Melbourne Show 2016

Every year Lady AB and I have a tradition of visiting the Royal Melbourne Show (23 September – 3 October 2017) and I look forward to our annual outing, with its mix of entertainment, agriculture, attractions and food. This year I pluck up the courage to also take Baby 2.0 – so here are 10 tips for tackling the show especially if you have kids under 5.

melbourne show

1. Arrive at 9:30am

The gates open at 9:30am and the CWA Cafe and Animal Farmyard are open at that time, with other pavilions opening at 10am and some rides already operating. If you arrive at 9:30am you can walk around and get your bearings, without the crowds and the noise. Note that the CWA Cafe will have a long (inefficient) line at 9:30am but the scones are worth it!

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Of course, weekends are busier than weekdays so if you have the opportunity go in off-peak times.

2. Enter via Gate 6 if you can

Gate 6 on Langs Road is the best entrance for families with under 5s. It’s a small entrance and not near the train station so not many people know about it (fewer queues) and it leads right into the children’s area. It’s about as far away from the Showbag Pavilion as you can get if you’re trying to avoid temptation.

3. Take public transport or ride a bike

There’s a train station for Flemington Showgrounds that opens during special events which drops you off right at one of the entrances. Trams and buses also operate in the area.

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Better still, ride a bike! We cycle right up to the Gate 6, park our bike and stroll in. Riding home is a great way to decompress after the sensory stimulation of the show.

If you decide to drive show parking is $20 and it can be a bit of a hike to get from the car to the entrance. There are also limited spaces so if you don’t time your arrival carefully (see tip 1) – you either won’t be allowed in the carpark at all or you could be circling in nearby residential streets – and still have to hike to the entrance. Obviously arriving for 9:30am will help.

4. Agree a budget before you go

Budgets can really blow out at the show if you don’t agree with your kids beforehand how many rides/showbags/treats etc they’re allowed. It doesn’t stop the nagging but at least you can consistently refuse if it’s not been agreed. After a while I just say ‘I’m not answering that question’ every time a child asks to buy/ride something that isn’t pre-agreed.

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We always go on the Giant Sky Wheel (despite an exorbitant $9 ticket) as it provides excellent views of the Showgrounds and Melbourne city and is a great way to absorb the atmosphere, colour and lights. We try to ride it before the official opening time of 10am.


5. Start at the Jayco Animal Nursery

melbourne show 2015

Lines can be long for the Animal Nursery, where you get to feed and pet farm animals, so head there first. You have to pay $2 for feed and there are hay bales to climb up and sit on to watch the action if your children (like Lady AB) get freaked out by being too close to animals.

melbourne show 2015

Afterwards, there are more farm animals to view in the outdoor Animal Farmyard. Sit under the shade of the beautiful blossom trees and watch the animals go about their business.

melbourne show

Other free animal-related activities are inside the Farmhouse where you can plant a seedling and watch dairy cow milking and sheep shearing demonstrations. We miss all of it because the kids are obsessed with milling wheat for flour!

melbourne show

For more energetic kids there’s a whole Kids Carnival. Having said that, see tip 4.

6. Eat at Woolworths Fresh Food Pavilion and/or the Winning Tastes Pavilion

The Woolworths Fresh Food Pavilion is the midrange food offering, though you’ll still find some artisan, gourmet producers inside.

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The famous $3 cheese toasties are still around but the milk is no longer – it’s now $5 for a toastie and a bottle of water. The pavilion is also next to the equestrian arena so you can grab and go and watch the equine action.

melbourne show 2015

The Winning Tastes Pavilion is the gourmet food offering and in the middle of the kids’ area. This year I find the offerings very expensive, though the fish and chips ($16) by Saint Peter and fish tacos (2 for $16) from Mamasita are admittedly delicious.

royal melbourne show

7. Dress in bright colours and take a photo

We visit the show on a cool and blustery day, so I have to buy an emergency onesie for Baby 2.0 (who is optimistically sporting a Tshirt and shorts). 
melbourne show
Turns out the dino outfit is a godsend for finding him amongst the crowds! If you don’t have kids that you can restrain in a pram then dress them in bright colours or headwear so you can spot them when they inevitably walk towards some new temptation.
Readers have also suggested the following advice for lost kids: ‘The most important thing if going to the show with kids (in
  • ‘I have my son, 3, a card with his name and my phone number on it and put it in his pocket. I told him that if he gets lost to go up to a grown up and give them the card. We got separated for 2 mins at the animal nursery and when I found him he had the card in his hand about to approach an adult for help’
  • ‘The most important thing if going to the show with kids (in addition to the wristbands) is to photograph them, in the clothes they are wearing on the day before you go. If you lose them, report to the “pie in the sky”, and show the photos. The photos are sent to the control room and on to security at all the gates. This is the advice from the safety manager of the Showgrounds.’

8. Bring a water bottle

Walking around the showgrounds is thirsty work and you don’t want to keep buying bottled water. Bring a bottle to refill and maybe some healthy snacks too.

9. Avoid taking babies or a pram

The showgrounds are big, busy and really over-stimulating after a while, especially in the sun. Each year we last about 2.5-3 hours.  Pushing a pram through crowds is no fun and at many places eg the Animal Nursery, the shows at the Farmhouse, you have to park your pram.

melbourne show

10. Showbag management

Either buy your showbags at the end or hire a locker in the public stand (a good midway point between all the attractions) so you’re not hauling stuff around everywhere.

What are your tips for enjoying the Royal Melbourne Show?


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