Beam Me Up Baby, Artplay, Birrarung Marr, Melbourne

The universe has shrunk through a black hole and has landed right here at ArtPlay! What are the chances?  

It’s time to explore Beam Me Up, Baby! presented by Emma Salzano.

It’s a play space set up for baby adventures full of fun and exploration for babies 2 months to 12 months.

Babies and carers move through a play-space, meet other babies, listen to music and sounds, and play with textured objects and fabrics.  

beam me up

In the foyer we are greeted by Emma and Benji who point out the family-friendly facilities and ample pram parking before opening the session with a Welcome to Country, recognising our meeting on the land of the Kulin Nation.

Trained at Mangala Studios of Yoga and Creative Dance, Emma introduced her own children to modern dance, realising how the practice was perfect for little ones learning to move and interact with the world around us.

While her own children have grown up, Emma continues to introduce modern dance activities to little ones.

As per the session’s description, Baby Explorer has brought her “most playful adult” which I have interpreted to mean wearing clothes that I can comfortably crawl around the floor in; we are also told to take off our shoes and socks so I am relieved that I’d bothered to slick on some polish onto my toes prior to leaving the house!

beam me up 2

Benji instructs parents to leave our phones behind so that we can be fully present to experience the activity with our children. Who knew that babies are surprisingly well-adapted for Space! Baby Explorer is just shy of five months when we get beamed up.

beam me up baby artplay

The session runs for around 45 minutes which is a good length of time to capture baby’s attention –  her face lighting up and delighting in the sounds, textures and opportunity to meet other babies.

beam me up

This session reminds me that the every day can be elevated to something a little more delightful simply by adopting a playful attitude. Emma is resourceful and her practice highlighted how ordinary household items can be combined to create a new world even for just a few moments. A wonderful way to add a sense of adventure to an otherwise regular day.

As an added bonus I am delighted to find that Baby Explorer gets so tuckered out that she naps for two hours after the session is over- hurrah! You can beam us up into space, anytime!

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Beam Me Up! Baby


Birrarung Marr, Melbourne

Thursday 2 May – Sunday 5 May 2024

For ages 2 to 12 months


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