Week 19: A happy turn

Yeah! As you can see, NKOTB is actually happy on her tummy these days (though it’s pretty hard to get her to look at the camera). Just goes to show the truth of a little mantra that my Dad taught me ‘everything shall pass’. It’s good to know that NKOTB is progressing in her development.

Other happy moments this week:

– LOTS of smiles when she wakes up. She’ll gurgle to herself for a bit and then when Tim or I finally go to pick her up she gives the biggest crack-my-face-wide-open smile as if to say ‘Oh HI! I’m awake! I love you! Come and pick me up!’

– LOTS of talking to herself, to us, to her toys. We’ve also got a couple of tricks up our sleeve to get her to laugh – tummy raspberries, pretending to growl like a lion, foot tickles and knee kisses. It’s so cute that sometimes I spend a lot of time trying all my moves just get be rewarded with a tinkling giggle.

– She seems to have passed her phase of being scared of strangers too. She’ll stare silently at them but at least won’t burst into tears. We’ll be testing her tolerance for strangers and strange places this weekend when I leave her with my parents while I run a market stall for the two days.

– The  last few nights she’s managed to sleep for longer periods than before, which gives me hope that her 4 month sleep regression is passing and she’s reverting back to her much more parent-friendly sleep routine. I never thought a 5am wakeup would be such a godsend!




HOT: Geek Cake

I really hope that NKOTB grows up to be the kind of girl who would appreciate a “Darth Vader Riding a My Little Pony” Birthday cake…

Via: Know Your Meme

HOT: Lego Winter Toy Shop

Have Joyce and I mentioned before that we love Lego? Yes? Well have we mentioned that we also love European Christmas Markets? Well we do!

So, you can imagine our excitement when we found this Lego Winter Toy Shop set!

While we’ve been relatively disciplined about buying Lego for ourselves NKOTB given that she’s still 12 months away from being ready for Duplo, we decided to make an exception in this case in the name of creating a Watts Christmas tradition.

I’m not sure whether all families did this, but my parents and grandparents used to have a box of Christmas story books that they’d keep hidden during the year and only bring out at the start of December.  Because they were off limits throughout most of the year, they felt extra special when they were brought out of the cupboard. As kids, we knew we could start getting excited about Christmas when we saw the Christmas books.

Anyway, the way I see it, if it works for books, why not for Lego? Why can’t we have a special festive Lego set that we’re only allowed to build during the Christmas season? And if it instils an early love for European Christmas markets, all the better!

So while the box says that the set is for kids 12+, we’ll keep it out of her reach, but make a tradition out of building it together every year so that by the time she’s old enough to build it herself it will be a fully fledged institution.

And anyway, even without the tradition, it’s still a really cool toy. I love the level of detail inside the shop – even including a hirstute storekeeper and his toys for sale :)

NOT: Hair Loss

Lots of things happen to your body after pregnancy – you end up with stretch marks, your stomach’s a bit flabby, your pelvic floor is weak and your child-bearing hips no longer fit into those pre-pregnancy skinny jeans.

One thing no one told me was that at around the 4 month mark your hair starts falling out!

I started noticing it in the bathroom – great big clumps of it gathering around the drain. Then whenever I brushed my fingers through my scalp strand after strand would come away. I started to get alarmed – what was going on? The only thing I could think of was that it was stress related but I didn’t think I felt particularly stressed.

Anyway, I mentioned it to my mothers group and I’m so glad I did because all the mothers just nodded and said ‘oh, it’s just the pregnancy hormones leaving your body’. So apparently when I was pregnant my hair was thicker (though I didn’t notice) and post-pregnancy all that extra hair is shed away. I can see no obvious biological reason for either the thickening or loss of hair, but in case you’re going through the same thing (or will in the future) you know that it’s nothing to be worried about. Though it does mean a lot more vacuuming and drain cleaning in the short term :–)

Week 18: Rock and Roll

This week NKOTB’s newest party trick is that she can roll over! Well, with a little bit of help from a pillow.

I’ve mentioned before how much NKOTB hates tummy time. Well, it’s still not her favourite activity (chewing on her fingers is so much more fun!) but I’ve found that if I rest her upper body on a pillow she’ll quite happily go on her tummy for a little bit, even giving me a big smile.

One afternoon quite unexpectedly she gained some traction from her little kicking feet and flipped herself onto her back, off the pillow. Her face gave a little ‘O’ of surprise and I laughed and hugged her and told her how clever she was. The excitement! Just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke I popped her back on the pillow and she flipped over again. But she’s unable to do it when her tummy’s on the floor.

Now that she doesn’t cry into the floor I’ve been trying to give her more tummy time. I did have a bad mummy moment yesterday though as I left her on the pillow on her tummy and the doorbell rang. While I was faffing around with the postman thinking ‘I really shouldn’t have left her on her tummy, hurry up and finish talking’ I heard a squeak from her bedroom. When I got there she had rolled sideways off the pillow with her armed pinned up against her back and while she wasn’t crying she did look very uncomfortable. Mummy’s sorry, baby!

This week she had her 4 month checkup by the Maternal & Child Health Nurse and *sigh* she’s still not gaining very much weight, sliding down now to the 5th percentile. I really don’t know if there’s anything I can do about it as she’s feeding, sleeping and behaving just as well as always.

I have started her on tiny teaspoons of congee twice a day so that she can eat more nutritious food earlier and hopefully catch up with her growth. She’s not hating the food but she’s not loving it either – basically I put some in her mouth, she rolls it around a bit, spits some of it out and swallows some as well. I give her lots of kisses so she doesn’t feel like feeding is something awful that mum forces her to do.

Finally, a little mention about her outfit in this week’s picture. The red cape was made for her by my friend’s mum – her first bespoke piece of clothing :) The fabric is a waterproof wool weave threaded with reflective thread – it’s actually fabric used for adult-sized cycling capes that I sell. I’m turning NKOTB into a mini-me!





HOT: Inkless Print Kit

While I scoff at the idea of getting a belly cast, I am enamoured of the idea of memorialising baby feet and hand prints.

I didn’t think that’d be my thing but I LOVE kissing and rubbing NKOTB’s cute little hands and feet, especially when she gives me a huge smile or erupts into a giggle. Call me sentimental but I really want to treasure these moments – one day her hands and meet won’t be small, soft and pristine any more.

So I really like the idea of this Inkless Print Kit from Belly Art. Instead of messing around with paint, you just wipe over your baby’s foot or hand with the non-toxic inkless wipe and press them onto the paper.  The print then magically appears while your baby’s foot stays clean and dry.

Available from Babyshop – RRP $29.95

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