Big Life Journal Review: 11 Best Growth Mindset Products for Kids & Teens

Big Life Journal growth mindset products are creative and engaging resources that teach kids (and adults) about Growth Mindset and resilience. 

This year is a time of unprecedented challenges for every person, and we need to help children to develop new skills to adapt to change. By using Growth Mindset prompts and using resources such as the growth mindset printable activities from Big Life Journal, families can work together to establish new habits.

Read on for my Big Life Journal reviews of their best growth mindset products for kids!

Note there is currently no Big Life Journal for adults. I journal using the adult-orientated 5 Minute Journal instead. Read my 5 Minute Journal review.

What is a Growth Mindset?

growth mindset teaches kids that their brains are capable of growing and developing, that they can put in the right effort and use the right strategies to become better at things and that challenges and mistakes are opportunities to grow.

Kids with a growth mindset feel empowered and try harder. They are more confident, resilient and are not afraid to fail!

Developing a Growth Mindset is a life skill and allows children to develop healthy habits with their education and relationships.

Big Life Journal for Kids Products

Big Life Journal offers a range of products for kids, families and teachers/educators.

The Big Life Journal conversation cards and journals are posted to you while the Big Life Journal printables you can download so you can get started right away.

You can also sign up to receive a Big Life Journal free pdf download every week, such as Big Life Journal free printables and Big Life Journal activities sent to you via email with different themes and learnings.

I really enjoy using these resources with my own children and they have helped to highlight some of my own fixed mindset beliefs as well. While there is not currently a specific Big Life Journal for adults I’d say that you could certainly apply the learnings from the Big Life Journal to you!

The only niggle I have with the Big Life Journal is that because the products are from the USA the spellings are all in American English eg color, favorite etc. If you’re working with younger kids who are just starting their literacy learning you might just want to point out the differences in spelling.

Buy Big Life Journal Australia

So where to buy Big Life Journal in Australia?

You can only purchase via the Big Life Journal website. The products are not stocked in physical stores, nor can you find Big Life Journal, Amazon or similar sites.

The good news is that Big Life Journal Australia customers receive their orders from an Australian warehouse, so your items will arrive very quickly! We’ve received our orders within a few days in Melbourne. Also while it is a US company the prices and shipping are charged in Australian dollars.

Big Life Journal‘s physical products ship to the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand NZ and Ireland. They ship to the UK and EU countries from the Big Life Journal UK website.

If you live outside of the delivery countries they recommend using the Big Life Journal PDF printable products instead.

Big Life Journal Review: Growth Mindset Products for Under 5s

1. Growth Mindset Conversation Cards

The Big Life Journal Conversation Cards are a portable deck of 52 cards, each with a different question such as “What made our brain grow today?”. We then go around the table sharing our thoughts and feelings.

It certainly makes for more interesting conversation than ‘how was your day’ ‘fine’ and promotes a greater emotional connection between me and my kids.

The cards also turn into a fun puzzle! The reverse of each card has a different picture that forms part of a larger seascape when assembled together.

The Big Life Journal Conversation Cards aren’t just for under 5s; the cards will help inspire dinner table conversations with the whole family, whether at home or on the road.

Buy the Big Life Journal Conversation Cards for $23.90 AUD

2. Inspirational Posters Bundle

The Inspirational Posters Bundle includes 6 growth mindset posters pdf files, designed to be printed out in A4 size for use at home or in the classroom.

The colourful posters are perfect for sparking discussing with smaller children or to use as reminders for older kids (and even adults).

I particularly like the ‘success’ iceberg. It demonstrates that what we see as ‘success’ is actually as a result of lots of different mindsets and behaviours including effort, learning from mistakes and patience.

Buy the Inspirational Posters Bundle for $23.90 AUD

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Big Life Journal for Kids 5+ years

3. Big Life Journal Daily Edition

The Big Life Journal – Daily Edition is a science-based journal for ages 6-11 that creates daily practice to help your child grow resilient, confident, and emotionally healthy.

Writing in this journal for just 5-10 minutes a day will help your child train their brain for growth mindset, resilience, confidence, gratitude, kindness, and self-love.

The pages inside the journal are packed with important life lessonstold by the lovable characters—the Monster and the Brain.

These characters will become dear friends to your children as they model resilience, kindness, gratitude and teach about the importance of learning from mistakes and failures!

Each journal also includes a set of beautiful, hand-lettered, growth mindset stickers.

Hear what the world-renowned experts have to say about the astronomical benefits of the The Big Life Journal – Daily Edition!

“Every child is going to savor this amazing journal that helps them unleash their inner world and express their feelings in a creative way!” – Dr. Shefali Tsabary, a clinical psychologist and best-selling author

“This journal is fun for kids, but more than that, it can foster a positive mindset to give them the power to change their brains, minds, and lives.” – Dr. Tina Bryson, best-selling co-author of The Whole-Brain Child

Buy The Big Life Journal – Daily Edition for $29.90 AUD

4. Growth Mindset Printables Kit

The Growth Mindset Printables Kit is perfect if you want to get started with growth mindset posters and activities right away as it is delivered to your email as a pdf download.

It contains more than 50 pages, with activities, colouring-in sheets and growth mindset posters pdf files to help children understand their capacity to learn anything.

My two favourite sheets are one that helps kids to identify ‘Things I can control’ (eg my behaviour, my effort) and ‘Things I cannot control’ (eg a virus, the weather) and ‘The Power of Yet’ which helps kids to realise that while they may not be able to do something right now, they can make a plan to learn it.

Also included are resources for parents and teachers, including how to create a Growth Mindset corner in a classroom.

Buy the Growth Mindset Printables Kit for $24.04 AUD

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5. Big Life Journal Challenges Kit

This PDF printable Challenges Kit includes 5 different challenges covering: Growth Mindset, Self-Love, Positivity, Gratitude and Friendship. Each topic challenge runs for 5 to 7 days and each daily activity takes only 10-15 minutes for some quick wins!

The pdf printables pack includes multisensory activities so children will be engaged in writing, drawing and playing.

Younger children will need some adult assistance to complete most of the writing tasks, but there are still plenty of cutting and glueing and drawing activities suitable for younger kids.

The Gratitude challenge is my favourite – it helps us to reflect and appreciate the our privilege and good fortune in our lives.

The challenges can even be completed with a challenge buddy to work through the activities together. The challenge buddy could even be you!

Buy the Big Life Journal Challenges Kit PDF for $24.04 AUD

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6. Big Life Journal PDF Download: Gratitude Kit

This printable Gratitude Kit will teach children to be thankful for what they already have and look for the positive in every situation.

The kit includes the opportunity to create a gratitude calendar with moments throughout the year.

Writing meaningful thank you notes is a lost art and teaching kids to do this early is a wonderful habit to form! Plus having a regular gratitude practice is a proven way to increase happiness and mental wellbeing.

Buy the Gratitude Kit for $24.04 AUD

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7. Big Life Journal Resilience Kit

The Resilience Kit is a collection of printable worksheets, posters and activities designed to develop grit, resilience and perseverance.

Help your children to learn resilience so they can cope with setbacks and learn from their mistakes.

While self-affirmations are still a bit ‘woowoo’ for my life (I’m working on it) I do like to repeat the affirmations to my kids. It seems easier to believe when someone else tells you that ‘you CAN and you WILL’.

We are also working our way through the Resilience Kit’s list of 30 children’s books about resilience.

Buy the Big Life Journal Resilience Kit $24.04 AUD and Inkspot for cheap discount printer ink and cartridges (use the code NEW for 18% off your first order).

Big Life Journal Review: Growth Mindset Products for 8 + years

8. Big Life Journal Growth Mindset Journal (2nd edition)

The Big Life Journal is the brand’s flagship product.

So what is Big Life Journal? It is a hardcover guided notebook filled with activities to inspire social-emotional learning and developing a growth mindset.

The Big Life Journal includes stories, quotes and writing prompts, all based on research on positive psychology, brain science and youth development.

While it is sold as a product suitable for kids 7-10 years I think the amount of writing required for the journal to be effective means that it’s better suited to kids 8+ years or tweens, who are generally at the stage of becoming independent writers.

Buy the Big Life Journal 2nd Edition for $38.44 AUD

9. Big Life Journal Podcast Activity Kit

The Podcast Activity Set is a printable companion to the Big Life Journal Podcast. The kit includes engaging activities that reinforce the lessons from the short 7-minute episodes and detailed guides to all episodes.

The Big Life Journal Podcast and Podcast Activity Set are also perfectly packaged up with the Big Life Journal Growth Mindset Journal.

Buy the Big Life Journal Podcast Activity Kit for $24.04 AUD

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Big Life Journal For Teens: Growth Mindset for Teens 11 + years

10. Big Life Journal Teen Edition

The teenage years can be so difficult for some children. The science-based Big Life Journal Teen Edition encourages a growth mindset for teens (and tweens) to help them banish negativity and embrace positive and empowering thinking.

Set goals and learn how powerful mindset is!

While 9yo Lady AB is not yet a teen I think the product works well as a journal for tweens who have a broad vocabulary, enjoy scientific thinking and like to write and journal.

Buy the Big Life Journal Teen Edition for $38.44 AUD

11. Growth Mindset Kit for Teens

This Growth Mindset Printable Kit is designed especially for kids age 11+ years. It includes reflective writing posts, posters and activities to encourage positive goal setting, thinking and a focus on solutions rather than problems.

I particularly like the positive thinking posters – teenagers are at a vulnerable age, learning to counter the negative thoughts around and self-doubt within them.

This kit also includes parent and teacher resources for supporting teens through the process.

Personally I prefer the ‘gravitas’ of having a physical book containing all the material within the Big Life Journal Teen Edition – but the Growth Mindset Printable Kit is a useful alternative if you want to get started straight away or the book can’t be delivered to your country.

Buy the Growth Mindset Printable Kit for Teens for $24.04 AUD

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Growth Mindset Books for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Growth Mindset Books for Kids 5+ years

Growth Mindset Books for Preteens

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