hedgend maze

Hedgend Maze in Healesville is a family-friendly paid attraction in the Yarra Valley which, price based on our experience, discount unfortunately did not deliver much for the entry fee. We tried it out because we had an Entertainment Book 2 for 1 voucher and our kids were free – so for the four of us it only cost $16. We spent about an hour there.

hedgend maze

The property spans over 20 acres and has a spectacular setting in the Yarra Valley. The venue includes the giant hedge maze, a smaller ‘native’ maze suitable for smaller kids and an edible garden maze with all sort of edible plants.

hedgend maze

As it was raining intermittently when we visited we only managed the large hedge maze, which the kids enjoyed racing around. I don’t think either of them really got the concept of a maze and just loved playing chase.

hedgend maze

The mini golf course was a hit with the kids, with Lady AB attempting to hit the ball and Baby 2.0 just throwing and picking up balls and stomping in puddles. You get unlimited games but we all tired of it after getting through the 18 holes.

hedgend maze

There were some outdoor puzzles around landscaped gardens which we didn’t really have the inclination to complete. The kids weren’t interested and T and I didn’t have to focus to do it on our own.  In the cafe there was a small kids area for drawing which was a useful distraction while we waited for the rain to subside. One advantage of spending the whole day at the maze is that the picnic grounds include feature outdoor BBQ facilities so you can cook lunch for your entire family.

hedgend maze

I have given Hedgend Maze a NOT because I think it’s only really suitable for older kids who will actually play the puzzles or enjoy activities like giant checkers and frisbee golf. However, at full price (eg 2 adults 2 children over 4 years) it becomes a rather expensive excursion. I think there are better options around the area for families with kids under 5 years old which are more entertaining or cost less (eg Yarra Valley Chocolaterie or Yarra Glen Adventure Playground).

If you’re only visiting the Yarra Valley on a day trip or have limited time in the area then I suggest you give Hedgend Maze a miss.

Hedgend Maze, 163 Albert Rd, Healesville (03) 5962 3636

Mon,Thu,Fri (10am – 4.00pm)

Sat-Sun (10am -5.30pm)

Tue and Wed (Closed)

School and Public Holidays (10am-5.30pm)

Entry $16 for adults, $13.50 for children, kids under the age of 4 are free.

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