Alice in Wonderland Melbourne Fringe Festival Theatre Husk Northcote

I have to admit that I have low expectations about ‘family’ or ‘kids’ entertainment – it can be a bit amateur hour as kids will generally be happy with a bit of song and dance.

Well, you needn’t worry with this winning and witty adaptation of Alice in Wonderland as part of the Kids program of the Melbourne Fringe Festival which was just as enjoyable for Lady AB as it was for me.

The two actors perform a double act of Alice and ‘everyone else’ – the White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, Cheshire Cat all make appearances. Alice is just as petulant and curious as you’d expect and I thought Veronica Thomas’ rendition of Alice growing tall and shrinking down with all that cake and potion eating was very accurate (if you could say such a thing). Philippa Spicer did an impressive job playing all the other characters, switching accents and mannerisms with great aplomb. There’s a few jokes for the adults but mainly a lot of imaginative fun for the kids.

Theatre Husk is a very intimate venue and the set design made the most of the space by using a black and white chequered flooring and backdrop to provide long-range perspective. All the ‘Alice’ elements were there, from the flamingos to the toadstools, though many of the props required the use of imagination which was great.

The stadium seating meant everyone could see – kids can also sit on the floor on the stage if they wish. The show is probably suitable for kids 3+ years up who are able to sit still for the 1 hour show although during one interactive elements one of the audience members gave the Queen of Hearts a hug and started tickling Alice!

The Melbourne Fringe Festival runs from 18 September to 6 October – check out the other Kids shows here.

Alice in Wonderland, Melbourne Fringe FestivalThe Theatre Husk, 161a Heidelberg Rd, Northcote

24 September – 1 October 2013, 11.00am and 1.00pm (60min)
Full Price: $20.00 Group (per person for 4): $18.00

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