Airoworld Inflatable Playground in Altona is a perfect wet/cold weather option for energetic kids.



It’s bouncy castles galore with colourful slides, jumping castles, mazes, climbing wall, velcro wall and jousting ring. Lady AB and Baby 2.0 lost their minds!



I feel that Airoworld has several advantages over its nearby competitor:

  • the space is loftier so it doesn’t feel as hot and steamy;
  • there’s no segregation between a ‘toddler space’ and the rest of the equipment, which means that if you have an adventurous toddler you don’t have to watch them going somewhere they shouldn’t;
  • if you have a runner then the equipment is a long way away from the entrance, which in turn is a long way away from the carpark;
  • you can eat and drink within view of the equipment; and
  • it’s open every day from 10am.

Airoworld Inflatable Playground, Cnr Grieve Pde & Doherty Rd,  Altona North

Best of all, entry to Airoworld Inflatable Playground includes entry to the Airodrome Trampoline Park (formerly Flipout). It’s a bargain if you have kids under 5 ($7.50) or go on a weekday 10am-3pm ($10 for mums and 1 bub, extra child $5). Entry currently permits 2 hour of play (usually 1 hour) and trust me, the kids will be exhausted after that time.

HOT Tips:

  • There is no air-conditioning (or heating). While it’s spacious and airy I think it’s a venue that’s best for cold and rainy days.
  • Kids  have to wear grip socks (supervising adults don’t need socks). You can buy grip socks for $1.50 a pair. I seem to have to buy new grip socks everywhere we go so I suggest leaving them in your glovebox!
  • Wear long sleeve tops and tights/long pants to avoid friction burn.
  • Entry fee includes a 2 hours of play from your entry time, though no one appears to be policing this.
  • BYO food and drinks. The kiosk wasn’t open on our visit and the main kiosk in the Westgate Centre looked pretty junky. Nearest taps are in the toilets.
  • Lots of free parking at the door.

Airoworld Inflatable Playground, Cnr Grieve Pde & Doherty Rd,  Altona North

Monday-Thursday 10am-6pm,

Friday 10am-9pm,

Saturday-Sunday 10am-6pm

Entry $15, under 5’s $7.50

includes entry to Airodrome Trampoline Park

Mums and bubs $10.00 (additional kids $5) each weekday from 10am-3pm

Grip socks  $1.50 (reusable)


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