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HOT: The Wiggles Play Zone, Eastland

HOT: The Wiggles Play Zone, Eastland

Listen up Wiggles fans! The Wiggles Play Zone is premiering in Melbourne at Eastland Shopping Centre this week from Monday 15 October to Sunday 21 October 2018.

Kids can explore four play zones inspired by The Wiggles where they can sing, dance, do craft and more!

In the first room ‘The Story Zone’, we get comfy on a beanbag and listen to a storyteller tell Wiggles stories. Despite the comfort of the beanbag, Toddler Explorer can’t hear the storyteller and quickly loses interest- making a quick escape to the next zone!

The second room is the ‘Dancing Zone’ where we can dance with Emma on the screen. All participants get to don a yellow or pink tutu and follow Emma on the big screen; it’s also the loudest section so quite easy to follow.

Toddler Explorer enjoys this activity, watching Emma and the big boys and girls around her. SO CUTE!

In the craft zone you can decorate your own exclusive take home Wiggles sippy cup. There’s four to collect!

This is by far Toddler Explorer’s favourite activity; she loves sitting at the table surrounded by other kids while getting to use so many different textas to do her colouring.

Finally, there is the opportunity to chill out and enjoy the best clips of The Wiggles. Bigger kids sit down on colourful cushions and happily watch and sing along. However, Toddler Explorer is much too excited to sit down; making a quick escape back to the colouring-in activity.

This is a free event and no bookings required. As such get there early and be prepared for possibly long lines as only a limited number of little wigglers and their other carers can be in the space at any one time. The great thing about the activation being in an open space is that other adults can stand outside and watch and take photos.

You can’t take a pram inside and it must be parked outside.

Note that The Wiggles Play Zone operated by Showtime Attractions under license and The Wiggles or Wiggles characters are not appearing.

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