Our Mega Back-To-School List For Stress-Free Prep

As the back-to-school buzz starts, we know you’re gearing up to go shopping for supplies, and prepping your little scholars – and the to-do lists are multiplying…

But fear not! We’ve got your back with the ultimate guide to back-to-school essentials that will make this transition a breeze.

In this article, we’ll break down the essentials, offer tips on preparation, and guide you through the chaos with a smile. 

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Mega Back-To-School Checklist

From the nitty-gritty of stationery shopping to the finer points of health check-ups and safety talks, our comprehensive checklist covers it all. 

Back-to-School Essentials

⬜ Backpack with name tag
Lunch box with lunch bag 
Water bottle 
⬜ Art smock or apron, uniform, and accessories
⬜ Umbrella 
⬜ Foldable waterproof coat
⬜ USB flash drive
⬜ Tablet, e-reader, notebook, or computer
⬜ Packaged healthy snacks
Name labels
⬜ Calendar or diary

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Preparation Tips

Back-to-School Clothing

⬜ New or secondhand uniforms
School shoes
Running shoes for P.E.
⬜ Gym socks and gym bag
⬜ Hat
⬜ Matching socks
⬜ Coat
⬜ Beanie and scarf
⬜ Clothing labels

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Clothing Checklist

Back-to-School Shopping: Stationery Must-Haves

⬜ Notebooks, folders, and binders
⬜ Staplers and fasteners
⬜ Non-toxic crayons, pens, textas, and highlighters
⬜ Pencils and erasers
⬜ Pencil sharpener
⬜ Rulers
⬜ Glue sticks
⬜ Scissors
⬜ Calculator
⬜ Pencil case
⬜ Index cards and sticky notes

Stationary must haves

Back-to-School Preparation Tips

⬜ Buy supplies early and prioritise based on school requirements.
⬜ Recheck the school booklist, just in case!
⬜ Check and complete any required school paperwork. Including fees, and enrolment forms.
⬜ Add important school dates to the calendar.
⬜ Book a haircut. Find the best kid-friendly hairdressers in Melbourne here.
⬜ Clean school bags, lunch boxes, and water bottles. 
⬜ Ensure all items have names labeled. Check out the best places to get name labels here.
⬜ Plan healthy snacks and lunch ideas. 
⬜ Ensure kids’ vaccinations are up to date.
⬜ Book appointments for dental checkups and eye checkups.
⬜ Familiarise kids with public transport routes and safety rules.
⬜ Teach kids about physical and traffic safety.

Back to school essentials

Tips For a Stress-Free Start to School

⬜ Create/update the morning and evening routines.
⬜ Prepare the night before for that first day, to avoid last-minute rushes.
⬜ Have some tissues handy (hopefully only happy tears!)
⬜ Inspect and try on the school uniforms and shoes to ensure they still fit.
⬜ Mend any holes or tears in school clothing.
⬜ Polish the kids’ school shoes.
⬜ Organise a school bag storage area (an absolute must at our house!)
⬜ Research and schedule any after-school activities.
⬜ Discuss any worries or concerns with your children about starting a new year of school – Listen, be honest, and offer support. 

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Stress free start

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