HOT: Chocolate chip and chickpea cookies by Vegie Smugglers

Before I had kids I always thought I’d be the smug parent with a kid who ate anything and everything. I mean, I pretty much eat anything and everything (and I have a huge appetite) and I always imagined that half the battle with getting kids to eat their vegetables and other healthy food was […]

HOT: Philips Avent Toddler Cutlery, Toddler Mealtime set and Travel feeding set + Giveaway!

When I look at Lady AB now I sometimes marvel at how she’s grown. She’s a proper little girl now, not just a blob that can’t do anything for herself. In fact, Lady AB has a very independent mind and that includes at mealtimes. She likes to ‘use’ cutlery (or bang or scrape or throw […]

HOT: Three Ingredient Nutella Cupcakes

Lady AB has been sick this week with a bad cold and has been variably listless and whingy. We’ve been watching lots of Finding Nemo cuddled up in bed and to cheer her up I thought we’d make some cupcakes. She loves cupcakes and she also loves Nutella so I googled ‘Nutella cupcakes’ and discovered […]

HOT: Vanilla Poached Quince recipe

Quinces are only a recent discovery for me and they’ve quickly become part of my cold-weather slow-cooking repertoire. I first picked them up at our local farmer’s market and the grower told me that they were like a mix between an apple and pear. That is exactly how I’d describe them! While they take some […]

HOT: Carman’s Yummo’s by Carman’s Kitchen + Giveaway

One thing I have learnt as a mother is always to have snacks on hand. This is behaviour that Tim doesn’t share. Every time he takes Lady AB on an outing I shove a lunch box at him filled with fruit, crackers, cheese etc and he looks at me quizzically. ‘We’re not going for very […]

HOT: Melt Chocolate Festival preview, Immigration Museum, 400 Flinders St, Melbourne

If you want to learn about, eat and share chocolate then make sure you don’t miss Melt: Chocolate Festival on next Sunday 26 May 11am – 4pm at the Immigration Museum. At Melt: Chocolate Festival, you will get to meet members of Victoria’s chocolate-loving Portuguese-speaking, Belgian, and Mexican communities to explore the role of chocolate in cuisine, culture and commerce. There […]

HOT: Pear and Muesli Muffins by Carman’s Kitchen

I recently attended an event where I was given a couple of boxes of muesli by Aussie company and mumpreneur success story Carman’s Kitchen so for my Sunday baking sessions with Lady AB this week  we made some muesli muffins. On the Carman’s Kitchen website there are a few recipes using Carman’s products and the Pear and Muesli […]

HOT: Tupperware containers + Giveaway

I am an organised person at heart and the kitchen is my domain, hence I take great satisfaction in having an organised pantry. You may have noticed my collection of Tupperware containers in yesterday’s recipe post for Red Velvet Cupcakes. I like the fact that they are stackable and airtight, particularly important as I have quite […]

HOT: The Best Red Velvet Cupcakes recipe by Hummingbird Bakery

For Uncle Ian’s birthday this week Lady AB and I made red velvet cupcakes from The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook. The London bakery makes some of the best cupcakes I’ve ever had so naturally I had to buy their cookbook to replicate the deliciousness at home.  Here’s my take on American style, super sweet Red Velvet Cupcakes […]

HOT: The best Anzac Biscuits recipe by Donna Hay

I think that Lady AB is too young to appreciate the significance of Anzac Day yet, so we used today’s public holiday as an opportunity to bake Anzac biscuits instead. They are great biscuits to make any time of year actually as they are super quick, cheap and use store cupboard ingredients. The process of […]

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