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HOT: Play By Narinda Cook, Incinerator Gallery, 180 Holmes Rd, Moonee Ponds

HOT: Play by Narinda Cook, Incinerator Gallery, 180 Holmes Rd, Moonee Ponds


Play by Narinda Cook is a new free temporary exhibition in the atrium of Incinerator Gallery Moonee Ponds – and it’s as fun as the name suggests!

incinerator gallery

Incinerator Gallery is the City of Moonee Valley’s centre for visual arts built inside an original incinerator designed by Walter Burley Griffin. You can still see the old fireplace in the foyer! It’s the last of his designed incinerators left in Victoria and one of only six left in the country and the Royal College of Architects named it as among the 30 most important buildings in the state in 2003 and it’s listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.

incinerator gallery

It’s now a multi-arts facility with a lovely paste up by Baby Guerilla adorning one of its walls. The gallery hosts a program of curated exhibitions, art courses and public programs and Play is on until Sunday 27 September.

Narinda Cook’s practice encourages play through art and she’s influenced by the Rudolf Steiner and his philosophies around colour theory plus the use of children’s art and craft materials and a bright palette.

incinerator gallery

The large colourful sculptures are gentle, bobbing forms with spherical bases made with resin and painted in rainbow colours. Visitors are invited to interact with the sculptures by giving them a gentle nudge and then to watch them move with their own momentum.

Inside they contain a weight at the bottom and a counterweight at the top so that when they are pushed they rise back gently (though if you’re Baby 2.0’s height you are still liable to get smacked in the face if you push too hard!).

incinerator gallery

The forms are also very huggable and so you can use your body to share the movement.

incinerator gallery

Headphones are provided to add another dimension to the work, with a blipping, popping soundscape developed in collaboration with Cat Lew from Architecture of Audio. The soundscape really completes the work and gives the motion of the objects some context instead of all the action happening in a silent void. So effective is the sound scape that one minute Baby 2.0 was happily playing with the forms and the next minute he crept behind me, hiding in fear, as the music turned creepy and menacing. 

incinerator gallery

Incinerator Gallery is a small, welcoming gallery and you can make a day of it by combining it with nearby playgrounds and cafes.   

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Joyce Watts

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