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Little Sparks is Scienceworks’ new monthly program of STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths) workshops designed for preschoolers aged 3-5 years.

It’s rare to find workshops about STEM education in early childhood so tickets for a Little Sparks session go quickly. There are maximum 15 children in each workshop.

The theme of our workshop is ‘Tot Wheels’ and the kids learn about wheels and axles, inclined planes, gravity and force – all in a fun and creative way.

little sparks scienceworks

The 50 minute session starts with a story and a song led by the engaging Scienceworks educator Abby.

little sparks scienceworks

Then the kids build their replica miniature Cowley Steam Traction Engine (of the Museums Victoria collection) by attaching wheels and axles to the base.

little sparks scienceworks

The last 20 minutes are spent using recycled materials to build a mini city of ramp, bridges and roads for the toy engines to roll on.

little sparks scienceworks

Baby 2.0 has so much fun building and testing that he doesn’t want to leave. Luckily he’s able to take his Cowley Steam Tractor Engine home!

All classes require adult supervision and some level of adult involvement, so Scienceworks suggests no more than two children per adult. Younger siblings are welcome to attend without a ticket.

I think Little Sparks offers value for money, with kids tickets costing $14 for members, $16 for non-members plus adult museum admission $14 (adult museum members are free). You can also visit the rest of Scienceworks before and after Little Sparks.

So far Little Sparks sell out very quickly so sign up to the Museum Victoria e-news to find out when next dates go on sale.

HOT Tips:

  • Suitable for 3-5 year olds;
  • Bookings essential;
  • Books out quickly so sign up to the Museum Victoria e-news to find out when next dates go on sale;
  • Adult supervision required, maximum 2 children per adult;
  • Classes are limited to 15 children in each session; and
  • Visit the rest of Scienceworks before and after Little Sparks.

Little Sparks, Scienceworks, 2 Booker Ave, Spotswood 131102

$14 per member child + adult museum admission

$16 per child + adult museum admission

19 Feb & 19 Mar – Float Your Boat

Design, construct and test your own floating device using problem solving and creativity! How much weight can it hold? Will it stay dry or will it sink to the bottom? Let your Little Engineer find out!

Workshop 1: 10.30am–11.20am
Workshop 2: 12.00pm–12.50pm

16 Apr & 21 May – Kinder Coding

Make meaning of symbols and problem solve using the Code-a-PillarTM caterpillar toy. Try your hand at arranging and connecting segments in various combinations to send the Code-a-Pillar on different paths. Can it zig-zag? Can it crawl through your legs? You code, you decide!

Workshop 1: 10.30am–11.20am
Workshop 2: 12.00pm–12.50pm


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