surprise artplay

Getting toddlers under two years to follow instructions and focus on a single task is a challenge. But artist Heidi Weatherald from Pocketfool has done a wonderful job with her sensory play workshop Surprise! at ArtPlay.

The workshop is all about playing and experimenting with dots, find mind spots and circles – a shape that’s easily recognisable by toddlers. The 45 minute session incorporated story-telling, ailment sensory play, purchase singing and dancing.

We started off in a quiet space talking about making dots, seeing dots and blowing and popping dots (bubbles).

Then each person took a circular ‘garden token’, popped in into the little round hole and entered a fun sensory playspace filled with dots of all shapes, colours and textures that the kids could feel with their hands and feet.

There were furry little dots that you could throw into a sticky pond. We made ‘fruit trees’ with playdough dots and branches. We found sticker dots in the magical garden house and stuck them onto a dotty dancing skirt.

surprise artplay

As expected Baby 2.0 veered in and out of dotty land depending on his whim. Sometimes he just wanted to run and hide in the curtains. Sometimes he liked throwing and sticking dots. He loved Alexander, the ladybug hero of the story!

surprise artplay

But I think he enjoyed opening and closing the various doors and shutters in the set (last seen in free exhibition held at ArtPlay by Pocketfool)!

surprise artplay

The final sessions of Surprise! are on Wednesday 3 December and Thursday 4 December. Tickets cost $15 per child, adults are free. book online – Surprise!

Surprise!, ArtPlay, Birrarung Marr, Melbourne

Wed 3 December and Thu 4 December 10:30am and 11:34am (45 minutes)

$15 per child, adults free.


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