HOT: Beyond Perception: Seeing the Unseen, Scienceworks, Spotswood

Beyond Perception: Seeing the Unseen is a permanent gallery on the upper level of Scienceworks especially designed for teenagers.

The exhibition is a collaboration between an advisory board of Victoria teenagers and 28 scientists and engineers and has been two years in the making.

Beyond Perception: Seeing the Unseen reveals the invisible fields and forces that surround us, such as gravitational waves, invisible light, sound and aerodynamics.

Beyond Perception Scienceworks 8 9

The dark gallery is imbued with moving light and imagery and an ambient soundscape. It’s designed as a space for teens to be social and there’s even a phone charging area!

Beyond Perception Scienceworks 14 13

The exhibition is divided into six key areas.

The entry passage features moving photos of the Milky Way through different electromagnetic spectrum filters.

You can move experience the science of airflow by moving rocks in a cloud of liquid nitrogen gas…

Beyond Perception Scienceworks 4 5

….control and ‘see’ the wind in a mesmerising glass box…

Beyond Perception Scienceworks 1 1 1

….and spin the wall attachments to create colourful physical models of airflow.

Beyond Perception Scienceworks 3 4

In the science of sound area visitors experience sound in a colourful and visual way at one of the touch-screen consoles.

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Beyond Perception Scienceworks 12 11

Also notice the lounge seats visited with speakers inside and experience sound vibrations through your body!

Beyond Perception Scienceworks 11 3

Beyond Perception Scienceworks 10 2

Dive into an infinity room and mirrored maze and a wall of screens projecting images from an electron microscope…

Beyond Perception Scienceworks 9 10

Finally, learn about gravitational waves by pressing stretchy cosmic screens to create a black hole.

Beyond Perception Scienceworks 7 8

While the gallery information is presented in a text-heavy ‘scribbles’ on the walls, younger children can still engage with the concepts through some of the digital and hands-on installations.

Beyond Perception Scienceworks 5 6

However, the lighting and sound may not be suitable for really little kids as it may be too ‘creepy’ for them. In that sense, it is quite similar to Lighttime, a previous temporary exhibition at Scienceworks.

Beyond Perception: Seeing the Unseen inspires visitors to engage with science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) in an immersive and unique way. It is included in general admission.

For a dedicated space for under 5s at Scienceworks, check out Ground Up.

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