Victory Park, Cnr Epsom Rd and Langs Road, Ascot Vale (2)

Victory Park is a fantastic sprawling wooden fortress-style playground in Ascot Vale, next to the Ascot Vale Leisure Centre and Ascot Vale West Primary School.

Like Albert Park Adventure Playground and Phoenix Park Adventure Playground, the park was built by members of the local community in 1998 and the three parks share similarities in look and feel.

victory park

The playground twists and turns through wooden towers, turrets and mazes with slides, monkey bars and a flying fox. I liked how certain parts of the playground were sponsored by different local community groups – look carefully and you’ll see their names etched in the wood.

victory park

There are two banks of swings – one in a slightly segregated toddler area and another set in the main area, including one made from an old tyre that Baby 2.0 particularly liked because it was low to the ground and he could get in and out by himself (“I do it” is a very popular phrase at the moment).

victory park

victory park

There are steering wheels (including one named ‘Puffing Billy’), letter dice and a small sandpit as well.

victory park

Note the layout of the playground means that it sightlines are often obscured. The area is fenced on three sides, with the fourth side opening out onto the leisure centre’s car park.

victory park

The playground is surrounded by large trees but is not shaded inside other than by the structures themselves.

Adjoining the playground is a barbecue and picnic shelter and drink taps. Presumably the leisure centre allows you to use their toilets and there is a kiosk for snacks.

Victory Park is a fantastic playground for young and old kids – just be vigilant for runaway toddlers if you have a bolter like Baby 2.0.

HOT Tips:

  • suitable for toddlers;
  • suitable for older children;
  • toilets;and
  • barbecue, picnic seating and tables.

Victory Park, Cnr Epsom Rd and Langs Road, Ascot Vale

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