Bounce glen iris

My most recent playdate was at Bounce Inc, clinic an indoor trampoline park at Glen Iris (other locations around Australia too).

Unfortunately I hadn’t done my research so didn’t realise that only kids 3+ years were allowed on the trampolines (unlike Altona’s FlipOut trampoline arena). So my friend and I were stuck with two 18 month old who had nowhere to go while their older 3 year old siblings got to bounce. I spent a lot of my energy running after Baby 2.0, story scooping him away from trampolines and stairs and other people’s drink bottles. There was an open area that was astro-turfed with some padded structures, a tunnel and some hoops which kept Baby 2.0 amused for a bit while he was sidelined.

bounce glen iris

Fortunately the jump sessions were all supervised so my friend and I didn’t have to chase toddlers as well as watch our 3 years olds. The two girls loved their time on the trampolines but I also hadn’t realised that the jump sessions were scheduled to start on the hour, which meant that we only got about 30 minutes of jumping in before we were all ushered off the trampoline areas.

bounce glen iris

So my conclusion is that Bounce Inc itself is HOT because our 3 years old loved it but it’s a NOT for those with younger kids. There is no real toddler play area, the reception area is upstairs with no lift so you can’t get prams up easily and the toilets are down another flight of stairs.

Also note that the parking is also very limited around Bounce Inc at Glen Iris.

Bounce Inc, 2 Weir St, Glen Iris 1300 000 540

$12 per child for 1 hours of jump

Mon – Thurs: 10am – 9pm

Fri: 10am – 11pm

Sat: 9am – 11pm

Sun: 10am – 6pm

General Access (GA) (includes grip socks)1 Session$18.00Add. Session$12.00
General Access (GA) (already own socks)1 Session$16.00Add. Session$12.00
Junior Jumper (JJ)  (includes grip socks)1 Session$12.50Add. Session$8.50
Junior Jumper (JJ) (already own socks)1 Session$10.50Add. Session$8.50
Student Session (SS) (already own socks) Mon-Fri: 10am-4pm (school term)1 Session$11.00
Mini-Bounce (MB)  (3-5 Y.O.): Mon-Fri: 10am-12pm (school term)1 Session$17.50

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