HOT: Santa’s Christmas Cookies with Festive Fairy Dust

Christmas baking is an annual ritual that Lady AB and I partake in every year. It’s a great way to give gifts with thought and a delicious way to spend time together. This year we were gifted with a range of McCormick spices with which to make our own Christmas creations. One of the cute […]

HOT: Not-so-devilish Chocolate Cupcakes by Cupcake Central and Natvia

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a recipe from Lady AB’s Sunday Cooking Show, what with moving house and exploring a new side of town for the blog etc etc. But it was recently T’s birthday and Lady AB and I made him some sugar-free chocolate cupcakes (Baby 2.0 just licked the spoon). I wanted […]

HOT: Healthy(er) Chocolate Fudge Cake by Donna Hay

As I’ve said before Donna Hay’s Fresh and Light is my new favourite cookbook so Lady AB and I have been working our way through many of the recipes. Our latest trial was for a healthier version of a chocolate fudge cake. I’m of the view that chocolate is not necessarily a ‘bad’ food – everything […]

HOT: Gluten-free Peanut Butter Cookies

I am trying to progressively clear out my pantry so this week I decided to use up a couple of jars of peanut butter I have lurking around on the shelf. I’ve tried this recipe with good ol’ Kraft crunchy peanut butter as well a jar of peanut butter from the gourmet supermarket and it […]

HOT: Dairy Farmer’s Thick and Creamy Mini Yoghurt Breakfast Parfaits + Breakfast Smoothies

I was recently invited to a brunch for the launch of new flavours of Dairy Farmer’s Thick and Creamy yoghurt. It was a gorgeous morning at Collingwood Children’s Farm and one of the perks of the event was coming home with a large load of yoghurt!   Fortunately we are a household full of yoghurt […]

HOT: Gingerbread Men by Donna Hay

On Grandma’s recent visit Lady AB received a few more cooking utensils to help build her cooking kit collection, including a gingerbread man cookie cutter. Of course we had to trial the cookie cutter straight away so it was onto Donna Hay‘s easy, failsafe gingerbread recipe. I like my gingerbread spicy so in my version […]

HOT: Orange and carrot muffins

We’ve made a bit of progress recently with Lady AB finally eating more vegetables. So this week I decided to continue the improved veg intake by baking some muffins that included grated carrot. The carrot in these orange and carrot muffins is barely discernible in taste and you can grate them up really fine if […]

HOT: Flapjacks by Rachel Allen

Rachel Allen is an Irish chef who’s very popular in the UK with her TV shows and cookbooks. She’s never really made a name for herself in Australia but when I lived in the UK I was given her recipe book by some colleagues. Occasionally I dip into ‘Food for Living‘ to make fuss-free, comfort […]

HOT: Healthy Chocolate Crackles (with Loving Earth products)

We love our chocolate treats at TOT HQ but I try to give them a bit of a healthy twist where possible. So this week’s recipe is that kid’s party favourite, chocolate crackles. But healthy! Thanks to a pantry full of Loving Earth ingredients (this not a sponsored post, I’m just a big fan of […]

HOT: Orange Ring Cake

Yes Lady AB, that is cake tin with a hole in it! As it’s winter we are receiving a lot of citrus in our fortnightly fruit and veg box delivery at the moment. I’m not much of an orange eater so for this week’s baking session I thought we’d make an orange cake to use […]

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