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Speakeasy Cinema at Grey Gardens Projects is the anti-multiplex cinema experience. A Fitzroy warehouse has been transformed into a permanent home for Speakeasy Cinema and includes a gallery, project space, cafe/bar and screening room.

The program is filled with quirky, alternative films and that includes their fortnightly children’s program. Their tagline for Speakeasy Kids Cinema is cool films + little lunches + strong coffee (for the adults). Tickets are only $10 for adults and kids.

Speakeasy Cinema has a great set up for kids because it’s an intimate, relaxed space. There are only about 15 rows of seats or you can laze on the floor on the rug with the cushion. During our session kids toddled around freely or swapped seats as needed.

speakeasy cinema

The first kids program was for 3+ years and featured a series of 7 stop motion shorts from Slovakia starring two characters Pat and Mat. No subtitles, no dialogue, just simple concepts and funny moments. As you’d expect from a film made in 1979 the effect were pretty low-fi but that was ok. Lady AB loved the films, laughing and wanting more. For some reason Baby 2.0 was freaked out by being so close to be the big screen and wanted to sit at the back of the room.

speakeasy cinema

If you’re looking for a bite before, during or after your film then The Grey Gardens coffee bar + larder offers a short menu of healthy, mostly raw food.

speakeasy cinema

The menu features a house-made broths, fermented goods, smørrebrøds (open sandwiches) and smörgåsbords (boards), pressed juices, healthy sweet treats, moreish cinema snacks, and a monthly rotation of coffee chosen by Three Thousand Thieves. Lunchboxes and dinner smorgasbords are available during Speakeasy Cinema sessions and other Grey Gardens events – adults lunch boxes are $15, kids are $10.

speakeasy cinema

Lady AB happily chomped through her kids lunch box of pickled carrots, apple slices, mini smørrebrød and chocolate freckles. I didn’t love the adults version, which was similar except that instead of fruit there were two raw protein balls (I think), no chocolates and a lot more fermented ingredients happening. Personally, given the plethora of great eateries in Fitzroy I’d recommend eating elsewhere unless you really like raw food and pickles.

We’re looking forward to checking out more Speakeasy Kids Cinema to introduce our kids to films beyond the blockbusters. The cinema is also close to playgrounds at Condell Reserve and Melbourne Museum/Carlton Gardens for a post-movie play.

Speakeasy Kids Cinema,Grey Gardens Projects, 51 Victoria Street, Fitzroy

Coffee Bar + Larder: Tues-Sat 8am-4pn

Gallery: Tues-Sat 10am-6pm

Speakeasy Kids Cinema every fornight Sunday 11am from Sunday 5 July.

Tickets $10 for adults and kids.


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