SciencePlay Kids Maidstone

SciencePlay Kids is a fantastically fun lab space at the MREAM art studios in Maidstone where kids can learn about and explore scientific concepts with Dr Lorien Parker, a scientist (and mother). 

SciencePlay Kids started it in late November 2016 with toddler and preschooler classes and the response has been amazing so ‘Dr Loz’ is holding school holiday programs for older children up to 10 years old in January. Younger siblings are still welcome (even those under 6 years old) at a bargain $5!

As usual the session starts with some instructions about wearing lab coats, safety goggles and the importance of listening. The difference with the standard class is that it is more ‘active’ ie instead of being at a table for the whole time kids moved into three different spaces throughout the hour. 

The theme of the class will change weekly and our topics are gravity, forces and motion.

SciencePlay Kids Maidstone

First the kids take turns to drop different objects into onto the ground to see if they stay whole, bounce or explode/splat. They are taught to first hypothesise, test, test again and then to make notes on their clipboard. Lady AB takes the latter job very seriously and doesn’t even want to participate in dropping the different objects.

SciencePlay Kids Maidstone

Secondly the kids move into the art space to play with paint pendulums. It’s a little bit hard to control the amount of paint splattering everywhere and I keep having to tell the kids ‘too much force!’. The experiment does create big giggles though.

SciencePlay Kids Maidstone

Lastly the kids troop outside and use force to throw painted sponges at a white sheet…and then at Dr Loz, who then tries to use her own opposing force to stop the sponges from hitting her! It’s a great moment of silliness and I think Dr Loz is a great sport for basically letting kids paintball her!

SciencePlay Kids Maidstone

At the end of the session kids we are given a handout to make our own pendulum and parachute and the kids fight over the pictorial periodic table on the way home! 

Everyone young and old comes out of SciencePlay Kids smiling (and a bit dirty) and it’s a fantastic school holiday class that suitable for a wide age group. From Monday 30 January the classes will revert back to 2.5yo-6yo ie not school age kids

HOT Tips:

  • School holiday classes are suitable for 6-10 yo though younger siblings are welcome even if under 6 year olds;
  • Adult supervision required;
  • Classes are limited to 10 children in each session so booking in advance is advised in order to avoid missing out;
  • Classes are messy so don’t wear your best clothes;    
  • Free parking in nearby side streets, no parking on Hampstead Road.

SciencePlay Kids, MREAM Studios, 32 Hampstead Rd, Maidstone 0418376531

$20 per child and $5 for additional siblings or $190 for 10 class pass valid for 12 months

Monday to Friday

Monday 16 January – Friday 27 January various times


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