Aladdin Melbourne

The hit Broadway show Aladdin the Musical wheels a spangly, sparkling caravan of delights into Her Majesty’s Theatre Melbourne until October 2017.

Everyone who’s familiar with the Disney animated film will know the story of Aladdin, Princess Jasmine and the Genie. The stage show reimagines those beloved characters in a joyous, exuberant musical production while staying true to the movie. All the famous songs are there. 

Watch the official trailer here:

The Australian season of Aladdin showcases the talents of young actors Ainsley Welham (of Hi-5 fame) and Hiba Elchike  – but it’s Michael James Scott as the Genie that really steals the show. I didn’t think it was possible to improve Robin William’s iconic performance but Scott takes it up a notch with an amazing 10 minute singing and dancing extravaganza during ‘You’ve Never Had a Friend like Me’. He lifts the roof with his many quips, costume changes, singing and choreography and I feel just as breathless as he does after that number. The applause goes on and on.

Another highlight is the reveal of the magic carpet as Aladdin and Princess Jasmine soar up to ‘A Whole New World’. The audience breaks out into spontaneous applause! The singing bring tingles to my spine as Lady AB whispers ‘how do they get the carpet to fly?’ in amazed wonder.

The bright set and costumes are dazzling in every rainbow hue. I’ve never seen so many sequins in action in a single show. There’s even pyrotechnics!

Lady AB loves the show and she her eyes are wide and dazzled, her mouth agape. However, at 2.5 hours (including 20 minute interval) she still gets fidgety regularly. This is despite the fact that she’s a 6 year old who can generally focus for long periods of time and knows the story, characters and songs in Aladdin. As such, given the length of the show and the cost of the tickets, I recommend the show for 6+ years.

You can’t fail to be charmed and dazzled by Aladdin.  It’s a show that’s not to be missed!

HOT Tips:

  • Given the length of the show and the cost of the tickets, I recommend the show for 6+ years;
  • We sat in A reserve, Row S seats 3 and 4. The upper circle blocks the very top of the view but only about 1% of the action actually occurs within that restricted view.
  • Grab a seat cushion on your way in so that your little one can see over adults’ heads;
  • Food and drink are permitted inside the theatre – but please leave eat your crunchy snacks outside! It disturbs other patrons;
  • Go for your toilet stop before you arrive at the theatre. Queues for the ladies bathrooms are loooong before the show and at interval;
  • auditorium doors open half an hour prior to the start time and latecomers are not admitted until there’s a suitable break;
  • No photography or video inside the theatre;
  • If you want to take a photo of the theatre posters outside do so at interval; and
  • The merch stand is very expensive. I bought a notebook for Lady AB and was shocked to pay $35! I think the cheapest items are $15 for keyrings;
  • Great seats are now available for selected shows 13-31 Dec with Premium & A Reserve NOW $79, saving $66. Book here >>

Aladdin the Musical, Her Majesty’s Theatre, 291 Exhibition St, Melbourne

Until 28 Jan 2018

Tickets on sale

Box Office opens 2hrs prior to start of show

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