Family friendly cafes Melbourne

Today’s HOT List represents the 5+ years of eating out with my kids and the creme de la creme – my recommendations for the VERY BEST child friendly cafes and restaurants in Melbourne. The kind of place with noteworthy food, great facilities and a welcoming attitude towards kids. Somewhere so good that you’d go even if you didn’t have children!

You’ll find the full list over at Planning With Kids, one of my favourite go-to parenting websites. Nicole Avery is my hero – she’s a Melbourne mum with five children and has built her blog into a successful business that she manages around her family commitments. Her blog has inspired me to do a weekly prep of family meals, meditate and find time to exercise in the mornings.

I hope you enjoy exploring these amazing cafes with your family. It was really hard to cull the list so I’m sure I’ve left off some well-deserved contenders – so I’d love to hear your favourites!

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