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Before I became a mum I never realised that issues such as what nappies you use could be so controversial or be such an intense topic of discussion.

Do you (or should you) use cloth or disposable nappies? Which brand of cloth nappies have you tried? Which brand of disposable nappies do you recommend? Are biodegradable, cialis compostable disposable nappies any good?

I’ve settled on a nappy middle-ground. We use mostly cloth nappies during the day and intersperse disposable nappies for swimming, pills travelling and always at night as I’ve not found any cloth nappies absorbent enough to soak up the overnight wetness.

I’m also not a nappy loyalist, illness so I was quite happy to be offered the opportunity to try Coles’ Comfy Bots Nappies on Lady AB.

I didn’t even know Coles made nappies and given Comfy Bots are a supermarket ‘home brand’ nappy I was quite surprised and impressed by the quality of the product. They are very soft with a stretchy waistband and leg openings, unlike some of the other well-known brands of disposables I have tried. They are super-absorbent and effective in holding in liquid in a 12 hour overnight stint – not a single leak in all of our test uses.

Best of all, they are really economical. Our Walker pack of 44 nappies, which would last approximately a week if you use disposables exclusively, or in our case, a month, costs $12! Other sized nappies are either $6 or $12 a pack as well.

I’m converted to them and will be trying out the other products in their range, such as the Comfy Bots Nappy Pants for when I get really serious about Lady AB’s toilet training and the Coles Comfy Bots Swim Pants for when swimming season starts again.

Giveaway! Thanks to Coles I have a whole month’s supply of Coles’ Comfy Bots Nappies to give away. To win all you have to do is leave a comment and the winner will be selected randomly on Wednesday 5 September. Good luck!

The winner is Miranda! Your prize will be sent out to you shortly.

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