HOT: Flapjacks by Rachel Allen

Rachel Allen is an Irish chef who’s very popular in the UK with her TV shows and cookbooks. She’s never really made a name for herself in Australia but when I lived in the UK I was given her recipe book by some colleagues. Occasionally I dip into ‘Food for Living‘ to make fuss-free, comfort […]

HOT: Healthy Chocolate Crackles (with Loving Earth products)

We love our chocolate treats at TOT HQ but I try to give them a bit of a healthy twist where possible. So this week’s recipe is that kid’s party favourite, chocolate crackles. But healthy! Thanks to a pantry full of Loving Earth ingredients (this not a sponsored post, I’m just a big fan of […]

HOT: Make your own kids cooking kit

Ever since Lady AB could climb up on a kitchen stool and ‘cook with mummy’ I have been meaning to buy her her own cooking set. I fell in love with the products from Jamie Oliver’s kids cooking range but you can only buy them in the UK or for an exorbitant price from Simon […]

HOT: Orange Ring Cake

Yes Lady AB, that is cake tin with a hole in it! As it’s winter we are receiving a lot of citrus in our fortnightly fruit and veg box delivery at the moment. I’m not much of an orange eater so for this week’s baking session I thought we’d make an orange cake to use […]

HOT: Healthy Lemon Slice

The lemon tree in our backyard has started bearing loads of fruit so I’m racking my brains for tasty ways to use up the harvest. I decided to try baking a lemon slice with Lady AB as I knew it was a simple recipe and I thought it’d be something she’d enjoy eating. However, I […]

HOT: Rafferty’s Garden Just Veggies + Giveaway!

With Baby 2.0 establishing a routine of eating solids now once again our pantry is being stocked with squeezy packs of baby food for those times when we’re on the run (or I’m not organised enough to make my own purees). One of our favoured brands Rafferty’s Garden have just released a new addition to their […]

HOT: Olive Oil Chocolate Mousse by George Calombaris

Happy Bastille Day! Today is also Baby 2.0’s six-month birthday, so to celebrate Lady AB and I have made a suitably French birthday treat that the whole family could share. After dismissing more spectacular ideas like a croquembouche or macarons, I fell upon the idea of chocolate mousse because, well, it’s something that a baby […]

HOT: Lemon Cupcakes recipe by Hummingbird Bakery

Lady AB’s new favourite book is the  The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook! She flicks through it going ‘white cake, pink cake, purple cake, yellow cake, biscuit, biscuit, biscuit…’ so this week I decided to use more of our abundant lemon harvest to make The Hummingbird Bakery’s Lemon Cupcakes. I find the recipes in the The Hummingbird […]

HOT: Chocolate Weet-Bix Slice

My theory about quintessentially ‘Aussie’ food like Weet-Bix and Vegemite is that you have to grow up with them to like them (the exception being Tim Tams). As I moved to Australia when I was 6 years old my formative years were Weet-Bix and Vegemite free and as such I find both foods quite offputting […]

HOT: A week of dinners with Marion’s Kitchen

Tim and I love to eat Thai food but I don’t really make it at home. We have a few choices of great (and also some terrible) Thai takeaway near our house so there isn’t really the incentive to cook it – until now, as we’re on a saving-money-project which by necessity involves eating in […]

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