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Travelling During a Pandemic: Coronavirus Covid-19 Travel Insurance

Now that borders are opening and travel is back on the cards you might be starting to think about making some new memories with your family and booking a trip within Australia or even further abroad. But before you do it might be worth considering what travel insurance Australia has on offer that covers Covid-19 related expenses. 

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It is always a wise idea to secure travel insurance when planning a trip but given we are still in a pandemic it has never been more important. Please make sure you always carefully check all the details of your insurance coverage, particularly in relation to Covid-19 but also check any important information about your destination as all locations differ in their pandemic response and travel requirements. You can check the government’s Smart traveller website for travel advice. Please note all advice given is general and it is important that you speak to your insurance provider for the most up to date policy and travel information.

Some factors you’ll need to consider before purchasing your travel insurance Covid cover are things like: 

  • Which countries are you visiting and are they on any ‘Do Not Travel’ lists as well as what are their current restrictions and regulations?
  • Do you have any pre-existing medical conditions and will they be covered with your chosen policy?
  • How long are you away for and have you made sure you have ample cover?
  • What activities will you be doing while you’re away and are any considered too risky to cover in your chosen policy?
  • How much excess are you willing to pay if you do have to claim and can you reduce or increase the excess to adjust the upfront payment amount?
  • What personal belongings or valuables are you taking with you and are they covered or do you need to specifically itemise them in your policy?

Ideally you’ll book your insurance before you leave but if you’ve forgotten, fear not, as many insurers will still cover you after you’ve set off but conditions may apply.

We’ve compiled a list of insurance companies that offer travel insurance with optional or included COVID-19 related cover to make life easier when booking your upcoming trip.

Covid-19 Travel Insurance Providers

1. Cover-More

Cover-More Insurance offers both domestic and International COVID-19 travel cover. You can protect your international or domestic trip with their COVID-19 benefits.

Cover-More provides several COVID-19 travel insurance benefits across their international and domestic plans to help you book and travel with confidence knowing you are protected from some unforeseen expenses related to the current coronavirus pandemic. This means you can focus on planning your getaway knowing you have support during the coronavirus pandemic.

Because COVID-19 travel insurance cover can’t cover absolutely every scenario resulting from the global coronavirus pandemic it is really important that you read all policies carefully so there is clarity from the get-go. You can visit the Cover-More website for the most up to date information on policies.

Cover-More, within Australia call 1300 72 88 22, from overseas call +61 2 8907 5000

cover more

2. World Nomads

To help Australians who are keen to get out there and travel again World Nomads have added some specific Coronavirus (COVID-19) cover to their insurance plans so that there is no confusion about what COVID-19 related events their customers may have coverage for. 

All of World Nomads’ travel insurance plans include emergency medical and repatriation cover if you get sick with Coronavirus while abroad. 

Their ‘Standard’ and ‘Explorer’ plans offer cover for emergency medical assistance if you get sick with Coronavirus (COVID-19) overseas – cover includes medical assistance, repatriation and hospitalisation benefits.

Their ‘Explorer Plan’ offers cover for some Coronavirus related events such as cancellation, trip interruption expenses and some quarantine costs, as well as additional benefits for healthcare workers, residential care workers and law enforcement officers who have their pre-arranged leave cancelled by their employer due to Coronavirus.

 World Nomads, within Australia call 1300 787 375, from overseas call +61 2 8263 0400, infoAUS@worldnomads.com

World Nomads

3. SafetyWing

Safety Wing’s ‘Nomad Insurance’ has covered COVID-19 since 1 August 2020 and the COVID-19 coverage is automatically a part of your plan . If your plan predates this please contact them to confirm what is covered. Coverage works the same as any other illness as long as it was not contracted before your coverage start date, and does not fall under any other policy exclusion or limitation.

Testing for COVID-19 will only be covered if deemed medically necessary by a physician. The antibody test is not covered, as it is not medically necessary.

As of April 15th 2021, Nomad Insurance also covers quarantine outside your home country of $50/day for up to 10 days (with the limitation of being once within a 364-day period). The coverage requires that:

  1. You are covered by Nomad Insurance for a minimum of 28 days.
  2. Your quarantine is mandated by a physician or governmental authority, because you have either tested positive for COVID-19 OR you are symptomatic and waiting for your test results.

Safety Wing, live chat available on their website, support@safetywing.com 

Safety Wing

4. Allianz

Alllianz is a world leader in travel insurance and has recently made changes to many of its travel insurance plans to include epidemic-related cover (benefits vary by plan and are not available in all jurisdictions).

For plans that now include the new ‘Epidemic Coverage Endorsement’, your plan may now include epidemic-related covered reasons under some or all of the following benefits:

  • Trip Cancellation, if for example you must cancel your trip after being diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Trip Interruption, if for example during your trip you are specifically named and individually ordered to quarantine (not including generally or broadly applicable quarantines). See below for details.*
  • Travel Delay, if for example you are denied boarding based on a suspicion that you are ill with an epidemic disease such as COVID-19.
  • Emergency Medical Care, if for example you are diagnosed with COVID-19 and need to be hospitalised while travelling.
  • Emergency Transportation, if for example you’re diagnosed with an epidemic disease such as COVID-19 while you’re travelling and you require an emergency medical evacuation.

There are some limitations to this coverage so please carefully read the Epidemic Coverage Endorsement information here. You can also find more information if you read Aliianz’s COVID-19 coverage alert.

Allianz, 1 866 884 3556, customerservice@allianzassistance.com


6. Insure and Go – Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group

Insure and Go travel insurance policies provide travellers with several travel insurance benefits related to COVID-19 for both domestic and overseas travel. Insure and Go state that they ‘understand the travel landscape has changed and their travel insurance policies need to account for the new risks that travellers can face. Their Covid-19 travel insurance will give you additional coverage whenever you are ready to explore the world again’.

Always visit Smart Traveller to understand if your destination is marked as safe to travel. If your destination is marked as a “do not travel” on SmartTraveller website, travel insurance coverage is not available. Please always check the Product Disclosure Statements for any policy to understand if a policy is right for you.

Insure and Go, within Australia call 1300 401 177, from overseas call +612 9333 3902,  info@insureandgo.com.au 

Insure and go

7. Tick Travel Insurance – Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group

Tick Travel Insurance is all about simplicity. Their aim is to take the confusion out of travel insurance and provide you with cover that suits you and your holiday. Their Standard and Top policies now provide you with several travel insurance benefits related to Covid-19. Their Covid-19 travel insurance will give you additional coverage whenever you are ready to explore the world again.

Always visit Smart Traveller to understand if your destination is marked as safe to travel. If your destination is marked as a “do not travel” on SmartTraveller website, travel insurance coverage is not available. Please always check the Product Disclosure Statements for any policy to understand if a policy is right for you.

Tick Travel Insurance, info@tickinsurance.com.au

Tick travel insurance

8. Travel Insurance Saver – NIB

Travel Insurance Saver is a product of nib and cover for some coronavirus related events is available on all nib’s travel insurance plans (excluding the Cancellation and Additional Expenses Plan), but the types of benefits and benefit limits vary.

As much as they would love to cover every coronavirus-related scenario, that’s not what travel insurance is designed to do, so read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) carefully for the full terms, conditions, limits and exclusions so that you know what is and isn’t covered.

Travel Insurance Saver, +61 3 9427 9224

9. Medibank Travel Insurance

Medibank Travel Insurance now offers COVID-19 travel insurance cover. A general summary of what they do and don’t cover is available here.

A Medibank Travel Insurance policy with COVID-19 benefits includes cover for unforeseen COVID-19-related scenarios, and can help reduce the financial risk of travelling. Benefits can include such things as incidents relating to overseas medical expenses, trip amendments and cancellation costs, and additional expenses.

However, not all COVID-19 policy benefits are the same so it’s important you understand what you are (and aren’t) covered for when it comes to international and domestic travel insurance with COVID-19 cover. Please carefully go over the relevant policy Product Disclosure Documents.

Medibank Travel Insurance, 13 23 31 

10. NIB Travel Insurance

Cover for some coronavirus related events is available on all NIB travel insurance plans (excl. the Cancellation and Additional Expenses Plan), but the types of benefits and benefit limits vary.

Coronavirus has changed travel for everyone and even though you might be ready to hit the road (or sky), it’s more important than ever to know exactly what you are and aren’t covered for before you go.

As much as they would love to cover every coronavirus-related scenario, that’s not what travel insurance is designed to do, so read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) carefully for the full terms, conditions, limits and exclusions so that you know what is and isn’t covered.

NIB Travel Insurance, within Australia call 1300 410 272, from overseas call +61 2 9234 3193, travel@nib.com.au


11. Southern Cross Travel Insurance

Due to the uncertainty of COVID-19 it can feel a little stressful to organise any travel. But Southern Cross Travel Insurance are offering support during all levels of the COVID-19 Protection Framework and remain dedicated to supporting you on your trip.

Southern Cross Travel Insurance offer limited cover for events relating to COVID-19 for both domestic and international travel. Though it is important to know that they don’t cover all COVID-19 related events so please very carefully read through any relevant documents or contact them to discuss your cover.

Southern Cross Travel Insurance, +64 9 979 6593, info@scti.co.nz

Southern Cross

12. 1Cover

1Cover understands that many Australian travellers are concerned about catching COVID-19 while overseas so their COVID-19 travel insurance can provide peace of mind to help you relax and enjoy your holiday.

Some countries have made travel insurance with medical cover for COVID-19 a requirement for entry and the 1Cover policy meets these requirements.

If you’re travelling internationally, their travel insurance provides cover for your medical costs if you’re diagnosed with COVID-19 by a qualified medical practitioner. This cover includes costs resulting from any overseas hospital medical treatment, ambulance transportation or repatriation back to Australia.

As stressed several times in this post, travellers are encouraged to consider and understand the requirements of airlines, transit, and the countries you are travelling to before booking your trip and purchasing a policy.

1Cover, info@1cover.com.au


13. AHM

AHM new policy holders will now receive the below extended travel insurance cover for some common scenarios relating to COVID-19 but please seek further information from AHM for conditions that may apply:

  • Cover for COVID-19 Cancellations and amendments
  • Cover for COVID-19 Overseas Medical Costs
  • Cover for Additional COVID-19 Expenses

The COVID-19 Overseas Medical Expenses Cover is available on the International Comprehensive and Medical Only Plans. The ahm COVID-19 Amendment or Cancellation Costs Cover is available on the International Comprehensive and Domestic Plans.

AHM’s COVID-19 travel insurance benefits can provide cover for your overseas medical costs if you’re diagnosed with COVID-19 by a qualified medical practitioner while travelling overseas. This cover includes costs resulting from overseas medical treatment and ambulance transportation you require when suffering from COVID-19.

Something very important to note is that they can’t pay for any medical costs resulting from COVID-19 if you’re travelling to a country that is subject to “Do not travel” advice from Smartraveller at the time you enter the country or part of the country, or if your claim is related to you having travelled on a multi-night cruise.

COVID-19 benefits limits apply.

AHM, 1300 617 409, ahm@travelinsurancepartners.com.au

14. Flight Centre

Flight Centre is offering travel insurance with limited COVID-19 benefits. As with many other providers there is no cover if you are travelling to a ‘do not travel’ country listed on Smart Traveller website. You’ll find a couple of travel cover options on the Flight Centre Travel Insurance website and it is important to carefully read through which is the best option for your travel needs.

Flight Centre, 133 133

15. Freely

Freely is a travel app that offers COVID-19 cover for travel in Australia and internationally. You can view the policy options on their website.

If you’re diagnosed with COVID-19 at home and cannot travel, your cover for non-refundable cancellation costs depend on when you bought your policy and which plan you purchased. It is important to be aware of any limitations of the policies by carefully reading the available information on the Freely website or you can contact them to discuss.

Please note that there is also no cover for travel restrictions or border closures imposed by any government because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

To understand the current overall advice levels for any destination, visit Smartraveller’s destinations page.

Freely, download app to contact or visit website


16. Go Insurance

Go Insurance are excited to announce that they have updated all of their policies to include some cover for losses arising from Coronavirus COVID-19.

These policy updates mean you may be covered if you or your travelling companion contract COVID or are specifically quarantined due to exposure to COVID. No cover is provided for border closures or disobeying government directives.

As with most policies there are certain circumstances not covered so it is important to read any relevant Product Disclosure Statements and contact the provider for information.

 Go Insurance, 1300 819 888, sales@goinsurance.com.au

go insurance

17. Jetstar Travel Insurance

Jetstar have made booking travel insurance super easy. When you are booking your flights they will present you with a tailored quote so you can add it to your trip. If you have already booked your flights and didn’t add the travel insurance at the time of booking you can log in to your account and see your insurance offer in your ‘Manage Bookings’ area.

Two key COVID-19 benefits are cancellation up to AUD $5,000 (conditions apply), including if you are diagnosed with COVID-19 prior to departure and emergency accommodation, meals and travelling expenses up to AUD $750 (conditions apply), including coverage for certain additional expenses caused by diagnosis of COVID-19 during a covered trip. 

Please see the specific Product Disclosure Statements for any limitations and exclusions that may apply to your relevant policy.

Jetstar, 1800 257 504, traveladmin@aig.com

18. Qantas

Qantas offers a range of travel policies, including travel insurance that covers some coronavirus related events

Please note that if there is a ‘Do Not Travel’ warning for the country or region and you still choose to travel there, you will not have cover for a loss arising from travelling or planning to travel against that warning. It is essential to keep up to date with the latest government and health advice as it may change regularly and at short notice. 

Qantas, +64 9 300 5331, travelnz@nibtravel.co.nz


19. RACV

Nervous about travelling during a global pandemic? No need to be. RACV Travel Insurance now includes limited COVID-19 cover on RACV Comprehensive Travel Insurance and RACV Domestic Travel Insurance (conditions apply).

If you are overseas, RACV International Travel Insurance gives you access to 24/7 support and a global network of medical and emergency experts to help you. If you’re travelling within Australia only, a RACV Domestic Travel Insurance policy provides great insurance cover from the moment you leave home. As a bonus, all RACV Members receive a 15% discount on RACV Travel Insurance.

RACV, 13 72 28

20. Webjet

Has COVID-19 disrupted your travel plans? Rest assured, all Webjet Travel Insurance policies come with 24/7 assistance, so help is only ever a phone call away. Webjet insure through Cover-More Insurance so you can rest assured that they are using a reputable insurer. 

Please visit the Webjet Travel Insurance website to get a quote and find out specific coverage details that might be relevant to you and your travel plans.

Webjet Travel Insurance, 1300 468 601

21. World2Cover

To help cope with the unpredictability of travelling during the COVID-19 pandemic, From the 17 November 2021, World2Cover’s International Single Trip Top cover and Single Trip Domestic cover includes COVID-19 Benefits. 

Please read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for the terms, limits, conditions and exclusions before making a decision about whether to acquire or to continue to hold this insurance.

As a standard exclusion under all policies, the country you are travelling to must not be subject to a Do Not Travel advice on the Smartraveller website at the time you purchased the policy. This is regardless of any exemption you may have received to travel and your ability to purchase a policy.

The diagnosis of COVID-19 must be by a medical professional or government testing program. This would include diagnosis by your local health authority.

World2Cover, +61 2 9225 7599, travelservice@world2cover.com.au

world cover

21. Worldcare

Worldcare Travel Insurance offers COVID-19 related travel cover under selected benefits if, during your period of cover, you or your travel companion are positively diagnosed as suffering a sickness recognised as an epidemic or pandemic, such as COVID-19, and you have not travelled against the advice of an Australian government. 

Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement to see which benefits offer cover in the event that you contract a sickness recognised as an epidemic or pandemic, and the terms, conditions, limits and exclusions that apply.

PLEASE NOTE: there is no cover under any benefit of this policy if your claim arises because you did not follow advice or a warning that has been issued by an Australian government or a reliable mass media source.

Worldcare, 1800 008 614, TravelHelpdesk@allianz-assistance.com.au


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