Mornington Beach

The two overriding editorial principles of this blog are:

1. The blog is a personal hobby.

I invest up to 20 hours a week on top of my business, side projects and other blog. I do that because I loves writing, I’m interested in experiencing new things with my family and to inspire others to explore their city.

2. The blog is a reflection of my personal interests.

This means that there are a greater proportion of HOTs than NOTs because the majority of the time I select where we want to go, what I want to do and pay my own way.

So, here’s the editorial policy in detail.


  1. TOT: HOT OR NOT is a review blog, which means that I write reviews post the fact.  I tend to publicise upcoming events via social media, the weekly What’s On or a giveaway.
  2. I aim to write fair, honest and independent reviews.
  3. The blog has a strong bias towards locations in the CBD and the inner city. That is because I live and work in the inner city, and I don’t have occasion to travel to the outer areas of Melbourne very much.
  4. When something is so-so, i still make a determination of whether it is HOT or NOT. I will always justify why I’ve fallen one way or the other.
  5. Most of the photographs are my own. If I have used other people’s photographs, I provide image credit and a link if relevant.
  6. I do not regularly publish guest posts but if you feel you have something relevant to say to the blog’s readers please get in touch.

Reuse of content

  1. Please do not use my content and photographs without my permission. Republication with permission requires appropriate credit and a link back and depending on the circumstances, may attract a licence fee.

Unsolicited emails

  1. I am happy to receive unsolicited emails from PR and marketing agencies. However, I only have time to respond to emails which I find personally interesting. Others I will politely decline or delete.
  2. I am happy to receive tips from readers about something or somewhere they like. I can’t promise to visit every single one, but I do make a note of them.


  1. I occasionally get invited to events, such as restaurant dinners, theatre shows or product launches. When I have been invited as a guest, I always disclose that fact clearly in the post and I will always give my honest opinion and findings on the event.
  2. I occasionally receive free products. When I have received a free product, I may choose to pass it on as a giveaway or retain in lieu of payment for a sponsored post.
  3. If I am paid to write a review, I will note that clearly in the post.

My business interests

I own a small business called CycleStyle and I work with local councils and community groups to design and deliver bike-related projects and place-making construction play activities for children. I will occasionally use the blog as a publicity channel, in the same way I choose to publicise other products or events via the blog.

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