Books about Dads for Father's Day

Father’s Day is this Sunday 7 September and we reckon a book that you can share at storytime with Dad makes one of the best presents.

Here are some of our favourite books about Dads that are perfect for Father’s Day.

some dad

Some Dads by Nick Bland

Some dads are very careful and some dads misbehave. Each dad has his own way of being a dad and they are all delightful! The first first ‘Dad’ book that we got.


My Dad Thinks He’s Funny and My Dad Still Thinks He’s Funny by Katrina Germein and Tom Jellett

Lady AB actually quotes Dad Jokes from these books! The books is are cleverly illustrated and contains lots of really bad puns that kids will love.

Time Together

Time Together Me and Dad by Catherine Maria

Snapshots of a father and child enjoying every day moments together. From reading a book to playing outside, these small moments are the ones that create big memories.


Dads: A Field Guide by Cathie Glassby and Justin Ractliffe

What kind of Dad do you have? Find out with this handy field guide, a celebration of the many and varied types of Dad. Learn how to identify each species by his distinctive dress, dedicated hobbies and surrounding habitat.


Spot Loves His Dad  by Eric Hill

You can’t go wrong with a Spot book – a classic story that babies love especially.


And Tango Makes Three by Peter Parnell and Justin Richardson 

A beautiful true story about a penguin family with two Dads. READ THE REVIEW. 

Why not visit one of Melbourne’s speciality children’s book stores to buy your present together?


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