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Elf On The Shelf – Giveaway!

Elf on the Shelf – Giveaway!

The popular children’s illustrated book The Elf on the Shelf® is returning to Australia to add a little magic to your Christmas and capture the hearts of Australian families.

Elf on the shelf

An incredible self-publishing success – the enchanting tale of how Santa’s Scout Elves help him manage his naughty or nice lists is a top best seller and has sold millions around the world since its introduction.

Each box set comes with a beautifully illustrated children’s book that tells the story of Santa’s helpers and their special role at Christmas time, along with a small Scout Elf, whose job is to watch during the day and report to Santa at night.

elf on the shelf

When a family adopts a Scout Elf and gives it a name, the Scout Elf receives its Christmas magic and can fly to the North Pole each night to tell Santa Claus about all of the day’s adventures. Each morning the Scout Elf returns to its family and perches in a different place to watch the festive fun, creating a unique family moment. Children love to race around the house and see where their Scout Elf has landed.

Official adoption centres are opening now throughout Australia making the beloved Scout Elves available across the nation including Christmas shops, department stores, book sellers, toy retailers, and all Westfield shopping centres.

This year the return of The Elf on the Shelf® introduces an exciting and new range of Scout Elf accessories and Claus Couture clothing pieces too!

Joyce Watts

Joyce Watts is a former intellectual property, IT and media lawyer turned entrepreneur. She combines her love for kids, food, travel and bikes into several passion projects.

She owns an online bike store; develops and produces bike-related creative experiences for families via; and writes another popular lifestyle and food blog called MEL: HOT OR NOT The decisive guide to Melbourne with (non-kid related) reviews about things to do and places to go in Melbourne.

She lives in inner-city Melbourne with her husband, two children and seven bikes.

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  1. Our favourite Christmas tradition is to go Christmas light hunting after dinner every night around mid December all the way up to New Year’s day!

  2. Making a gingerbread house with the kids we cover in lollies. It makes a great centre piece at the Christmas table. My boys get so proud of their baking efforts and love to show it to everyone before we tear it apart and munch!

  3. As of last year I would say our favourite Christmas tradition would be enjoying the shenanigans ‘Bob’ our Elf on the Shelf got up to. But I really need to win this because Bob got up to sooo much no good he was in a bad way in the end and never quite recovered (in particular) from the glue I used on his hands and feet ?? The kids don’t know this but instead of Bob going back to the North Pole he actually went to Elf heaven. Would love it if you could help keep the tradition alive again this year!

  4. It has to be catching up with family for Christmas breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s great to see everyone and boy do we have jolly over stuffed bellies by the end of the day. I’d love my kids to start a new tradition with Elf on the Shelf in the lead up to our big family Christmas celebration.

  5. The consensus in our house is putting up the tree as the favourite tradition. I hold out on all things Christmas until we put it up – in the last weekend before December – but once its up its all systems go. My kids are desperate for an elf after house sitting with one for a few days last year!

  6. My favourite tradition is taking my children to get our annual Santa photo. I then display all the years side by side and it’s great to see how much they have grown from the year before.

  7. Sitting with my mum (and grandma when she was alive) watching the Carols by Candelight and discussing every year how we would love to go and watch it. We still haven’t been but always say there is always next year!


  9. We love going to see houses all
    Done up decorated in Christmas lights. Each year they get better and bigger and brighter!! We also love seeing the Gingerbread village at Melbourne town hall

  10. Favourite christmas tradition is in the morning
    Checking out the presents, xmas songs to sing!
    Waking up the kids, their faces full of smiles and glee.
    Pancakes get cooking, unwrapping mania, you have to see :D

  11. The grown-ups do a secret Santa, share the cooking and buy for all the children then we all get together for a meal on Christmas Day

  12. Writing santa a letter. Including lots of pretty pictures to remind him where we live, all the wonderful things that have happened over the year and what they would love to find under the Christmas tree.

  13. My favourite Christmas tradition is making the Christmas Piñata with my boys, then blind folded, taking turns to break it open Christmas afternoon.

  14. •My kids get a new tree decoration each year, so they will have a collection of there own to take when they leave home (complete with the memories to go along with them). We also make a gingerbread house leading up to Christmas each year so the kids can decorate it.

  15. Our mental version of Kris Kringle, where you can steal a gift, not once but twice, and it seriously does ensure a lot of fun and laughter, but certain individuals take things so seriously defending their chosen gift to the end, absolutely always ending nearly in fisticuffs if their negotiation skills aren’t on par.

  16. My favourite Christmas tradition is our “stealing” Kris Kringle – always lots of laughter from our entire family.

  17. We love to head into the city (which we don’t often get to do), and look at the beautiful Myer windows display. Then we head into the Christmas section in Myer and the kids get to choose one ornament each (this can take quite a bit of time!) We then usually have lunch and walk around the city. It’s a lovely family day out.

  18. Stirring into the pudding silver threepences saved from when Grandma was little. On Christmas Day those lucky enough to find a threepence in their serve of Christmas pudding can trade it for a “lucky dip” from under the Christmas tree.

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