melbourne fringe festival 2015

The 2015 Melbourne Fringe Festival is opening soon on in time for the September school holidays, from Wednesday 16 September to Sunday 4 October.

This year’s children’s program features a jam-packed program of circus, puppetry, comedy, theatre. The Festival Hub is also being made family-friendly with the dancefloor at Bollywood Express, the first ever kids multicultural dance-off and even valet pram parking!

Melbourne Fringe Festival is an open-access, multi-arts independent arts festival and in the program you’ll find anything from circus, comedy, dance, cabaret, music to visual art.

Here are my picks for the best shows for under 5s:

  • An Awesome Alliterated Alphabet! (Thu 24 Sep – Sun 27 Sep) – Join Aunty Catie for the launch of An Awesome Alliterated Alphabet inside The Nylon Zoo’s magical inflatable salmon story theatre. Children (0-12) and parents will enter a magical alphabetic realm from A to Z, where Aunty Catie and The Nylon Zoo-keepers will immerse and enchant young readers and lovers of story.
  • Children are Stinky (Sat 26 Sep – Sun 4 Oct) – Expect lighting fast Hula Hooping, dare devil balances, incredible acrobatics and a health dose of comedy.
  • Fringe Folks (Wed 16 Sep – Sun 4 Oct) – Fringe Folks is cloaked as a children’s tale of Koiki and Uggy, two cute creatures from the bush who accidentally end up in your city. The newest arrivals in town bring a tale about ‘progress’ and ask you help them find their way in this new and weird society of ours. Yet in this short tale you can project current issues pressing against Australian social and cultural values. What will you read into it?
  • Le Petit Circus (Tue 22 Sep – Fri 2 Oct) – high level acrobatics, juggling, trapeze, hula hooping and more, and a fun sense of humour to keep the kids and parents entertained throughout.
  • Mirror Pond (Sat 3  Oct) – This musical play will delight you and your children with charismatic characters and inspire you to be brave and follow your heart. It is especially for those who love nature and want to protect our forests, farms and our water from Coal Seam Gas Exploration (Fracking ).
  • Peta and the Whale (Tue 22 Sep – Sat 3 Oct) – enchanting story told with puppets and songs, through images and music. Beautiful shadows, projections and puppets fill the stage, from miniature krill to massive whales.
  • Quiet Achievers (Tue 22 Sep – Sat 26 Sep) – otally silent and completely improvised, there’s no script, no set, no props and no words… just their bodies and your imagination.
  • Sticks Stones Broken Bones (Tue 22 Sep – Sat 3 Oct) – Watch as Bunk Puppets creates hilarious shadow puppet stories from household junk: a mop head, a teddy bear, an old sock
  • The Chipolatas present Gentlemen of the Road (Thu 17 Sep – Tue 22 Sep) – circus meets theatre and live music is played.
  • The Vaude-Villainous Mr.Gørski (Tue 29 Sep – Sat 3 Oct) – Mr. Gørski presents his favourite variety-show skills and seemingly impossible tricks with ease.
  • Wash Your Kids in Orange Juice (Sun 20 Sep – Mon 21 Sep) – Legendary children’s singer/songwriter Peter Combe and some fantastic kids from Theatre Bugs comes to the Darebin Arts and Entertainment Centre with a set of infectious, singable songs for kids and families.
  • Woody’s World – The Good Morning Kids Show! (Sat 19 Sep – Sun 27 Sep) – Fabulous songs, enchanting stories and puppets take over the Wonderland Spiegeltent!

Have a happy fringe festival!

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