HOT: Playon Crayons by Studio Skinky

One of Lady AB’s new found hobbies is drawing. In fact, one of the few Chinese words she says distinctively is to ‘draw pictures’. I’ve not introduced Lady AB to colouring in or playdough previously because to be honest I was/am precious about the state of our house. However, I think she’s learnt to draw […]

HOT: The Wonders of Ancient Mesopotamia, Melbourne Museum + Giveaway!

I lived in London for years and although I liked to visit the British Museum regularly I think I saw about 1/1000th of their vast collection. So I was quite excited to hear that a slice of the museum’s Middle East artefact collection was coming to Melbourne for the Melbourne Museum‘s winter exhibition for 2012, The Wonders […]

HOT: An Excellent Adventure, NGV Kids Space, NGV International, 180 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne

**CLOSED** NGV International is a great destination for kids and families and the dedicated creative space for children NGV Kids Space has just opened with a new exhibition called ‘An Excellent Adventure’ in time for the school holidays. The two room space has been updated with artefacts and artworks from the NGV’s collection with the […]

HOT: Gallery of Modern Art, Stanley Place, Southbank, Brisbane

Given that we live in Melbourne this blog is very Melbourne-centric. But we do travel occasionally (especially to Queensland where our extended families live) and sometimes we come across fabulous places and things outside Melbourne that we feel deserve a mention on the blog. The Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane is one of them. […]

HOT: Children’s Week Picnic, Werribee Park, Gate 2, K Road, Werribee

When I was small and asked my parents why there was Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day but no Children’s Day, their reply (which they must teach at Parenting 101) was ‘Every day is Children’s Day.’ So I was quite surprised to discover that there was such a thing as Children’s Week. In fact, it’s a […]

HOT: The Art of the Brick, Federation Square, Melbourne

For a grown woman, I get inordinately excited by Lego. Witness me lining up whilst 8 months pregnant to get into Brickvention, Australia’s premier Lego fan convention. So as quickly as you can say ‘Lego Technic’ I hit the purchase button for tickets to The Art of the Brick, an exhibition of large-scale Lego sculptures by Lego […]

HOT: Children’s Art Shows

JJ and I are keen to ensure that NKOTB grows up with a similar passion for the arts and culture as we do. I’ve already written about my plans for training the NKOTB to be a passionate supporter of the Brisbane Bears. However, our ambitions are as broad as they are high so we’re always on […]

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