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Kids Day Out

15 Amazing Experiences for Families in Melbourne & At Home

A family games night is always a great way to get the family together and create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime! However, the usual board games and card games can get a little mundane and repetitive when played too often. Thankfully there are companies like AmazingCo who create wonderful and unique experiences that families can enjoy together!

What makes the experiences by AmazingCo even better is that you won’t have to stress about planning and preparing everything. Instead, all you’ll have to do is wait for your scheduled time and join in on the fun as you take in the unforgettable experience that is about to unfold!

To help you and your family find the best AmazingCo family offerings, I’ve compiled this list of their top family experiences in Melbourne so you guys can get straight to the good times!

Kids Day Out

AmazingCo Family Experiences

1. Family Date Night

Got a family of puzzle lovers looking to test out their puzzle-solving skills? The Family Date Night experience will get you and your family maximising their brainpower to solve clues that will reveal a fun challenge for each of you to complete! After all the games and shenanigans the one with the most points takes home the greatest prize – the title of puzzle master (and of course the family’s utmost respect!).

This experience will take up to three hours to complete and will need you to bring a pen and paper, plus a scorecard. The template for the scorecard will be provided by someone from the AmazingCo team. Do note however that even though Family Date Night can be enjoyed by kids of all ages, the experience is best suited to kids aged six and above.

Finally, Family Date Night’s games and challenges are digitally delivered to your device which means that the experience can be played anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.

Book Family Date Night 

Family Date Night

2. Virtual Family Challenge Party

Fans of the hit television show “Minute To Win It,” will love the Virtual Family Challenge Party experience where your family will be divided into teams that will go head to head in a series of timed games and challenges that are short, fast paced and hilarious. What’s the aim of the game? To collect the most points of course!

To make the experience more exciting, you can even invite other households to join in on the fun inside your home or through a virtual call. 

How does it work? AmazingCo will send a link with easy to follow steps that will guide you in hosting fun-tastic challenges and competitive speed games.

Want everyone to join in on the fun? Upgrade to the hosted option where you can get one of AmazingCo‘s hosts to join via Zoom call to explain and facilitate all the challenges and games!

Book Virtual Family Challenge Party 

Virtual Challenge Parties

3. Family Mystery Picnic

For a truly mysterious experience, The Family Mystery Picnic experience will get the whole family solving a series of puzzles and riddles that will lead them to locations where they will pick up their delicious, gourmet picnic food from local artisan producers and eventually find their way to the secret picnic spot! 

The Family Mystery Picnic experience includes two adults and two kids aged twelve and under. You can also tailor the experience to suit vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dietary requirements, by stating so at the checkout!

Book Family Mystery Picnic

Family Mystery Picnic

4. Gigantic Garden Games *coming soon

The Gigantic Garden Games is an outdoor experience that shakes up traditional games with a GIGANTIC twist! Literally. 

How does it work? All you have to do is pick your garden location, compete in gigantic outdoor garden games against loved ones and finally hand out prizes to the winners! Even better is that you won't have to worry about any equipment or prizes as these are all included in the Gigantic Garden Games experience!

Book Gigantic Garden Games

Gigantic Garden Games

5. Family Photo Fun Day *coming soon

AmazingCo’s Family Photo Fun Day is a great opportunity to capture precious moments while simultaneously enjoying the AmazingCo Gigantic Garden Games experience. While you are having fun, an AmazingCo photographer will be there to help you capture some unique, precious moments during this family bonding experience. After the experience you will receive all of the beautifully captured, treasured moments digitally so you can enjoy them as you please.  

Book Family Photo Fun Day

jessica rockowitz NLCazwJXE unsplash

6. Home Cook Nights – Masterchef Cook Off *coming soon

Got a family full of Masterchefs? The Home Cook Nights – Masterchef Cook Off experience will get the whole family in the kitchen where they will prepare and cook a choice of dumplings, sushi, enchiladas or fresh rice paper rolls and participate in a mystery box challenge similar to that on the famous TV show! 

The mystery box will include fresh, tasty ingredients that you and your team will use to create a delicious meal! 

After the Masterchef has been officially declared, bring everyone over to taste your creations over lunch or dinner.

Book Home Cook Nights – Masterchef Cook Off

Home Cook Nights

7. Home Cook Nights – Ice Cream Making Kit *coming soon

Nothing is sweeter than the Home Cook Nights – Ice Cream Making Kit experience which will satisfy your sweet tooth through a fun-filled day of creating and indulging in delicious ice cream!

The experience kit includes easy to use instructions and all ingredients so you can get right to the ice cream making and eating!

Book Home Cook Nights – Ice Cream Making Kit

kisoulou ijUI hIbdY unsplash px

8. Home Cook Nights – Meals for a Week *coming soon

Families of foodies will love the Home Cook Nights – Meals for a Week experience that will not only provide a lot of fun but also solve the usual “what’s for dinner?” problem. 

When ordering the Home Cook Nights – Meals for a Week you’ll get to choose from a selection of recipes designed with your family’s dietary requirements and taste preferences in mind. One of AmazingCo’s fantastic hosts will then come to you, with all the necessary ingredients and equipment needed for you to cook your delicious meal! Additionally, the experience will include fun challenges and games for your family to do in between all of the cooking.

Book Home Cook Nights – Meals for a Week

annie spratt UyEmagArOLY unsplash px

9. Home Karaoke Kit for Families

You and your family can sing your heart out with AmazingCo’s Home Karaoke Kit for Families. You will all get to express yourselves through some great songs and top hits!

You don’t need to have a voice like Adele! All you will need is your favourite tune, a bit of confidence and you’ll be set for hours of family fun! 

The karaoke kit includes everything needed to turn your living room into a stage including a home karaoke system with over three hundred effects, two microphones for song battles and duets, two fun disco lights and an epic smoke machine!

Book Home Karaoke Kit for Families

DIY Home Karaoke Kit x px

10. Backyard Movie Night Rental Kit

The Backyard Movie Night Rental Kit will turn your backyard into a cinema so you can host your own unique movie night under the stars! All you’ll have to do is pick a movie and AmazingCo will take care of the rest! That includes a giant outside screen and projector, delicious popcorn, cosy picnic blankets and fun movie games and trivia!

Book Backyard Movie Night Rental Kit

Backyard Movie Night Rental Kit

11. The Great City Adventure Day – Melbourne Edition

The Great City Adventure Day – Melbourne Edition is a great experience for those who love adventure, surprises and games!

AmazingCo’s The Great City Adventure Day – Melbourne Edition is an experience that can be tailored for a relaxing and memorable day out with the family or turned into an adventurous day for your kids and their friends!

The participating group will be sent on a journey across Melbourne, participating in a range of fun and challenging activities such as virtual reality experiences, bowling and much more! 

By the end of the experience, participants will be left with a bunch of great photos, memories and the discovery of many amazing places hidden within Melbourne.

Book The Great City Adventure Day – Melbourne Edition

stem tl lhX FET unsplash px

12. Kids Day Out – Scavenger Hunt Mystery Picnic *coming soon

AmazingCo’s Kids Day Out – Scavenger Hunt Mystery Picnic is an experience especially made for the enjoyment of kids! Sorry grown-ups, you’ll have to sit this one out but you can tag along!

Similar to AmazingCo’s Mystery Picnic experience, the Kids Day Out – Scavenger Hunt Mystery Picnic will give kids an adventure-packed day as they solve a number of fun clues and riddles to find the four locations where they’ll pick up essential items to take with them to their kid-friendly picnic! 

Book Kids Day Out – Scavenger Hunt Mystery Picnic

Kids Day Out Scavenger Hunt Mystery Picnic

13. Kids Day Out – City Photo Adventure *coming soon

Got a child who’s got an eye for photography or just loves taking photos? The Kids Day Out – City Photo Adventure will take them on a journey past eight to ten locations to take beautiful photos, learn a couple of photo-taking tips and tricks and some fun trivia and facts so they can learn a little something about the location too!

To end the adventurous day, the kids will get to enjoy an exclusive off-menu kids-friendly tasting experience at a trendy location!

Book Kids Day Out – City Photo Adventure

kids photogrtaphy px

14. Kids Day Out – City Challenge *coming soon

The Kids Day Out – City Challenge is a half-day activity where kids will get to complete fun challenges, games and a number of exciting activities! The experience will also challenge the kids to solve a number of clues and riddles that will guide them through the experience and lead to the next activity for a day bursting with excitement!

Book Kids Day Out – City Challenge

kelly sikkema PgToaHfQjq unsplash px

15. Kids Day Out – Fun Foodie Trail *coming soon

The Kids Day Out – Fun Foodie Trail is an experience perfect for kids who love trying all kinds of food! But before they get to indulge in the exclusive off-menu tasting experience, kids will first have to solve a number of clues to find out where all the delicious food is hidden!

Book Kids Day Out – Fun Foodie Trail

rachel park hrlvrZlUNk unsplash px

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Joyce Watts is a former intellectual property, IT and media lawyer turned serial entrepreneur.

As well as being the founder of TOT: HOT OR NOT she helps businesses with their SEO, email marketing & social media as BrightSmart.com.au; she owns an online bike store CycleStyle.com.au and develops and produces creative experiences for families via WheelieGoodFun.com. She used to publish another popular lifestyle and food blog called MEL: HOT OR NOT The decisive guide to Melbourne.

She lives in inner-city Melbourne with her husband, two children and seven bikes.

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