science fiction science future

Beam me up Scotty! A new temporary exhibition Science Fiction Science Future has arrived at Scienceworks.

Science Fiction Science Future is a travelling exhibition developed by Scitech in Perth. The exhibition takes science fiction ideas like invisibility and mind control and turns them into the possible realities of the future.

science fiction science future

The whole setup is pretty stunning, adiposity with lots of lights and fun hands-on experiences such as a robot that mimics your expressions, a ‘mindball’ game where you can move a ball across a table using your brainwaves and a build-your-own cyborg station.

science fiction science future

Our favourite exhibit was where you could teleport yourself just like Star Trek and make yourself invisible.

science fiction science future

Although Lady AB and Baby 2.0 were able to enjoy and participate in the exhibition, it  is targeted at kids 8+ years so some of the concepts were just too advanced for them (though I had fun with moving things with my eyes!). For older kids Science Fiction Science Future will introduce them to the topics of transport, robotics, innovation, medical technology. It’s science fiction for real!

science fiction science future

Science Fiction Science Future sits alongside Scienceworks’ new permanent exhibition Think Ahead. Why not also visit the temporary exhibition Rescue before it closes at the end of the school holidays on Sunday 5 October?

Look out for the Scienceworks giveaway happening for the September school holidays too.

Science Fiction Science Future, Scienceworks, 2 Booker St, Spotswood

Daily 10am – 4:30pm (Closed Good Friday & Christmas Day)

Exhibition until Monday 9 March 2015

Free with museum entry adults $12, child FREE

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