The frenzied consumerism that surrounds Christmas has always made me uncomfortable.

The noise in my Facebook feed in the leadup to Christmas has involved a lot of discussion about Santa and Santa presents – where to find Frozen merch, see erectile oh no such and such toy has sold out, buy here hey you can shop for 36 hours straight! And I’ve started seeing boastful images of ‘Santa loot’ that are going to be in placed in Christmas stockings.

I have been genuinely shocked at the quantity and high cost items that some kids were seemingly going to be receiving from Santa, in addition to the gifts they’ll be receiving from actual people.

We are going the route of the Minimalist Santa.

Because our kids want for nothing and our house definitely does NOT need more stuff, I’m very conscious of teaching them that Christmas is a time for giving and thanksgiving – not a time for getting and grabbing.

So while I don’t want to be the grinch that bans Santa, our kids are and will only ever receive three modest gifts in their Christmas stockings. This year they’re getting:

As they get older what will be harder to explain is why they’ve received such small gifts when other kids are getting dozens of gifts or an ipad from Santa. How do you explain to a child that Santa doesn’t love them less or that they’ve not been naughtier than another person?

What’s your approach to giving Santa presents?

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