The Kids Menu offers a small range of options for $7 and the Apple Crumble Porridge is a slightly confusing option for Layla. Next time I would order her either the Chicken Katsu Sandwich, or share a mains with her.

fat albert cafe

The interiors at Fat Albert are stunning. Imagine a Wes Anderson film set in a diner, entirely in pink, add some plants and friendly staff, and you’re there.

fat albert cafe

I’m told there may be a box of toys for children to play with in future. This would help make an enjoyable meal last longer, as once the kids have eaten they want to get going.

There’s plenty to choose from nearby. You can take the kids swimming at MSCA, book shopping at Avenue Bookstore, or to the playgrounds in St Vincent Gardens or Albert Park Primary School, which is open at weekends. It’s a great idea for exploring on a scooter, too.

We grab a coffee, and a babycino, and hit the road.

HOT Tips:  

  • Pram access;
  • high chairs;
  • kids menu;
  • standard menu suitable for kids;
  • toys and books are coming!
  • If your child isn’t a fussy eater, encourage them to try your main meal too;
  • The milkshake was so delicious that I’m sure the smoothies or fresh juices are worth a try too;
  • Bring along some entertainment for the kids to buy some extra time;
  • Afterwards head over to MSAC, St Vincent Gardens playground or the Albert Park Primary School park (open at weekends); or
  • Check out the wide range of children’s books at Avenue Bookstore.


Fernanda Fain-Binda is a freelance writer and mum to a 3 year old dancing girl and a blue-eyed baby boy. Her website is coming once she’s had a good night’s sleep.

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