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HOT: Dinosaur Time Machine, Wonderland Spiegeltent, 699 La Trobe St, Docklands

HOT: Dinosaur Time Machine, Wonderland Spiegeltent, 699 La Trobe St, Docklands

Dinosaur Time Machine is an award-winning children’s theatre show that gives dinosaur lovers a fun and educational experience combining science with circus, puppetry and narrative.

It arrives as part of Melbourne Fringe in the relaxed environment of the Wonderland Spiegeltent. Kids are invited to sit on the floor while the adults sit around the semi-circle on fold-out chairs or in the booths.

dinosaur time machine

If you arrive into the tent before the performance kids can hold and touch dinosaur fossils 65 million years old (although it’s actually dino poo!).

The show’s premise is that the audience joins two time travelling scientists as they go back into the period of the dinosaurs.

At ‘Facty-fact’ intervals the audience learns interesting facts and science about dinosaurs and the world that they lived in. During the 55 minute show  there’s opportunities for audience interaction and it’s the kids are all very engaged – I watch as they creep closer and closer towards the stage area as the show proceeds.

Don’t expect the animatronic flashiness of Walking With Dinosaurs or Jurassic World – this is a simple show with simple props. The time machine is a cardboard box with rods and plastic seats.

The T-Rex head that appears at the end is the ‘wow’ moment and its realistic roaring have the kids wide-eyed.

Dinosaur Time Machine is not only educational but also funny and entertaining. It’s suitable for kids aged 3+ years though I think Baby 2.0 at 4 years is the perfect age as he’s able to suspend disbelief with the low-fi presentation and appreciates the wacky humour without cynicism.

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HOT Tips:

  • Show runs for 55 minutes no interval;
  • Suitable for kids 3-9 years though I think better for the younger end of the age bracket;
  • Trams: 86 – Bundoora RMIT/Waterfront City Docklands; and
  • Nearest Train Station: Southern Cross.



Joyce Watts

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She lives in inner-city Melbourne with her husband, two children and seven bikes.

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