big fish little fish

Parents: If you think your days of clubbing are over, think again!

Big Fish Little Fish Family Raves are a popular family-friendly dance party phenomenon in the UK and they’ve launched Family Raves in Australia.

I dig out all the reflective gear I own for Lady AB and I to wear for the party theme – Rave! Each rave has a different theme.

big fish little fish

The venue La Di Da is relatively small, with a dance floor and a side area where the craft is located. There is a face-painting ($5-$10), free transfer tattoos…

big fish little fish

big fish little fish

…a giant colouring mural, play-doh table and a wearable craft activity.

big fish little fish

big fish little fish

It’s really hectic in that area, with a bottleneck to get in and out, so we quickly find a quiet corner to hang out and to acclimatise ourselves to the dim light and sound. It’s good to have a space to break out from the intensity of the dance floor too.

big fish little fish

We BYO snacks and water but you can buy food and drinks from the licensed bar, plus there is a cake stall.

big fish little fish

As it is a family rave note that there is limited seating and to create a rave ambience the lights are low. If you need natural light there is an outdoor patio area near the front. The music volume is moderate but just in case I bring headphones for Lady AB, which also act as a cute prop!

On the dance floor families are bopping away, with bubble machines and giant balloons making an appearance to much delight.

big fish little fish

The raves run for 3 hours but after we’re done after 1.5 hours. If you have under 5s I think you can expect to stay for 60-90 minutes, so you can afford to turn up a bit later when the crowd has thinned a bit as people start leaving.

Big Fish Little Fish is particularly targeted at families with children 8 years and under. I think it’s best for kids are at either end of the age spectrum. For instance, babies are great because you can wear in a carrier and dance with a drink or a glow-stick, hands-free! And up to 3 years they are still light enough to pop on your shoulders.

Older kids are more independent so you’re free to let loose a little bit (though of course adults are responsible for their children at all times).

Big Fish Little Fish is a fun event that brings something of a dance music festival atmosphere to families. The vibe is relaxed and positive and it’s an opportunity for adults to enjoy themselves as much as children.

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HOT Tips:

  • generally suitable for kids 8 and under;
  • raves run for 3 hours but if you have under 5s expect to stay for 60-90 minutes;
  • tickets sell out so book in advance, tickets not available at door;
  • lighting is dim, which may not suit all children;
  • music volume is moderate but if you or your kids are concerned about music volume BYO earplugs or headphones;
  • maximum 3 children per adult and 4 adults per child;
  • Non-walking infants are free but you will still need to book a ticket for the baby as the baby will count against the capacity of the venue;
  • Try not to bring a pram. Pram Parking is down some stairs and prams are not allowed on the dance floor. Change facilities are also in the downstairs Pram Park area;
  • there is a baby chill out space;
  • Venue is a short walk from either Southern Cross or Flagstaff Train Stations;
  • drinks and food available for purchase or BYO; and
  • events are standing with limited seating.

Big Fish Little Fish, Brown Alley, 585 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

Next event:
When: Sunday March 18th
What Time:  2pm-5pm
Where: Brown Alley, 585 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD
Our March rave is themed ‘Heroes and Villains!!’!  Fancy Dress is optional but highly encouraged. Masked hero? Cunning deviant? Musical legend, History’s worst? Everyone’s invited ;)

Early bird tickets available for a limited time only! 

Early Bird $15-$23 (pre-walkers free)

General  $17-$25 (pre-walkers free)

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