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Be Dazzled by Adventure Park Christmas Festival of Lights (2023)

Looking for a memorable Christmas experience with the family? Then don’t miss out on the brilliant Geelong lights, exhilarating rides and fun activities at this year’s Adventure Park’s Christmas Festival of Lights.

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The Adventure Park Christmas Festival of Lights is running from Friday 17 November to Sunday 31 December 2023.


Billed Victoria’s largest Christmas Lights Festival, in 2023 the sparkling wonderland features 3.3 million shimmering lights and more than 1000 dazzling light installations.

The light display goes all the way around the 16-acre lake in an accessible, pram-friendly 2km walking trail. The dazzling displays span over 50 acres, completely transforming the area into an illuminating and dazzling dreamland.

The event is in its fifth year and in 2023 each session features 4.5 hours of Christmas entertainment and activities for the whole family, with new rides and live performances each night.

This year’s light display will also include more light installations and Christmas-themed entertainment that will blow everyone away!

Huge new light installations include a 100m lights maze, 4m tall Reindeer, 8m long Ice Castle, 25m Candy Cane tunnel, 15m Christmas Tree and more, totalling 300,000 new lights.

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New entertainment includes a high-flying Elf Trapeze Show and a life-sized, animated musical singing show with Polar Bear characters, Santa’s Reindeer, a magic tree and more.

You can meet Santa in Santa’s Magical Cave and capture a magic memory with professional photography available.

If Santa photos are a high priority I highly recommend doing this first or early, as the lines get longer as the night goes on. I have the same advice if your kids want to participate in the Christmas craft and face painting activities. 

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Every night there will be two live circus acrobatics performances by Jingle & Bells, while the South Barwon Salvation Army Band will be performing Christmas carols on weeknights. 

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For thrill-seekers, enjoy the popular spinning Tea Cups ride, Crazy Coaster, Wave Swinger and the unique high-flying Air Balloons ride.

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Other rides suitable for little ones include the  Red Baron, ride-on cars, carousel and Ferris Wheel. Again, the lines for each ride get longer as the night goes on, so head to your favourite rides early.

My recommendation is to head to the mini golf, as there are 18 holes to play and no lines to start (though you may have to wait your turn after the team ahead of you). 

Note that the water slides are not open – would be a bit dangerous in the dark!

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My recommendation is to ride the Ferris Wheel around 8:00pm (you will need to queue earlier) because the ride can fit the most people on it. If you alight around 8:30pm the light display will be fully visible.

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I see plenty of people dragging eskies and food so it seems that you are able to bring in food, unlike many theme parks. There are also several food outlets and vans but the lines seem quite long on our last visit. In 2023 there are promises of more food and beverage options, with lots of fun Christmas-themed options. 

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The lights display is visible around sunset and it takes around 30 minutes to see most things in our experience. There are many oooh and aaah moments and plenty of opportunities to fill up your Instagram feed!


Make sure to snap a family photo under the gorgeous glowing Geelong lights so you can remember this year’s special Christmas experience!

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Christmas Festival of Lights at Adventure Park runs daily from Friday 17 November 2023 to Sunday 31 December 2023 from 6pm-10.30pm (from 6:45pm after Tuesday 26 December).  

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General admission tickets are $47.50 at the gate ($42.50 online) for those over 120cm, $39.50 at the gate ($34.50 online) for those between 90cm-120m tall and children under 90cm can enter the park for free.

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Tickets are expected to sell out (especially on weekends) so it would be best to book your tickets early to avoid missing out.

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