Weekly diary: ‘You shouldn’t be taking risks with a child on a bike’

Yesterday I was riding with Lady AB in a cargo bike from her daycare to her swimming lesson. It’s a distance of around 4km and taking the bike rather than the car is an option I much prefer if I can manage it. It doesn’t take that much longer, we have more interesting conversations with her […]

Weekly diary: What do you do with a child that won’t listen?

As Baby 2.o grows older he’s becoming more and more wilful – and one of the hardest parenting challenges I’m facing now is how to make him listen. I know that every child has their moments of not listening but I really do think Baby 2.o is above average in the not-listening stakes! On a positive […]

Weekly diary: Travel Bugs

It’s been a week since we returned from our first overseas trip to Japan as a family of four. As we throw ourselves back into every day life already the memories are starting to fade…but I do have some thoughts that I want to capture here. Travelling overseas with kids was fun, eye-opening, inspiring, tiring […]

Weekly diary: Getting Along

After what seemed like a days, months, nay years of never-ending bickering, finally Baby 2.o and Lady AB seem to be getting along! It makes me so happy! Not just because I’ve stopped feeling like a wrestling referee. But the care and consideration that they show towards each other warms my heart. Lady AB in particular has become a […]

Weekly Diary: All the Small Things

This week I’ve been touched by an article by Arianna Huffington, surely one of the busiest women on earth. “There’s Enough Time in Your Life for Everything Important” was advice written to her 22 year old self, and while the article is set in a professional context it had great resonance for me at this […]

Weekly diary: Mother’s Day Number 5

Happy Mother’s Day to my mum and all the other mums out there today! From one mum to another, I want to say ‘you’re doing a great job, I know you’re working really hard and trying your best – and I think it does get easier. Really.’ As is tradition T took a portrait of my […]

Weekly Diary: On Beauty

I find that beauty is such a tricky concept to navigate when raising children, sildenafil particularly a little girl. Western society puts heavy expectations on women to be beautiful at all times, advice at all ages. Just look at the media reaction of the Duchess of Cambridge bearing her little baby outside the hospital. So many […]

Weekly Diary: Little Miss Perfect

Somehow, unhealthy as a result of either personality or upbringing or both, 60mg I have turned out to be somewhat of a perfectionist. In general, look I think this is a good thing. My attention to detail and focus on doing things right means that I’m good at being a picky lawyer, I’m good at […]

Weekly Diary: Toy Jail

I’ve written before about how I struggle to discipline Baby 2.0 and this week I’ve finally found a method which works. Hallelujah! Our technique of using time out on Lady AB was so incredibly effective (to the point that we could start a countdown and she’d sort herself out, before we actually needed to time her […]

Weekly diary: The Bodies of Mothers

A few weeks ago I saw this photo of myself in a swimsuit for the first time since I had Baby 2.0….and I felt depressed. I didn’t recognise this lumpy, bumpy body of mine. My flattened breasts, widened hips and heavy thighs. Not to mention the stretch marks riddled all over my saggy stomach, all […]

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