NOT: The Waiting Game, Mark 2

One Day Late and Counting

So we’ve written before about the frustrations of waiting during the first stage of pregnancy.

Now we’re being frustrated at waiting during the last stage.

Yesterday was the New Kid on the Block’s due date. Yes, yes, we know that first babies are always late, but our obstetrician has been telling us for the past fortnight that given that NKOTB’s head was engaged and she was getting big, he expected her to be early. In fact, last week he told us that there was a 90% chance we wouldn’t make our next appointment on Wednesday. But we’re still waiting.

The worst part about it is that we know that is actually is going to happen soon. Worst case scenario we only have another week or so to wait. But if that happens,  given our ‘early’ warnings, the period that we’ve been anxious about her arriving will have stretched to a month! It’s very tiring…

Anyway, we’re trying all the usual things to bring on labour: Raspberry Leaf Tea, hot foods (too much Curry!) etc, but so far to no avail. Does anyone have any other sure-fire methods?

HOT: Rock-a-Bye Lullabies

As I’ve previously written, case I’m a big fan of subconsciously indoctrinating kids to imprint ‘Cultural Correctness’.

So, decease when I came across Rock-a-bye Music’s lullaby renditions of classic rock songs, recipe I thought they had a lot of appeal.

In principle, I love the idea of burning the chord progression of Sweet Child of Mine into NKOTB’s brain so that at some point in the future when she first hears the real version, she’ll be struck by by a strange feeling of deep familiarity.

Further, Rock-a-bye Music has a bizarrely extensive range that includes greats such as AC/DC, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Bjork, Black Sabbath, Bon Jovi, The Cure, Gunners, Journey, Zeppelin, Metalica, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd, Pixies, Queen, Radiohead, Ramones, The Stones, Smashing Pumpkins, Tool. Unfortuntately, there’s no Cold Chisel available yet, but there’s more than enough to get a young Tot’s music education started.

The only problem is that lullaby renditions of classic rock songs can sound kind of weird. As the Rock-a-bye website describes it:

Rockabye Baby! transforms timeless rock songs into beautiful instrumental lullabies. Guitars and drums are traded for soothing mellotrons, vibraphones and bells, and the volume is turned down from an eleven to a two.

‘Mellotrons’, ‘vibraphones’ and bells mean that some of the audio samples on their site are…. a little weird.

Most of them are ok though, so with a little bit of trying before I buy, I think I’ll still give it a go.

Now I just have to decide between Zeppelin and Radiohead.

Via: DIY Father.

HOT or NOT? Wetting the Baby’s Head

As we may have mentioned once or twice before, Joyce and I are (hopefully) in the last week of New Kid On The Block’s pregnancy. Which has meant a lot of practical thinking about the things we’ll need to organise for when NKOTB actually arrives.

Which brings me to the merits of the tradition of “Wetting the Baby’s Head” ie some form of male get together involving alcohol, shortly after the birth of a baby.

I have to say that I like the nomenclature here. While I suspect, the etymology of this isn’t Australian, it fits in well with the Australian tradition of quaint euphemisms for difficult to justify male behaviour  (“Choir practice” is my favourite in this regard).

Naming aside though, what to make of the substance of this tradition? There seem to be two schools of though on the mothers’ forums (see here and here for examples):

  1. It’s an insensitive, misogynistic tradition that just proves how little appreciation men have for the sacrifices women make during pregnancy; and
  2. It’s a socially acceptable way for men to talk about their new child and show off their baby photos without it seeming weird.

I can see a bit of truth in both of these perspectives. In the end, I think the appropriateness of wetting the baby’s head turns on execution.

At the worst end of the scale, I  recall being on a Bucks night at a King St establishment once (long, long ago of course) where there was a rowdy group of men celebrating the birth of a child of one in their number… at a strip club. I’m pretty sure that falls on the ‘insensitive, misogynistic’ side of the line.

Similarly, any situation where you’re leaving a physically exhausted, emotionally wrecked woman at a hospital to head down to the pub for an all night session is going to be pretty difficult to defend.

However, I’m thinking that a few quiet drinks, at an appropriate interval from the birth, and for a period that meant that no important paternal responsibilities were being neglected, could be an appropriate way of marking the transition to fatherhood.


HOT: Rabbit Babies

Well, it’s the eve of Chinese New Year and it looks like Joyce and I are about to dodge a bullet. If the NKOTB can wait for just one more day before making her grand arrival, she will be born in the Year of the Rabbit rather than the Year of the Tiger.

Why am I so anxious about this? Well, the Rabbit/Tiger inflection point is actually a pretty big deal. Noted experts in Chinese Astrology, Baby-Talk note that Rabbit Babies are:

clean and neat, quiet and often softly spoken. They dislike conflict and will go to great lengths to avoid discord. Rabbits thrive in tranquil, harmonious settings and become unhappy in noisy, argumentative company.

For someone who is anxious about what the arrival of our first child will do to our sleep patterns, I think the above sounds pretty good! Very guai!

In contrast, if NKOTB does sneak in today (which is entirely possible given that the due date is only a few days away and our obstetrician keeps telling us he expects her to arrive early), we’re stuck with this:

you were born under the Chinese sign of the Tiger, it doesn’t pay to argue with you! Tigers are usually larger than life, warm-hearted extroverts. They can’t help being noticed and are often very good-looking. However, they can be quick tempered, laughing and joking one moment and angry the next, turning on anyone who annoys them.Tigers are fearless and will pursue a perceived wrong no matter what. They have a restless spirit and hate to be confined. Tigers need to be free to roam. Those born under this sign are idealistic but can be rebellious.

Oh dear. From a parenting perspective, that does not sound appealing. It would be a real tragedy if we were subjected to years of aggravated parenting because NKOTB couldn’t wait just a few hours more :)

Plus, we wouldn’t be able to pick up this really cute Year of the Rabbit Bib!

Fingers crossed – we only need to hold out for another 12 hours…

HOT: The best toy box ever

I’ve blogged about my love for Lego before. Now I’ve discovered that there’s a (pricey) Lego toy box to store all my beloved Lego!

Ogle Toy Box

NOT: Cankles

I have to admit that I’ve been pretty lucky with the side effects of pregnancy for these last 8ish months. I was actually getting quite cocky about not swelling at all, that is, until I hit about 36 weeks and then I started retaining water faster than Wivenhoe Dam.

I’m now in my 38th week and I think there’s no denying that I have a bad case of cankles. In fact, the swelling is so bad that my ankles have a muffin top and when I press down the flesh stays down! I look down at my unrecognisable feet and feel like Muriel’s mother in Muriel’s Wedding (you know, the scene where she’s in the supermarket and puts on a pair of slippers, then forgets to pay for them at the counter).

I can’t really fit into any nice shoes and to my internal sartorial horror I’ve taken to shuffling around in sneakers for most of the day. I have a fear of pedicures and anyone touching my feet generally but I’m seriously considering paying someone to hopefully massage away some of my fat feet.

My hands have also swelled and in fact I seem to have a permanent case of pins and needles from the bad circulation. I really hope I can wear my wedding ring into hospital as I can’t slip it off anymore (and in fact it’s starting to rub to the point of bleeding) and they’ll have to cut it off me if I can’t wear it.

Anyway, it’s all in the name of love. NKOTB is arriving at any moment now and hopefully with her my body will release all this fluid that it no longer needs.

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